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The Courtyards

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Oct 2019: Bianca Coll at Courtyards apartments was amazing. I called about the 5 bedroom flat and she invited me to do a tour, as well as provided all the information I needed. I am definitely interested in moving to this complex. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Signing a lease at the Courtyards was the worst mistake I've ever made in college. I recommend everybody to stay away. The only thing this place has going for it is the location, but there are plenty of housing nearby that is better in every aspect. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Our entire apartment is infested with fleas in addition to it clearly not being cleaned prior to our move-in. My roommates and I have all had to make arrangements to sleep elsewhere because it is currently unlivable. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Let me start off by saying if I could rate this lower than zero stars I would. This is one of the most unprofessional careless businesses I’ve ever dealt with. I have been living here for the past year and I’ve had multiple awful experiences at this location. First off the security doors are never locked so anyone can walk into the complex whenever they want no matter what time it is. I recently found mold in my room and when I went to the office to complain I was demeaned by an extremely rude manager. I was crying and they just told me that it was dust. I have been coughing for about a month and he told me my coughing was just allergies; I don’t have allergies... The a/c in my unit also doesn’t work and they refused to fix it despite my submitting several requests for them to do so. I wouldn’t recommend anyone live here, a bench on campus and a blanket is a better option. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Though, the room are really small. The convenience of this place is second to none and the guy who runs it really cares about the poeple who lives here Review from Google
Jun 2018: Where do I even begin. I resigned here for the 2018-2019 year and I completely regret it. The Courtyards are NOTORIOUS for their incredibly small rooms, twin beds, and lack of closet/dresser space, and tiny bathrooms. I knew these things going in and didn't mind them too much. This is what I do mind: From the start of the summer, we have had water damage by the sink and fridge and the floors would make this disgusting squish sound when you step on them. It took them 3 weeks to get back to us and maintenance came at least 5 times to try and fix the problem. We had a giant fan in our kitchen trying to dry p the mess for 2 weeks. It was fine for a few days and then this morning, my roommate tells me that its back. Next, the laundry rooms. I'll start off by saying the washers and dryers are probably as old as the apartments themselves (built in Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is the worst apartment complex I have ever stepped foot on. I lived there my sophomore year and spent every minute i could elsewhere solely so i didn't have to be in my apartment. upon move in, our apt looked NOTHING like the model. my roommates mom actually sent a 60 slide power point with comparison pictures of the model apt vs. the one we were given. the room come with fake carpet that comes in squares and peels up around the edges, twin size beds, and a dresser that you share with your roommate (each room has 3 drawers that pull out into that room and the other 3 are just for looks). When I moved in the drywall was peeling off and falling off of my wall and i had to have them come re-plaster it and i had to stay out of my room for 2 days and they gave me no where to stay. they don't tell you when/if you have a package, but if you don' Review from Google
Oct 2017: What's the difference between the Courtyards and any other complex close by? For one thing, the community here is great. You get to know a lot of other people living here really easily. The maintenance requests are super quick, sometimes even within 24 hours! Also the shelf space is nice bc I have a ton of cute decorations and usually don't have enough shelf space for them. The building is old, but the recent renovations are really nice with new appliances and all. Sure the furniture is kinda cheap, the bed is small and the walls are thin, but for Review from Google
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Jul 2017: Three out of the four washing machines are broken. Help Review from Google
May 2017: Style and location are pretty much the only things that The Courtyards has going for it. Review from Google
Nov 2015: The building's generally old, however the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I know that they recently renovated building A, which looks nice. Also, there's a lot of buses that will come by frequently and take you to a variety of places around Gainesville. The distance to campus is HUGE advantage, especially if you have to stay out late to study or to go out. The leasing office was helpful with the moving out process, especially one of the people who worked there named Diego who made it less stressful. As someone who used to live here during the spring/summer semester of this year, I think it's worth it. Review from Google
May 2015: Living at the Courtyards was definitely an experience nonetheless. Overall, I did not enjoy my stay and the day I move out will be the best day of my life. I believe that anyone can find a better place to invest his or her money into. Although this place is highly convenient due to its location, but I believe all the money you are losing, you can save it, move into a cheaper place that’s a bit farther and purchase some form of transportation if public transportation isn’t your thing. My biggest regret was signing this lease without doing my prior research. To begin, the perks of being at this complex is the convenience of everything around it. It is easy to get to almost anywhere due to the several bus routes that come in this direction. Campus is right across the street, which makes going to school a lot easier. Downtown is also in wal Review from Google
Apr 2014: I enjoyed living at the Courtyards for over two years because it allowed me to enjoy my college experience so far at the University of Florida. It is a great place to live where a lot fun can happen but study can get done too. Highly recommended Review from Google

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