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$800 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. SUMMER LEASE NEAR UCF - MONTH OF MAY ALREADY PAID Looking to transfer my lease at the Verge available immediately! It's a large, furnished room in a 4x4 all girls apartment, with your own bathroom and built in robe. Rent is $887 per month not incl...Read More

$886 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. Hello everyone, this is Anderson and I am subleasing my apartment in a 4x4 due to a rapid moving need. The apartment is on the first floor and roommates are very down-to-Earth. The amenities include a private restroom with a bathtub, a desk, two draw...Read More

$858 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 5/1/23 - 3 months. Hey guys, I am looking to sublease my apartment at the Verge from May 1, 2023 - July 31, 2023. I live in a 4x4, all male. My roommates are super chill and keep to themselves, so I rarely see them. Rent is $858 a month plus around $20-30 for utilities...Read More

$924 - 1 in 2 beds x 2 baths

Move in 5/3/23 - 3 months. Hello! I am looking to sublease my room at The Verge Orlando for Summer 2023 (May-July: 05/03/2023-07/31/2023) This is in a 2x2 apartment, there is one other male roommate. The apartment is well maintained and quiet. You get your own private bathr...Read More

The Verge Orlando Info

The Verge Apartments (formerly The Edge) is conveniently located close to the UCF campus (on the UCF shuttle route). The Verge offers luxurious and affordable student housing, from modern amenities to spacious student living areas. The fully furn...Read More Details

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