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LUX 13

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Jan 2020: Stay away. They (Colliers) are not good people. They only love money; not you. Colliers means for example; snake on the hallways, roaches on the floors, broken dump, dog in the swimming pool, wrong alarm at the midnight, etc.
Aug 2019: The two girls at the front desk just hate people, especially the thin one. We’ve been there twice trying to help our Chinese friends. They acted as if we should have known everything even though we don’t live there. I don’t understand why anyone would want to live there if they are greeted by them. Maybe you should learn from Erika at the Country Village Apartments about customer service. 不推荐大家去住 感觉他们每天一副臭脸 跟谁欠他们钱一样 真是醉了 Review from Google
Aug 2019: So I moved here 3 months ago . The first day I moved in I I did not have the equipment in my apartment to connect to Internet . I alerted the staff and made them aware . They stated they didn’t have any more equipment, and I had to contact cox . Cox told me I had to receive the equipment from my apartment complex . I wasn’t too upset I understand things happen . I was patient and patient with them . I went ever couple of days to reminded them and they act like they didn’t know what I was talking about . I went a whole 5 weeks with out Internet and cable , when cable and internet is included . No apologies from them . My second issue is I got woken up to random people moving in and out my apartment . Found out I had a new roommate moving in . I never received a notice , or anything . On top of that I left for the gym and came back to my apartment lock being changed . Thank god the office was still open or I would of been locked out for the night Review from Google
Aug 2019: Don’t live here. Their resident portal is poorly managed, and they will charge you for random things that they don’t even know they’re charging for. Several occasions I would pay rent, and they’re would be random charges up to 100$, (not including utilities). They also take days, sometimes weeks to “fix” anything in your apartment. My roommate called 8 times, yes 8 times to fix our AC, and they never fixed it..just save your time and money, and live somewhere else. LUX 13 needs new management.. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Quiet, good proximity to public transit, and reasonably priced—all good aspects for a UF student like myself. However I’m giving five stars mainly for the friendly, educated, no BS service I received when moving to a different unit after my summer sub lease expired. Connor, a UF alum himself, was very helpful in showing me the different options available, the dates of construction for each unit, and the energy-efficient appliances in the newer units. It’s rare you find anyone working at an apartment complex who gives a damn, so I appreciated the change of pace. Review from Google
Jul 2019: LUX 13 is wonderful! They took the time to give me a tour of the fenced in back yards they offer for their pets, i am interested in moving to Gainesville within the next year and would totally recommend this place to anyone. Thanks so much for all your help Review from Google
Jun 2019: Was going to give two stars because they gave us donuts but they’re fire alarm system f*cked up at 1:30 am and it’s been 20 min and they haven’t fixed it. I’m just tryna sleep man this has happened two or three times Review from Google
Jun 2019: Was going to give two stars because they gave us donuts but they’re fire alarm system f*cked up at 1:30 am and it’s been 20 min and they haven’t fixed it. I’m just tryna sleep man this has happened two or three times Review from Google
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May 2019: Not a bad spot. Worth the price. Didnt have any bug problems or issues with maintenance. A great quiet spot for students serious about their studies. Love the high ceilings and pool. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Infested with cockroaches, wasps, and fruit flies, in every building. Outdated, unreliable, and dented appliances. Paper-thin walls. Has plants all around the property that are highly poisonous to dogs (sago palms) and the old manager didn't care when I brought this to her attention, and even looked at me like it was ridiculous to even bring it up. People's scooters and bikes have gotten stolen too many times for comfort. 24/7 gym is definitely not state of the art as they claim in their description, and has very limited machines and space, which can make it uncomfortable to use, a few of the machines being slightly broken and squeaking. Utilities are outrageous and are not at all the amount that was estimated by the employee who took me on a tour, despite my conscientious electricity conservation efforts. It is also absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to have food or pizza delivered, because the community layout is so confusing, poor, and thoughtless (buildings 1-3 are on the complete opposite side of the property as buildings 4-5 with every other building in-between) and you can barely see building numbers especially at night Review from Google
Apr 2019: Having been a resident here for close to 3 years, I've loved every aspect of this complex. Convenient location next to local businesses and super markets, great amenities, and a friendly staff! Review from Google
Feb 2019: I had terrible experience at my last complex and was able to transfer here easily thanks to the help from the staff. Originally I was placed in apartment that I had cats and smelled some but they helped moved me into a different apartment with great roommates. The location isn't the greatest but the apartments have more than made up for that. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Went on a tour and the staff seem really nice. They are in a great location as well, definitely in my top 3 Review from Google
Jan 2019: Went up for a tour for my daughter’s friend. The staff is superb! They are so friendly and really take the time to go through the tour in a timely manner answering any questions I had. Everything was so nice and presentation was excellent. I would definitely recommend this complex to others. Management was amazing as well. Jessica was so nice and cheerful. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Lux 13 is a great place!!! The staff is super friendly and plenty of places nearby to eat! The rooms are spacious and the apartment has pretty much up to date appliances. It’s close to downtown so I’m always close to a party. Administration is running the place right Review from Google
Jan 2019: Living at LUX13 as a graduate student has overall been a good experience. The staff has been friendly and helpful, and the occasional issues I’ve had were resolved quickly by maintenance. The rooms and closets are spacious and there is a great amount of storage space in the kitchen. Very convenient to UF (5-10 minute by bus), downtown, shopping, restaurants, and it’s close enough to walk to the grocery store. They have a lot of great amenities, including a really nice pool area and fitness center, free printing in the computer lab, grills in the courtyards, etc.
Dec 2018: this place is terrible, the roaches have more tenants here than humans, it’s overpriced and overrated I can’t believe i’ve wasted 6 months of my life at this roach motel. the tenants are not cared for and the maintenance is terrible. whoever runs this place should find a new career because this is just unacceptable. if i could give negative stars i would. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE Review from Google
Dec 2018: Daughter's apartment was spacious. Staff was helpful. Had no issues with the apartment. Just a bit far from campus. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The lux13 office is not helpful to their residents at all. They do not work with you to resolve any issues or concerns that you might have. They have continued to brush me off every time I call to speak to someone. They fall through on their promises of returning your call and make you feel as if your issue is in unimportant. At first, the community was fine and I had no complaints, until an issue arises and management does not actively try to resolve it. It is a shame because their property is nice, but personally the headache they put you through is just not worth it to me. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Staff is friendly and maintenance is awesome, they can take a while sometimes but they always communicated with me about my issues and really talked to me to find out what was wrong in our apartment instead of just acting like I was interrupting their day (which has happened to me at other places). I enjoyed the location too, close to a lot of Gainesville gems and out of the way of heavy traffic areas. Review from Google
Jul 2018: If I could give this apartment complex 0 stars I would. Please, don't give them your money. The majority of the staff are rude and unaccommodating, and 9/10 they don't answer the phone. It is clear that the apartments themselves are running out of value, as I have had to call maintenance for the bathtub, fridge, dryer, and windows. Sometimes maintenance will come, and I'll still have issues. When I moved into the apartment, I signed a lease agreement for an apartment with furniture, in which I pay $55 a month. Upon arriving, my apartment had 0 furniture. When I notified the front office, they only brought the bedroom furniture. For NINE months, I had zero living room furniture. Despite constant calls to the front office, I received nothing. They continued to charge me the whole $55 a month, even though I had no living room furniture. During th Review from Google
Jun 2018: My husband and I were buying a house but the deal fell through 2 weeks before coming. Jeremy and the entire staff at Lux 13 were amazing during our time in need. With us expecting out first child they have gone above and beyond to make it feel like the home we wanted to bring our new addition to. This is the reason I've renewed for the last 5 years at the same complex. Thank you!! Review from Google
May 2018: It's a brand new apartment.(Some units) All the amenities are clean and modern. I especially like the floor of the dining room because it's not carpet. Virtual tour is pretty helpful. Review from Google
May 2018: This place is, in short, overpriced garbage. Don’t live here. I have no clue who gave this place more than a 1 star review. I’d definitely give it a zero if I could. Review from Google
Apr 2018: This is my second school year living here. I have had 0 issues (besides the normal roommate stuff which the apt complex can't control). Great pricing, I think its worth the price for students. They just upgraded the pool area which I thought looked fine before but now it looks awesome! The staff is very welcoming each time you are in the main office area. I chose to renew here another year because you can tell that they genuinely care. Maintenance has always fixed any issues we've had in 24 or less and are phenomenal people. I recommend Lux13 to everyone! Review from Google

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