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Solaria Luxury Apartments

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Jul 2019: They're pretty helpful, the staff are good and there's always someone in the office available to help and answer questions Review from Google
Jul 2019: We decided to rent with Trimark Properties going into our sons 3rd year now. Angie Orfield and the rest of the team have been great. They have been very quick to respond to questions, emails, maintenance requests and any concerns. Overall it’s been a great experience. Their payment portal is easy to use and navigate. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Lived with Trimark for 3/4 years in Gainesville... Best decision I made. Clean, nice, big apartments walking distance to campus. Service requests are always completed the day of, and the staff is awesome. I highly recommend any of there apartments/houses. Review from Google
Jun 2019: My daughter has lived in Tri-Mark properties for the past three years. We love the different types of properties they have for her years through college. The dorm style for first year and a full apartment for her later years. I love working with Angie as she is always on point to help answer any questions I may have. Maintenance was awesome and even responded to a minor flood during a hurricane. Review from Google
May 2019: My daughter is at one of their dorms and is home for the summer and her impt RX was sent up there and the staff didnt hesitate to go to the pick up center, get the package and ship it home to us. I felt that was going above and beyond the expected, and I appreciated it so much Review from Google
May 2019: I just called Trimark about a package that I had sent my daughter and she had not received it. Madison went out of her way to call Amazon and track my package. She was extremely helpful and polite. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I lived in University Heights my Freshman Year and never experienced any problems. However, I was in the renovated unit with a roommate so the interior was a step up than the other units. The outside exterior and hallways definitely had some character but the location and price was unbeatable. I left to live in a house off campus, and have decided that I wanted to live in a studio starting Fall of 2019. I began apartment hunting all over again last month. I looked at multiple Trimark units and other properties not owned by Trimark. Many properties I looked at close to campus were significantly cheaper, but not nearly the caliber of Trimark properties. As far as price point comparison, you definitely are paying to work with a professional staff and for the quality of apartments. I looked at multiple units, all of which Angie showed me. She was incredibly helpful and patient when I ultimately took multiple weeks deciding where to sign Review from Google
Mar 2019: Awful. Truly. No one calls the police to report, good job guys! I am that person. Giving rave review in my travels for good service. I won't get our security deposit back after posting but it's worth warning other parents. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: Mixed feelings. I'm at Cascades in a studio. Pros: - The apartment is pretty - Maintenance team is great - Friendly staff at the leasing office - I like the Nest thermostat and Latch app locks - In-unit laundry - Free wi-fi, and it's fast and reliable - The walk to campus is nice - Close to a CVS. Reasonable walking distance to downtown also. Cons: - Parking spaces are expensive, and parking on the street in the area is pretty much nonexistent. Guest parking is only for 1 day so you'll have a tough time if you have e.g. a parent over for a few days, despite there being many open parking spaces in the lot next to the building. They should allow something like 1 week guest parking that can be done twice per year. - Pretty loud outside the north side of the building even at night. Just a lot of undergrad parties being held here and then drunk kids yelling outside at like 3AM. You'll probably get the same thing in the dorms, but basically if you want to avoid this you should live further away from campus (and not on the east side) Review from Google
Jan 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!! If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. Sure, it is a nice apartment and you will get compliments when people walk in, but Trimark is full of a bunch of con artists. They use a joint lease system which almost always screws you over with NO benefits and they know this. All they want is to try to screw you over as much as they can because they can. All they care about is your money. I have not heard one college student say anything nice about this apartment, yet they have a monopoly over college apartments in Gainesville. Oh by the way, all the positive reviews are fake or incentivized - should show what slimy scam artists these people are. I have nightmares about this apartment every night and literally have a countdown running in my planner until the lease is over so I am safe from Trimark and their scams. Do y Review from Google
Jan 2019: I promise you any five star review is fake/written by staff or friends. I think the staff offers incentives for good reviews if they have the staff members name in it. The reviews of this style are for sure fake and clearly written by friends. Angie is the most deceitful and ingenuine person I've ever met. This company literally only cares about money and would charge you for breathing if they could. Rent price is outrageous, parking is extra and unless you want to pay $200 a month for a spot right next to your building, you'll be paying $100 to park five miles away from your house and guess what, you end up paying another $100 for electric and water. MOST GREEDY AND CONDESCENDING STAFF AND WORST PLACE I"VE EVER LIVED Review from Google
Oct 2018: Recently went to visit my daughter in Gainesville to search for an apartment/ house for her and her three friends. We went to the Trimark office and had absolutely the worst experience. This company should have their business license revoked because they simply do not know how to fulfill the simplest tasks. My daughter had mentioned her hesitations as she was there a week earlier and they made her wait an hour for a scheduled tour and last minute cancelled it because they did not "contact" the tenants in time. I then went into the office with her and her two friends and one of the realtors, Tyronne was absolutely clueless. This man carried out the full appointment with two other random girls and then realized he was talking to the wrong people. We went on the tour to two houses and he knew absolutely nothing about either house, not even the nu Review from Google
Aug 2018: As a parent, you send your child off to experience college in a Great City and an even better college UF. We had picked this place as an option to a normal dorm situation. They match your child with someone like them. They did that, well, but that is all they did. They gave us an “apartment” that was not what they showed us. When we asked them about it they said “well the square footage was the same” then they gave us a parking spot that is so tight that you have to damage your car as well as the car beside you to get in and out of your vehicle, not to mention trying to get the car in the spot. When our daughter tried to inquire for a better spot, she was told that her other option was street parking if she didn’t like the spot that she has. Not the way you treat my little girl! She called crying. These guys have the worst custom Review from Google
Aug 2018: $200 per month extra for parking and we were assigned to a spot that we can't get in or out of. Code for right angled parking in Gainesville is 8'6", her spot is only 7'2". She has only 7inches of clearance if she parks EXACTLY. I pay the same amount as someone with a huge car. We've had so many issues and school hasn't even started yet. Review from Google
May 2018: I would give zero if I can. This place has no idea how it should run. Their properties may seem popular but it has nothing to do with their marketing/staff. Their website doesn't give you the information you need and they still don't give you when you meet with them in person. All I need for decision is whether I'll have a window to the south or east. The person I was assigned to talk to can not tell directions(n/s/w/e) from the floorplan and the sitemap, which makes the process really slow and with lots of mistakes. When I asked for the access to all the floorplans and sitemaps so that I can go through them quickly by myself, they refused saying I am not capable of doing that. When I asked if I could be assisted by someone with a better sense of direction, I was also refused, because of office politics. I asked to talk to their marketing mana Review from Google
May 2018: I did have trouble at first with some signing issues for my next year but that doesn’t stop them from doing their job. Tyrone for one is the most outstanding man you could ever talk to. He will make sure what you need gets done. The ladies who deal with rent have helped me through some tough financial time seeing how I work for my rent. They don’t make me feel bad about being late.... they want to help all you have to do it tell them. All the staff has been of tremendous help when needed. Trimarks maintnance is very nice. My room was freezing in the winter and that next morning they were on it. They also can email, text, and put notes on your doors informing when they have to enter your room. You’re paying for the convience of living right next to UF, midtown, and lots of restaurants. It is out of my budget but I would have loved to stay Review from Google
Apr 2018: Renting from Trimark Properties has really been a nightmare, and if you are looking for places to live in Gainesville I would suggest finding a different leasing company. They are extremely condescending and do not comply with any of your needs. They only care about your money and give tons of unnecessary fees. My room at Windsor hall had roaches for months and I had to have their staff come and spray three times but still I would see roaches. I don't even have time to explain all the issues I have had with them. Just beware and don't fall into their kind, caring facade. Review from Google
Apr 2018: These are the worst property managers I have ever encountered. All they care about is taking your money. If you wish to sublease your apartment, they make you put down a $200 deposit for no reason. They will not communicate with the person that is subleasing from you, they still expect you to be the middle man when it comes to rent and maintenance, but you are out $200. They also had us under the impression that our lease ended at the end of the summer semester, however, they are making us move out a week early leaving us nowhere to stay during the last week of summer. They monopolize the residential area in zone 1, leaving few different property managers to choose from. Most of the workers are very rude and have awful customer service. I wish I knew this before I signed with them. If you are looking for places to live in the Gainesville area Review from Google
Mar 2018: 50+ minute wait for keys which in reality should take 5 minutes or less to hand over an envelope. Move in disorganized for something in which months of preparation is put into. Not to mention overpriced apartments for low value locations. After having more experience, the situation has not improved. They dehumanize their tenants and simply cite statues instead of having common decency to ask to tour the unit. Do not get stuck in the trap, there are plenty of other places in Gainesville to live that treat you respectfully and don’t attempt high pressure sales tactics. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The apartment management team features a nice front and good service but trimark properties corporate and owners care about one thing: your $. You are a number not a person. Inflexible, Hugh priced monopolistic grip on housing around U of Fl Glad I’m done with them in May ‘18. Beware Review from Google
Nov 2017: This company is awful! They do not know how to deal with people. They misinform their residents and mislead them when moving into their properties. They sure know how to answer their maintenance calls but when it comes to helping their residents with real issues they are more concerned with themselves than their residents' well-being. TERRIBLE experience. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Im paying so much to live at Ivy House and everything here is breaking, there is ants everywhere, my roommate and I cleaned our room and threw away all opened food products and the ants are still here. Would not recommend. Review from Google
Sep 2017: First of all, very greedy and condisending people. My friends and I went in to look and the lady was extremely rude. Basically calling us poor. We went in with hopes to looking at some floor plans and the lady was bascially just telling us to leave. Yes location is nice but you have to furnish it and no parking unless you can pay over 160 for it. Do not recommended. You all are terrible. I typically don’t like to use this word but she was a c*** Review from Google
Sep 2017: Trimark is amazing! I met two of my close friends through their roommate matching and we are renewing our lease for another year together. Highly recommend this company, they make college so much more enjoyable. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Angie has been amazing to work with. She is always very helpful and responds very quickly when we have a question. Our overall experience with TriMark has been very good. Review from Google

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