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Trails at Loma

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Jan 2019: They charge you an arm and a leg, and will then proceed to metaphorically beat you with your own limbs. Too expensive. "Outdated" apartments are falling apart sometimes because the refurbished apartments are their priority now. Mold and infestations are apparently YOUR problem, should they arise, not the complex's. The AC units are not efficient, or well placed. When things break? It takes weeks to have it addressed sometimes, and there have been cases of issues being listed as "fixed," when nobody has contacted you, or even stepped foot in the apartment.You are better off fixing a lot of stuff on your own. They aren't even family friendly anymore. Please don't subject yourself to this, unless you are getting a steep discount. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Bad maintenance. Two pools and they are constantly BOTH closed. Trash piles up at the compactor all the time because they do not empty it often enough. This leads to whirlwinds of litter all over the plan.
Jul 2018: 1.if they try putting you in building 12 DO NOT sign. That building is not insulated. My roommates and I moved in and noticed that our apartment would not go below 78 degrees. One of the 4 bedrooms was constantly at 84 degrees no matter what we turned the air too (we bought a thermometer to check). Maintenance order after maintenance order, turns out the apartment complex has known for months that half this building was never insulated when this complex was built. 2. terrible crime by the trail. Cars kept getting broken into to, fire alarms pulled constantly, our front door lock was vandalized so we couldn't lock our apartment. 3. there is only one dumpster for trash. If you live in the farther buildings in the complex, you literally have to put the trash either in your car or on the hood of your car and drive it to the dumpster. 4. the pe Review from Google
Jul 2018: Awful management Had gas turned off out of the no where due to not having renters insurance????? Then when I got renters insurance instead of having my gas turned back on. They turned the lights off somehow. The only communication I've received is apologies and promise to get call backs. Poor poor management, full sweep of their whole team would do this complex good. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I really like it here, very clean and quiet. My apartment is so spacious and nice. I have a 2 bedroom 2 bath and its amazing. The staff was wonderful to work with. Melanie was the first person I spoke with and she did a wonderful job, really helped me with the application process. Super friendly and professional. The rest of the young ladies were great as well. The maintenance team was super nice as well. So professional. Love the welcome home bag beautiful touch. Review from Google
May 2018: If I could put zero stars I would. I currently live here and I have nothing good to say about this place. It's ghetto as ghetto can get. Cars get broken into, apartments get broken into and management does nothing. Gate gets left wide open and ppl just park their cars in front of the gate so if I want in, I have to let them in. It's not safe and I can't wait to move in August. DO NOT MOVE HERE Review from Google
Feb 2018: I've lived at Trails since summer 2016. Downgraded from 4 -> 2 stars on 2/23/2018. Pros: *I feel pretty safe here *Single bedroom apartment is large and cheap relative to UCF area *Brand new washer and dryer were provided, along with new looking fridge, retractable sink faucet and microwave *Small, but decently equipped gym *Neighborhood intersects with the Seminole Bike Trail, great for bicyclists *Abundant parking. Visitors can park anywhere, not just in the front, without being ticketed Cons: *Frequent "maintenance visits" (~once every month or two with 24 hours notice) inconvenient b/c they'll ask you to kennel your pets for the entire week that maintenance is conducting surveys. My AC is super loud, sometimes leaks and is moldy but maintenance just replaces the paper filter upon every visit *$50 month/ per animal. It's nuts. *Lots of kid Review from Google
Feb 2018: Good place when you just first move in. But maintenance is horrible, takes forever to get anything serviced. NOT a pet friendly place... they used to have trash bins around the place but they took them away, so now the only place that has one is the small dog park, which has had shards of broken glass all over the place, that i reported over 2 weeks ago. And they let that little bin over flow for months... so there’s dog excrement on every price of lawn, because either you pick it up and take it back to your apartment, or you have to walk all the way to the front of the apartment where the trash compactor is.... the only compactor for the whole apartment that always over flows and there’s no choice but to leave your trash beside it. Review from Google
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Dec 2017: Loma Vista Apartment complex is so ghetto. Absolutely dump. I am pretty sure there is mold in the walls and air vents. I have never had breathing problems until moving here. It is awful. The office management staff are so rude. They do not maintain the property. When you have a neighbor who is vandalizing your car and your apartment door, they do not do anything about it. Even when you bring video of the vandalism taking place with the apartment resident doing the vandalism, they do not do anything. Instead, they retaliate against you and threaten to kick you out. When I kept calling about my car being vandalized, I was cussed at by the lady who works in the apartment office and told to stop calling and to take it up with the police. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Enjoyed living here made many friends. Unfortunately others who live here can't even throw their garbage out correctly!! The use it to block the compactor door, they care less about our handicapped residents who cannot move now step over garbage bags to throw their own stuff out. I see others throw out our misbehaving's stuff out for people like me. Between 8:30 am for 45 min-an hour is a monumental waste of time!!!!! Every day I have flys, + smell of others refuse + whom always drags their bags through my hallway, "dog poo" left for me to smell. I would NEVER DO THIS TO YOU!!!! PLEASE THINK OF SOMEONE BESIDES YOURSELVES......... THANKS CC. YOU KNOW WHO I AM..... Review from Google
Nov 2017: I have been a HAPPY resident of Trails at Loma (formerly Loma Vista) for 9 great years!! I have truly loved living here. It's quiet, clean, and in a beautiful and convenient area. I work just 3 1/2 miles from here. So the location is PERFECT!! I live alone and have so these entire 8 years. I never had any desire to move elsewhere. I love it here!! I have made this my home! (I also have an impeccable rental payment history, never late). Due to the improvements to the "EXTERIOR" of the community my rent was increased by $175. Without any upgrades or improvements to the "INSIDE" of my apartment. I know to most that may not seem like much but I live on a strict budget and $175 is a substantial increase. So unfortunately, I feel forced to leave my happy home. This increase surprised me greatly seeing as how I live "INSIDE" and not one Review from Google
Oct 2017: The office staff is so friendly and helpful, we were able to get an apartment very quickly. Review from Google
Oct 2017: This complex is so beautiful! I love the location and everyone is so friendly! Highly recommend looking into it if you have some friends/ family to move in with! Review from Google
May 2017: I have lived here 12 months; twelve long months. From the day that we did the initial walk through, I regretted moving here. There was so much water damage due to a malfunctioned sprinkler; in order to repair the damage inside our apartment, they used our electricity. I obviously went to the leasing office and asked for a form of compensation to which they said they were already giving us two weeks free (this was for a promotion they were running) but then decided that they would give us another week free for the troubles. Review from 5/30/17 on Google
May 2017: Pros: *I feel safe here *Apartments are the largest in the UCF (and perhaps greater Orlando) area for the price (I pay $990 monthly for an 900ft^2 1br/ba) *Brand new washer and dryer were provided, along with new looking fridge, retractable sink faucet and microwave *Decent amenities: 2 pools and a small gym *Mostly quiet. Excellent noise reduction. I rarely hear people in the breezeway or in adjacent apartments, unless it's kids screaming (see cons) *Narrow staircases (it really sucked to move my furniture up three flights of narrow stairs) *Neighborhood intersects with the Seminole Bike Trail, great for bicyclists and walking *Feels homey, there are nice oaks and pines here Review from 5/13/17 on Google
May 2017: Living at Trails at Loma was miserable. The apartment walls are paper thin. You can hear the above neighbors conversations and every step or stomp they make. The parking was horrible. If you live in bldg 9, one of the tenants likes to throw parties especially during the holidays, which means loud music and unknown people around your apartment throughout the night. If you value sleep and peace do not move here. Definitely not worth the money. Spend the extra $100 a month on something better, I sure did. Review from 5/10/17 on Google
Mar 2017: This place is horrible. Stay away and I mean far away. XXXX the manager or whatever she is, is the worst person on earth and I honestly wouldn't wish her on my worst enemy. We were told cable would be included in our rent in which it was. 9 months later we receive a later saying we owe back pay because they've been paying for our cable for that long. We never received any type of email or letter all of that time from them. And the XXXX had the audacity to email me at work about this. They are unfair I please whatever you do stay away from this place. Review from 3/15/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I've been living here for 7 years. I have to say that the environment is not as peaceful as it used to being. The neighbors are polite. Unfortunately as of late there has been multiple occurrences of heavy police activity near the front of the property. Leaving no access to get to the rest of the property. The grounds are no longer well maintained the landscaping company they hired didn't do much around the back of the buildings. Yet they raise the rent for this half-assed work? Review from 2/13/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I lived here for 5 years and it was alright at first, but once New management came the rules seemed to change completely and we were, essentially, kicked out because of our pets. To be clear, these pets were okayed by the previous management. No one had any problems because our pets were well maintained and kept in aquariums (bearded Dragon, chameleon, ball python). not only were they well maintained, but some of the team members even mentioned that they liked visiting our home for inspections so they could see our menagerie. All was fine until the new management decided they weren't ok ay with out pets anymore. Review from 12/29/16 on Google
Dec 2016: I have not moved in yet but after visiting five apartments today I can say that the service difference I received between the apartment complexes from the leasing agents makes a world of a difference. Patricia was truly amazing. And I appreciate her professionalism and great customer service. Happy to say I think we have chosen our next home. Review from 12/5/16 on Google
May 2016: RENTERS BEWARE!!!! If you value your peace and quiet, take some advice from me... STAY AWAY!!! Loma vista apartments has awful customer service and are extremely rude. The "Assistant Apartment Manager" is the most disrespectful, argumentative woman I have ever dealt with and was completely unwilling to address any of the ongoing issues that we are dealing with (NOISY, RUDE NEIGHBORS). We have had all that we can tolerate living by these inconsiderate, no class neighbors at Loma Vista....a toxic cesspool would be an accurate description for these apartments! Needless to say, we will definitely not be resigning another lease! Review from 5/14/16 on Google
May 2016: This place has made moving the worst experience of my life! After telling us our payments for our app fee and holding fee were sent back (even though I had more than enough money in my account) they said we had to pay them a $70 fee. I told them I'm not paying a total of $285 for an app fee and holding fee. They proceeded to tell me that they will report me to collections and that we won't be able to get an apartment! They have seen me at least 20 times and know I am a young mom with a 9 month old. We are a young family and that amount of money is ridiculous. Review from 5/10/16 on Google
Apr 2016: I have been a HAPPY resident of Trails at Loma (formerly Loma Vista) for 8 great years!! I have truly loved living here. It's quiet, clean, and in a beautiful and convenient area. I work just 3 1/2 miles from here. So the location is PERFECT!! I live alone and have so these entire 8 years. I never had any desire to move elsewhere. I love it here!! I have made this my home! (I also have an impeccable rental payment history, never late). Due to the improvements to the exterior of the community my rent was increased by $100. I know to most that may not seem like much but I live on a strict budget and $100 is a substantial increase that I just can not afford. So unfortunately, I am forced to leave my happy home and put in my notice since i am coming up to the end of my lease. Review from 4/20/16 on Google
Dec 2015: Since there hasn't been a recent review on here, I wanted to give people interested in this complex a little information. Do NOT move in here. It all looks beautiful online but thats not the case. I moved in here May 2015 and can not wait to leave in a couple of months. The process to apply here is ridiculous (Since it is low-income housing), they will constantly call/email you saying you never turned in information when they really just lose it all. The apartments themselves I haven't really had a problem with besides the fact that you can hear the people above you walking 24/7, its just the people that RUN the place, and maintenance are horrible. Review from 12/11/15 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2015: They have wrongly accused us of having a pet, which is NOT true. Also, maintenance requests take a long time to get filled, so if you have a broken toilet I hope you have another bathroom you can use. Staff doesn't answer emails or messages and their hours are inconvenient. Review from 4/17/2015 on Google

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