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Cabana Beach

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Oct 2019: This is the second year my son has been living in Cabana Beach and I can honestly say he never had an issue living there. I also would like to point out about the Management in particular Mike. He helped my son really quickly has promised when he asked to be moved to a different apartment for a strange roommate situation that he could not handle any longer. Mike was very professional with him and also with me when I Contacted him by phone. He promised and understood was an uncomfortable living situation and in about three days, my son was assigned into a different apartment with great roommates. Thank you so much Mike for helping us. Review from Google
Oct 2019: I love living here at cabana! My roommates are very quiet, my room is SO comfy, It feels like home. I always thought about moving out here, now I’m so glad I did! Review from Google
Sep 2019: This is my second year living at Cabana after having a terrible experience in my first year when I tried to move into another place in Gainesville. Thankfully to Nate, we found a place quickly and he promised it would be in good condition. And it was!! (Thank you Nate. You're the best.) But overall, I don't have any negative feelings toward Cabana and if I ever have an issue they have resolved it clearly and efficiently. Glad it's my home for a second year. Review from Google
Aug 2019: After only living in Cabana Beach for 2 weeks, I can easily say I love it so far. It is a little farther away from campus, about a 30 minute bus ride but that doesn't bother me at all. The apartment was clean and very modern. My roommates and I get along great, we did find each other online before hand, but we've been doing everything together from the pool, the gym, to using the buses. The bus stop is a 2 min walk from my building and runs about every 15-20 min. Cabana Beach also has constant free events. Love it here! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Probably the best amenities in Gainesville, nice rooms for the price which includes all utilities, but to me the difference maker was the management. In particular, Mike and Ms. Josie were wonderful! Very available, kind, and always looking to make their tenants feel welcome and comfortable. Top notch people! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I will be moving here in four weeks and so far I’ve had a very easy experience communicating all of my concerns with the management. First impressions are very important and I can tell that these employees hold themselves to the highest regard when it comes to hospitality management and providing extraordinary customer service. So far they have been very patient, understanding, and friendly and that means a lot when relocating to another complex or trying out off-campus student housing for the first time. I have high hopes for this leasing year and I can’t wait to move into The Beach! Review from Google
Jul 2019: Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Roaches. Absolutely disgusting. No pest control done at all. Review from Google
Jun 2019: You get what you pay for . It's not a place for college kids to study or for anyone to study for that matter . Waking up to puke outside your door, and used condoms gets really old after a while . When you have that ONE ghetto roommate who then brings the entire hood over to start living with you ...... Noooo mam! The pool is the only good thing about living here . Review from Google
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Jun 2019: The apartment is actually good after living here for one year. The maintenance team respond fast, the facilities are nice. Only con is the room is a bit, but considering the price, it is totally understandable. I would like to recommend Cabana Beach. Review from Google
Jun 2019: The apartment is actually good after living here for one year. The maintenance team respond fast, the facilities are nice. Only con is the room is a bit, but considering the price, it is totally understandable. I would like to recommend Cabana Beach. Review from Google
May 2019: I moved to Cabana beach about 6 months ago, and i have to say i love living here. its the best place to be in Gainesville. they also have a 24 hour gym plus a study room with computers if your trying to get out of your apartment. I renewed my lease and will def be planning to reside here for the next few years of college i have left Review from Google
Mar 2019: I toured and signed my lease here nearly a couple of months ago. The leasing consultant, Zachary, was very helpful and he explained everything I needed to know about this complex. I like how Cabana is a close proximity to UF and Santa Fe, I also appreciate how it is a reasonable distance from Oaks Mall and Butler Plaza. I’m sure that I will really feel at home here and I can’t wait to move in this August! Review from Google
Feb 2019: I never lived here, however a ton of my friends have. I’ve only heard a few times that rent was lost and that was 4 years ago. The staff and experience was super nice whenever I visited and that was ALOT. The pool and waterfall is amazing and the complex events can’t be beat!! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Wow some of theses reviews are crazy! I've been here for a year now and the only thing I don't like is the fact that the residents can be disgusting to the community by just dropping the trash anywhere outside and if you don't live on 3rd hopefully your 3rd floor neighbors are nice enough to keep it down if not it's hell!! Last but not lease the people in the front office can absolutely be rude to the max! Except on person in particular JESSIE RAVIO she amazing and if she not in there I'm walking out and coming back the next day, If you choose anyone else be ready to be disrespected and lied too! Lucky I haven't had any extreme problems like these other people. I thank you thank Jessie for that !! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Overall cabana is a good place to live. I’ve lived here for 2 years. My main issue is it took my roommate and I 6 maintenance requests, days with a broken fridge and a lot of money wasted on food for them to finally replace our fridge. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I previously wrote a review about Cabana before moving in stating that I had some issues with the roommate matching and other things but I'm happy to say that my views have changed. You can tell that the new management at Cabana Beach is really working hard to make sure that the residents are getting what they paid for. If something breaks or you need anything done, you can let the office know and they fix it really fast. You can't beat the prices too. I have seen in all and Cabana is the lowest price for all inclusive apartments. I honestly don't have any complains anymore. I even renewed for next year! Review from Google
Dec 2018: This place is great if you’re looking for affordable housing or a short-term lease. The staff and managers are nice which is different from the last place I had lived at (West 20). However, my roommates and I were put in a cockroach infested apartment when we moved in. They obviously hadn’t bothered to check the apartment properly before move in because there were clearly cockroaches all over our kitchen. Management was very understanding once we told them about it but it took them about two weeks to finally put us in a different apartment so we had to live with cockroaches for about three weeks. We did have to threaten to seek legal help a few times because they refused to change our appliances which were extremely old. My roommate’s mom had to send the manager an email to finally get them to change our appliances and the maintenance st Review from Google
Dec 2018: This is not a bad place to live in because the price is affordable and the upgraded apartments are decent. The staff in the office is sometimes hard to talk to and deal with. A lot of times that I go there and ask for help they always seem so unhappy to help me, that’s why I always try not to go there as much as possible. I would say I get what I pay for but that shouldn’t pertain to the staff and their willingness to help, after all that is their job. The maintenance people are wonderful and prompt to fixing maintenance issues, before they took a long time but they are improving a lot this year. I like their online payment system, it’s faster and easier! My apartment building is fairly quite, I never had a noise issue. I enjoy their gym and computer lab. This place really is equipped with great amenities for the price that I pay for and Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have been happy with all my interactions with staff. The home is clean and arranged attractively throughout. They help me with all questions and needs. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great customer service and staff and I love my room. So big and comfortable. Thank you for the gift cards and the events you guys have! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Very decent place. They work hard to make you feel comfortable. Highly recommended. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have been at Cabana for 2 years now and love it. All my roommates that I have had are wonderful. Cabana really match me with my preference. I also love being rewarded for renewing. It has been a great experience for me living at the beach. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Over all Cabana really isn't that bad; for the price and what's included I can deal with the issues. The only complaints I have is sometimes the maintenance staff is extremely slow and you have to keep asking; one other complaint is I don't believe they roommate match BUT regardless moving in with a stranger isn't going to be ideal. If you are looking for a decent place to live for a great price; this is good. If you hate noise and living alone its not. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I really enjoy everything that cabana beach brings to their tenants I'm also very happy at the fact that if there's an error the office will rectify the issue and resolve it , I'm very pleased with -Leasing consultant Jordan Leach - she is very professional easy to talk to and takes care of generating work orders and making sure they actually get completed . I recommend Cabana beach not only to college students but to anyone that enjoys a nice relax space with a beach feel . GCA Review from Google
Oct 2018: I enjoy my resident experience. I really enjoy the pool and the gym access. I also like all the festivities that the cabana crew put together, I feel as if they should do more a month. Review from Google

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