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October 1, 2019
35 months ago

First on the list of subleasing your apartment near UF is finding the right person. LiveSomeWhere: UF helps simplify this process. It is the most popular site near UF for subleases (relets if you want to be correct). This means the people who will be contacting you are usually related to UF in some way.

After posting on LiveSomeWhere you will start to get e-mails with the contacts or text/calls if you provide a phone number. After you find the right person the process for most places is similiar, you need to go to the Leasing Office and have the new person fill out an application and get approved by your apartment community.

Once the new person is approved, your old contract will be voided and a new contract will be created. The new contract will be between the new person and the apartment community meaning you are off the hook!

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