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The Continuum Apartments

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Jul 2020: The Continuum has improved greatly over the year. The office and maintenance staff are friendly and always available to help. It’s a close distance to campus and having all utilities included and free parking is a plus! The apartments are a lot nicer compared to others and worth their value. Would highly recommend living here!
Jul 2019: This place just wants to take your money. They have terrible staff who always look bored or on their phones. They care about nothing but charging excessive rent for mediocre space. The maintenance staff is horrific. One guy literally stunk of alcohol while working.... they enter your apt, don't respect your space. If you are apt hunting, keep looking!!! You can definitely do better.... just look at the apt complex directly across the 2nd Ave apt. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Another one if the great buildings of Gainsville FL that have seen better days, has lots if potential, but location is the issue. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am 27 years old and am in the college of medicine. I say that because 1- I am not straight out of undergrad, nor is this close to the first place after becoming independent 10 years ago that I have lived. 2- Being in the college of medicine has me up early and getting home late. Take those factors in mind while reading this review. This place is not the worst place I have ever lived in, but it is FAR from the best. Pros- 1)The maintenance team is *usually* expeditious and able to do a pretty good job. I have put in a couple work orders and all have been taken care of quickly and without hassle. 2) There is a washer / dryer in every unit, which is apparently a rare thing to find in gainesville? They are super small in the studio units, but then just about everything is tiny in the studio units. 3) The units are fully furnished, which is convenient for people moving by themselves from out of town to not have to stress about moving furniture in alone Review from Google
Feb 2019: The maintaining is good. They always fix everything in 2 days. So why I put one star here? I have to say most team members are pretty good. They work hard and their attitudes are good. However, there is an only one member called Megan whose attitude is really bad. Indeed, she will help you, but she is really impatient. Although she finally help, you will still feel really bad. The Continuum deserves 5 stars without Megan. Review from Google
Dec 2018: It is hard to find exclusive graduate and professional housing, and the Continuum provides just that! Review from Google
Nov 2018: The environment is fair. The location is very convenient. People in the leasing office as well as the maintenance workers are very nice. My only complaint is that the wall is too thin and I can hear every movement outside. The tenant who lives upstairs likes to play loud music at 3 am which makes me pretty mad. Review from Google
Nov 2018: See,this is what this apartment done after u moved in 2 months. Im sure no one will be happy to see this after u came back at 8pm Review from Google
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Sep 2018: If I could rate this place 0/5 I would! Untimely responses to serious issues. Water puddle develops outside of my door every time it rains (which is often) and leaks into the apartment unit. Greeted by nasty red stain on mattress when I arrived. Dirty and damaged appliances. Finding hair all over from previous resident. Maintence takes for ever. Missing furniture when I moved in. Clogged shower drain, leaking faucet, leaking washing machine. Cable goes out every rain storm. It sounds like Godzilla lives above me. Just to name a few of the issues I have had since moving in, I have only lived here for 15 days too. I am sure there are numerous other issues I haven't noticed yet or will present themselves. Only good thing is free wifi. I was shocked at the ratings on google after looking at their website (their website makes this place seem gre Review from Google
Jul 2018: If you can, find somewhere else to live. The parking garage is terrible. It is not easy to access, poorly lit, and floods when it rains (I’m talking like 4in deep water kind of flooding). The rooms are tiny and the AC system in place does a poor job of cooling the apartment. The walls are SO thin. I can hear my neighbor coughing among other things; it makes me feel uncomfortable to make any noise really knowing full well he can hear me too. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I normally don’t leave reviews, but I feel that I need to for this location. I am going to try to be as fair as possible with the pros and cons I’ve experienced so far. I have been living here for 6 months. Pros: - .8 mile walk to campus - Right in downtown close to shops/ restaurant - Staff and maintenance are both very helpful and friendly. They get requests done quickly and always answer the phone. - Nice lamanent floors in living room and kitchen - Water, Electric, cable, washer and dryer included in rent - Bus 46 comes frequently to and from campus - Office puts on plenty of social and workout events throughout the month for anyone interested in meeting new people. Many times they have free food! Cons: - Walls are EXTREMELY thin. I wake up many nights to the sound of my neighbor, whom I’ve never met, snoring. It’s very irritati Review from Google
Dec 2017: The worst apartment complex in GV! The walls are super thin, you hear everything your neighbors do. I could not go to sleep every night becuase my neigbour came home at 3 am and I could hear everything she/he does from his arrival to putting food in the microwave, taking a shower, etc. The AC is very noisy and it does not work properly. There is mold and the apartments are stinky to a level that I would wake up in the middle of night short of breath. I complained to the management and she suggested me to see a doctor!!!! The whole weekend, the garbage stays in the hallway that goes through the parking lot and it stinks. The management is awful. Getting out of the lease is impossible. Living in continuum is torture. I would absultely disourage any friends to live there. Review from Google
Jun 2017: I love living here, and worry about the day I have to move out. The staff is great, maintenance is super quick, there are cookies, and can't miss all the events that the office holds. Really a great value for the money. Highly recommend, not to mention the close location to downtown and great coffee shops. Review from Google
Jun 2017: After living here for one year, I renewed my lease for another! It is a perfect location for working at the hospital. I love being downtown and the parking and other amenities are great. I also love having one monthly payment that includes everything- internet, cable and utilities. definitely recommend to any grad students or young professionals in Gainesville! Review from Google
Jun 2017: I am leaving in the Continuum for 10 months now. They have relatively good price for what they offer. It is hard to find furnished apartments in the UF area. The Continuum has it plus nice pool, gym, parking lot and more. It is also very conveniently located, with a walking distance to downtown bars and to UF. I recommend. Review from Google
Apr 2017: Overall good. Is a great location and having a pool and gym is great. Gym is pretty nice as well. Apartment furniture is a little crummy but ok. Staff are kind. Maintenance personnel could be improved though and typically don't fix things properly. Review from 04/01/2017 on Google.
May 2016: The Continuum is to me in my top 3 places to live in Gainesville for any student, and a definite number one for those in grad school, and i am very glad i was able to spend half of my time there as a resident of this place. The staff is always on point with the residents, and the installations are second to none. They also have many activities that help those of us that are not from the area, as most people in Grad school are, to make new friends, network and find everything we need within the residential area. It is also superbly located, being both very close to campus and to all the activities happening in downtown. Review from 05/01/2016 on Google.

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