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Countryside at the University

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Apr 2019: This is reliable accommodation and worthy to experience. It is the best choice for students with limited budget because the price is lower than all apartment nearby. The location is very convenient, just 1min to bus station, 10 mins to campus or downtown. It is safe and clean place. There is big private bathroom in each room. My room has amazing basketball court view. The gym is small but it is okay for me because I enjoyed the volleyball and the swimming pool more. No reason to avoid this place!
Apr 2019: I stayed in Apt. 4-102 last Fall and had great experiences. I signed contract directly with the landlord, he didn't charge me a dollar for application fee, processing fee, or any. He is very supportive, he returned my full deposit when my lease ended. The only unexpected issue was a Chinese roommate who didn't respect anyone. She bullied other roommates and eventually threatened the landlord to bring him to the court if he didn't let her break the lease. Thank God, she finally move-out after two months, then we were able to live in peace :) Overall, I am happy about experience stay in Countryside at the University apartment, a lot of free parking space, quiet and clean neighborhood, beautiful basketball court, volleyball field, and great swimming pool. Highly recommend!
Apr 2019: I have lived in this apartment and I get everything I needed. The bedroom, living room, and balcony are bigger than those in other apartments. I am so happy with private bathroom, and free parking. This is the best saving solution for student because the price is always better than other places nearby. My friends have lived in Countryside Apartment and haven't moved out till graduation too. That's why you seldom find ad for this place.
Apr 2019: The apartments are honestly not bad for the price that people are getting. The location is a bit far from the university campus but that can be counteracted if you are smart with buses. The amenities can be improved and the room sizes can be better, but I'm not extremely picky about that so I have been satisfied. I understand that some people have had poor experiences and I think that mostly realize on their individual landlord. I would consider it looking into this if you're looking for budget housing. Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is an absolute dump!! You know to expect a dump when the price is so low; however, I did not expect what I am seeing. My roommates are nasty and gross. Just save yourself the trouble and avoid this place. Review from Google
Sep 2018: DO NOT RENT Apt.4-102. My worst experience living in Gainesville. The landlord is poor in communication and careless. He refuses to return my deposit as well. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It is the best choice for students. I heard it has the least rent nearby. But, it is too close to the 23rd St. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Are you a first-time apartment it is a very nice place it is secure you have to be buzzed in or use the key to get in to the building then you have a key to the apartment then you have a key for each room I think it is a very safe and have the basic needs refrigerator stove microwave the TV in the common room it's not hooked up to cable or anything like that but besides that it's a cute apartment Review from Google
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Feb 2017: I am enjoying the stay at countryside. Very clean and nice apartments. I am doing MS at the university. Very near for all the stores and college. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Review from 2/17/2017 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: The location is great. No harsh vibes and in the morning it's peaceful. It's definitely student oriented. But there is not a lot of trash and filth and craziness going on here. Been here for close to a month now and have yet to find something that makes me regret it. The hot tub is nice too 😉 Review from Google

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