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The Village at Science Drive

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Aug 2018: The staff is awful and misleading. We were not told from the beginning when we signed that we couldn't move in early and now last minute, days before we need to be in our apartment, they're telling us there's a good chance we can't move in early at all. This is completely unacceptable to leave residents who pay so much money to live there homeless for 2 weeks before they're allowed to move in. I have spoken to multiple managers and they all give me the same answer "I don't know" and frankly "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer when I'm paying so much to live here. Do not live here, it's not worth the trouble these people do not care about the residents they just care about the money and it's disgusting. I haven't even moved in yet and I've already had so many problems. These people only care about the money not the residents and it’s disgusting.
Jan 2018: Science Drive is a great place to live! It was my first off-campus apartment and I love it. I’ve been here for 2 years now and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m about to graduate I’d still stay. Can’t ask for a better place. The staff is friendly and always helpful. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived there for more than two years now. I really like the size and look of the apartment. It’s not as comfy as it used to be before the renovations but it looks pretty nice. The front office is very helpful but it really depends on who’s working that day. If I had to change anything about the place, I would probably add a front gate or something for better security. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The rooms are spacious, staff is extremely helpful, and community quiet. These are a few of the things I love about living at The Village At Science Drive. The apartment have been updated with hard wood floors, new lighting fixtures, and all new appliances. I've lived here for two years and would recommend this community to anyone! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Out of all four student living apartments I have lived in, the Villages on Science Drive has been my favorite. The new renovations have been wonderful and the staff is always helpful. Maintenance is super friendly and always comes fast when you need help. It’s close to campus and the UCF shuttle is always available. I would highly recommend living in this development! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Village on Science Drive is my second off campus apartment and I love it! Management is very responsive. The apartments themselves are very spacious and clean. There’s rarely a moment I regret living here. I’ve committed myself to another year to living here because it’s close to shopping, food, and campus. If you’re looking for nice off campus student housing, this is your winner! Review from Google
Jan 2018: The Villages is a great place to live. It is super close to campus and offers a shuttle service running every 15 min to take you to and from campus. The apartments are very clean and nice. I have had a great experience living here so far. Staff members are caring and there are a ton of amenities. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Living at the Villages on Science Drive has been such a pleasant experience. It is newly renovated and super cute! I never have trouble getting maintenance to come when I need help or getting quick responses from the front office. I would suggest to anyone that they should live here if they are looking for a comfortable, cozy, and safe place to live! Review from Google
May 2017: Living at the village at science drive has made my college semesters easier in that I am able to get to campus on time and efficiently using their convenient shuttle system.The amenities offered to the residents, such as the gym and pool, are great for any downtime I may have. I have renewed my lease for another year because of the beautiful renovations and wonderful roommates I have acquired this year! Review from 5/12/17 on Google
May 2017: I have lived there for more than a year now. I really like the size and look of the apartment. Right now they're in the process of upgrading their looks which is pretty exciting. I like the staff members, I always feel welcomed when I drop by the office. I've had an encounter with one of the managers and she wasn't very nice but that was about it for the negative stuff. Unfortunately this year I was paired with the loudest, meanest roommates possible but the office was extremely helpful with that situation. Review from 5/11/17 on Google
May 2017: I'v been living in village at science drive almost 2 years and I am planning to live here for rest of my college years. I really like the floor plan, it has biggest bedroom around this area and private bathrooms. Office staffs are very nice and helpful. Parkings are free!! And recently they did the overall renovation in the apartment with wood floor and new appliances makes the apartment almost new. Review from 5/8/17 on Google
May 2017: I have now lived at the Village at Science Drive for a full year and I do not have many complaints. Any issues I have had have been resolved whether it have been through the office assistants or the higher up managers. The maintenance workers are very friendly and efficient, they sometimes take a while to fulfill our work orders but it just depends on how many they have. At the end of the day the work orders always get completed and are handled very professionally. I love living here and I would change it for a thing! I love my huge bedroom and huge walk in closet! Review from 5/3/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I greatly enjoy living at the Village. The location is perfect: very close to campus, the main road (Alafaya), but set back enough so it is quiet. The staff is very helpful and friendly and make sure your living arrangements are enjoyable. Parking is right outside your room as well, which is very beneficial. Love it! Review from 4/28/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I've lived here for two years and plan on staying here until I graduate. The apartment is quiet; tucked away out of all of the Alafaya mess. I've never heard of anything bad happening here (no UCF alerts about stabbings or robberies). They are renovating the entire property and the model so far looks beautiful. More modern on the inside. Price did increase a little because of renovations, but you're getting what you pay for! Honestly would not want to live anywhere else. Review from 2/27/17 on Google
Feb 2017: The Community Assistance, which are students are great and they do as much as they can to help given that they are just assistance. The mangers on the other hand are horrible and don't know how to handle situations well. They basically will take your money any where they can and the rent is way to high for the poor quality of service provided. Review from 2/14/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Do not sign here! This is the WORST apartment complex I've ever lived in!! The staff specifically Maddie Peterson-the bookkeeper and the manager are EXTREMELY unfair and only care about money. I lived there for literally 2 months and they charged me $75 for a RIDICULOUS reason (a grey scuff mark on the wall) and they don't care at all about you and will send you to collections if you don't pay an absurd amount of money. I've called and emailed so many people and they don't care. DO NOT SIGN HERE YOU WILL 100% REGRET IT!!! Review from 12/28/16 on Google
Feb 2016: This apartment complex is super sleazy. They try and steal money from you every month. Make sure you check your energy bills yourself because got charged by science drive 280 where when we went to see our bill, it was only 160 dollars. Then there was a mold problem and it took them over 2 months to finally coming to fix it and telling them the month we moved in. I highly recommend looking somewhere else. The price you way is not nearly what you get out. Go live somewhere else. Review from 2/23/16 on Google
Jan 2016: As a parent of a student living at these apartments, I will tell you to trust me and look elsewhere...anywhere else for housing. Since my son moved in it has been nothing but run around, after run around from the management when trying to resolve issues. First one being the grungy, dirty, ripped and worn out (soiled) mattress he was given to sleep on. After a month of bugging them, they finally delivered him a new one. The rent is way too high for the mediocre accommodations. Now their energy bill has suddenly doubled and they are having to pay overages each month. I've tried to get answers and help on this but the same run around is happening by management again. Review from 1/10/16 on Google
Oct 2015: I beg of you if you would like to keep your sanity and peace of mind. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT sign to live at this apartment complex. It may seem like the best option out of all of the apartments around UCF they'll give you the tour and tell you every single thing you want to hear. It is all a lie. I have lived here from August 2014 and unfortunately I made one of the worst mistakes in my life by resigning. Why did I resign? Simply because I did not want to bother with moving again. The big significant issues all have to do with the Internet and the staff. The Internet works properly maybe two hours of the whole day. Review from 10/1/15 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: This is currently my first week in my 3:3 and we have already seen 3 cockroaches roaming the apartment. They say that the pest control is coming soon so I will update on how that situation is. But as a person who has a serious fear of any bug getting up close and personal with them, this is a nightmare. It's got me staying up all night tonight hoping that the cockroach doesn't re-appear. Wish me luck ?? Review from 8/27/15 on Apartment Ratings
Jul 2015: Decent community, shuttles to UCF run on time and the office is helpful. Just make sure to move with people you know, one roommate I got randomly matched with was terrible. Through the roomate situation the office was helpful and understanding. Never had any issues with maintenance. Review from 7/7/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2014: Make sure you document every little thing. When in doubt write it out. Otherwise they will try to charge you. I wrote down everything that was wrong documented it all and they still try to charge me for some broken blinds which they said were already fixed. Maybe the staff do not talk to each other on their different standards on what is considered as broken and what is considered as fixed.
Jun 2014: For some reason, there are always overages on utilities. Despite the air being at 78-80 degrees. Also, be careful about the roommate matching thing, make sure to get in writing on the terms and conditions about the roommate. Very tough to break your lease and they seem to just match you with anyone just to fill out space. Might be a good lesson for any places with roommate matching, much better if you just meet people and decide for yourself.
Jun 2014: Parking is easy to find but if it late at night you might have some trouble finding one quickly. However, there is always a courtesy office so it helps to promote a safer environment. The room I have was huge compared to other complexes.
Jun 2014: The hot water seems to last only for a few minutes and then turns cold. The shuttle every 15 minutes and the room size was pretty alright.

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