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College Park Apartments

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Oct 2019: I definitely enjoy living here. I work at UF and the proximity is great. I walk to work everyday and am close enough that I can pop home quickly and have my lunch break there. I live in the studio model that offers a nice amount of room for a single occupant. I plan to stay here until I am ready to upgrade to something larger. The office staff is friendly and the maintenance crew are professional. Definitely a good place for a student or a single person. Review from Google
Oct 2019: It’s been a little over two months since I moved to College Park Apartments and it has been a great experience from the beginning. Everyone that I’ve met so far on staff have been very helpful and truly showed great customer service all-around. If you are looking for a great apartment in the center of everything, this is the one for you! Review from Google
Oct 2019: This company prays on the weak, limited, and fragile financial abilities of young college students. The buildings themselves do not warrant the high rental fees for the quality of residence. Basic infrastructure is dirty, and in many areas falling apart, only to be momentarily repaired to the point of "functionality". Even after move out, more money was expected for alleged damage. initially $600 for one small carpet stain, painstakingly reduced to $250, and ultimately paid due to a week long (or more) wait time for a response from any management. The entire unit was re-carpeted on past Tennant dime, even though only a small portion of one room was affected. I highly advise against renting here unless it is last option, as it was for me. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I cannot speak for the other units but building 207 needs to be completely torn down. Two words: ROACH. INFESTED. I moved out early because of this issue and there were ROACHES IN THE BOXES I BROUGHT BACK FROM THAT PLACE!!!! I am so upset that I bothered to live here just because it was affordable and close to campus. You get what you pay for! College Park claims they hire pest control but the one time that a man came into my apt to spray he said there is no point because its an apartment so its impossible to get rid of them that way but he sprayed anyway. When i first moved in the apt was small and cute and incredibly convenient. But when it began getting warmer there were cockroaches everywhere. I’m a clean freak so this absolutely terrified me. There are cracks and holes everywhere for them to climb through!! Im writing this now because i want to warn people! I just found another roach in my new place because of this disgusting apartment mistake!!!! There was a roach in my car the day i moved! I am not making this up Review from Google
Jun 2019: Would like to thank Jay Scarratt the Property Manager here at College Park Apartments in Gainesville. He assisted my daughter with a issue and was prompt and very understanding. It makes me feel great that my daughter is in a complex that is there for my child. Great place for College kids to stay. And thank you Jay for being great at your job. Robert Keeler Review from Google
Jun 2019: Would like to thank Jay Scarratt the Property Manager here at College Park Apartments in Gainesville. He assisted my daughter with a issue and was prompt and very understanding. It makes me feel great that my daughter is in a complex that is there for my child. Great place for College kids to stay. And thank you Jay for being great at your job. Robert Keeler Review from Google
Jun 2019: Moved in August 2018 and my lease is up July 2019 but I am moving out in May to live w my parents bc this place is absolutely disgusting. I know this is the cheapest apartment living out there and it’s close to campus but honestly just spend the extra $50-$100 a month to live somewhere 1000 times better. Building 207 is literally roach infested, no matter what you do. I am the cleanest person I know, I do the dishes after every meal, I clean every surface after cooking, I vacuum and sweep every 2-3 days and still, ROACH INFESTATION. I can not describe how disgusting it is, I have literally seen roaches in broad daylight in the stairwell, in the halls, crossing the streets nearby. The only thing I can compare it to is the scene in the 1982 film “Creepshow” where the guy is literally killed by roaches in his “germproof” house. YouTube the scene, you’ll understand the roach problem in building 207 Review from Google
Jun 2019: I wish I could leave negative stars. Collier is an awful money hungry company, out to take advantage of college students. We had someone ready to sublease, they went through the full application process with College Park, and were approved by Ashton, the property manager of College Park. Ashton signed the Addendum to Lease document, thus adding the new resident and removing us. We paid the $300 transfer fee to the office after signing the lease addendum. On May 28th when our subleasee went to move in she was denied the keys to the apartment because College Park claimed her application had never been completed. We received no notice from the office even though they knew since they had signed on May 4th that there was an issue. Now we're receiving payment requests from College Park for June and July's rent. These people have a binding (signed) legal document, b
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Jun 2019: STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, AND READ THIS. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE WITH THIS COMPANY. Seriously, get a dorm, find literally ANY other complex than this place, heck being homeless would be better. Read through a couple reviews and you'll see why. And, for a bonus round, see if you can tell which ones are faked by their office staff... (I'll give you a hint, anything that's remotely positive). These people have more lawsuits and strikes with the BBB than I thought possible, yet they're somehow still here. Please, for your own sanity take 5 more minutes and find somewhere else... don't believe me? Let me tell you from personal experience EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE BAD REVIEWS IS 100% SPOT ON, NOT A SINGLE ONE IS OVER DRAMATIZED. Legit, I've been to bad complexes, this one takes the cake. Never have I met such rude, disgusting, incompetent, degrading, dishonest, and toxic people in my entire life. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I would write a review, but the other 1 star reviews sum it up better than I ever could. Review from Google
May 2019: This place is great, I have been here in one of the smaller buildings towards the back and never really had any problems. My AC broke last year but the maintenance guy came the same day I told them about it & gave me a brand new one. I will be moving out just because I am graduating but you really cant beat the location. Review from Google
Nov 2018: They have their construction workers working from 7 AM to 6 PM EVERY DAY even on Sundays. Complete disregard for the surrounding neighborhood, including their tenants. Like Sunday?? Really, CollegePark? Review from Google
Sep 2018: College Park has a great location. Everyone works very hard to help the residents. I am excited to see the new apartments that are being added! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Just moved in a little over a week ago and already having massive issues. My apartment smelled like mold and wet dog and nothing worked when I moved in. Dishwasher, AC, water pressure, plumbing issues, not to mention the carpet needs to be replaced or at least professionally cleaned. This building is roach infested. There is a hornets nest outside my door. I put in all the maintenance requests and no one seems to care. The AC literally didn't work and they finally got it back on almost a week later. I sat in my apartment with no ac in august and had to keep calling them, over and over again until finally they sent someone from the AC company. Everything in this apartment is super old and Its clear their management strategy is to just blow people off, never renovate or clean the apartments and make tenants bend over backwards to get things fixe Review from Google
Jul 2018: Been living in College Park for a couple years. It took 4 months of a leaking sink a section of flooring missing before they fixed it and I constantly went in and reminded them. I had a cracked window for the first six months I lived in one apartment including during a hurricane. I had termites for about a month before they sent someone to take care of it and no other residents of my building were informed. When they do repairs, they leave a mess behind. It isn't a one time issue. This has occurred with every repair. The employees in the office are rude and will blatantly lie if they don't have the information you need instead of doing their job and finding out correct information. With the termites, I got told contradicting information from 4 employees within the span of a couple hours and they all insisted the previous employee must have jus Review from Google
Jun 2018: Not happy with our experience with College Park Apartments. Our daughter subleased an apartment from an individual and was told his deposit would be carried over to her, and there was no deposit. Her rent is ungodly for the studio and the condition was unacceptable. She moved out the end of February and they would rather have the apartment set empty than have a renter in it. They loose paper work and really need to get their act together. Thank you for a awful experience. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I have been living in College Park since 2015. I know pretty much my neighbors they have been living in here longer than me. Like a normal day to day, you have to wait for good service. The maintenance crew has been great with me, if you don't report your issues in the apartment with time. How you pretend to get fixed it right away? Shout out to the people in the office, I stop every morning and evening to get my coffee 😁yeah that what I like Review from Google
May 2018: Horrible experience. I woke up every morning to the scent of dog feces and the sound of hammers pounding on the wall adjacent to my door. Maintenance workers were painting the building for about three months, starting at 7am and waking me up daily, leaving their trash outside my window. Just like my dreams, I watched a tree slowly collapse on to my car and several other cars right outside my apartment. Considering this was 303, you would think the staff would notice this. The staff is very rude, tracking me down like the IRS to pay an overdue fine of $1. I am not joking. $1. I had to pay to get a money order to turn in $1 because they refused to accept cash or waive the fee. They left me at least five notes and three phone calls about $1. I have never dealt with a staff more unprofessional and genuinely apathetic than this one. My apartment Review from Google
Apr 2018: If I could give this place no stars I would. I've lived here for almost a year now and I don't even know where to begin. They are very unprofessional and irresponsible. I've put in over a hundred Maintence request online and over the phone and nothing has been taking care of. My toilet still runs and all my tile is still broken and I've been living there since AUGUST. Highly recommend to take pictures of your entire apartment right when you move in so they don't decide to charge you. They've claim to have changed management but they clearly still don't know what they're doing. Each month I have to call and have them take off the pet fee for my service dog and to matters worst they have lost the original copy of my Doctors note for my service animal and they have no idea where it is. don't recommend living there or if you already signed a lease Review from Google
Mar 2018: If you sign a lease here, you will regret it. The neighbors in the 303 building blast music extremely loud. You won't be able to study or relax at all. There are better options. I really didn't like living here. There are much better options. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This is my first apartment off campus and I can't complain. The location for the price is great. I have a 2 bed one bath and it's more than enough space for me and my roommate. The office staff is very helpful and nice and rent payments are all online so you don't even have to go in to talk to anyone. My only complaint is that there are only 3 washers and dryers for many units so sometimes I have to wait to do laundry. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I won't be renewing with them again. You can basically hear every song your neighbor plays. There is a lot of noise/sound contamination. People play music as loud as they want, every day, and CP doesn't care. You can't study in these apartments when you are forced to hear music you don't like. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Great location for students- very easy to walk to campus and to midtown. The staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. Best experience I've had dealing with apartment complex management in my 4 years in Gainesville. Overall great place to live. Review from Google
Jun 2017: We lived in the big orange and blue building right next to the office for a couple of years around 2010. This was a while ago, so take it with a grain of salt, but I felt compelled to comment because of all the overwhelmingly positive reviews. This was, without a doubt, the worst place we have ever lived. By far. Literally the only thing going for it was location, but even that proved problematic when bars let out and hordes of absolutely plastered people ran around yelling right below your apartment at 2am. Oh, and the walls were very solid. I don't think we ever heard our neighbors. But wow. Just wow. The management was almost completely unresponsive to "requests" (i.e., contractually obligated commitments). For instance, I am pretty sure (could be wrong, not a contractor) that there is no insulation in this building. I don't mean a small Review from Google
May 2017: Great location, fair prices, very friendly staff. The service guys are pretty good at getting work orders done quickly and cant beat the free coffee and food. Being able to walk to midtown on the weekend is the cherry on top! Review from Google

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