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Nov 2018: I lived here under the new management and I loved it. The staff really works with you and tries to help however they can. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I recently had a lovely conversation with a leasing professional Tylin about renewing my lease she was very helpful and informative. The marquee living community is very friendly and clean. I would recommend this community for anybody new to the Orlando city and looking for a place to call home. Review from Google
Oct 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE!! Had maggots in kitchen when I moved in. Cockroaches in bedroom window as well as other bugs. Apartment stunk on move in. Management refused to switch rooms to a different one and said they would send cleaning instead. A month later had a friend of mines car towed for parking on the completely EMPTY top floor, however not in a “v” spot. I thought the whole top floor was a “v” spot but turns out there’s a about a dozen that are not. When I asked Staff about it, they told me that all they will do to help is give me the video of WHY it was towed. Inside of the buildings and hallways is very messy with trash and beer everywhere. Review from Google
Sep 2018: My 1st yr living here. It's great. Great staff and hallway neighbors.... Review from Google
Aug 2018: I just recently moved out. And let me tell you, one of the best deductions! The entire property is dirty and maintenance only cleans every few weeks. On the first floor the trash is visible for everyone including guests to see and sometimes there is even trash on the floor. The apartments collect dust like CRAZY! The noise you can hear from room to room is absolutely annoying! I moved out and had a carpet charge of TWO HUNDRED AND FIVFTY SEVEN DOLLARS! I’m sorry but they don’t clean your carpets and with so many people living in apartments I don’t see how they would want you to walk on used carpet without shoes. The management building is rude and tries to charge you for every little thing. If you are looking to move into a apartment near ucf please chose another one. It will save you so much hassle in the end!!
Aug 2018: Worst desicion to move in here. They charge a lot for a property that is pretty dirty. The elevators would stop working and wouldn’t be fixed for sometimes as long as a week!! There was never any parking so you were FORCED to park on a higher level and constantly go up and down the stairs! Move in day was horrendous my apartment is so far from the parking garage. The kitchen floors are basically sanded down concrete. The general manager is constantly outside smoking a cigarette instead of actually doing her job! My car was parked in the parking garage and while I was in my apartment another resident hit my car while drunk. The office didn’t help at all!!!!! Horrible place! Please read your reviews before signing a lease. I wouldn’t recommend.
Aug 2018: I just moved and boy do I regret ever living at the marquee. First let me tell you what my experience living here was, I constantly heard noise from the outside pool area, my roommates, the person upstairs! It was horrible. My roommate had her boyfriend basically living with her and they were always home so that made me uncomfortable! There is always trash in the hallways! Which isn’t cleaned for weeks and sometimes months! There is a huge trash container that just sits in the parking lot of level one so whoever comes to visit you will see other peoples trash. (Which over flows and trash ends up on the floor) the elevators go out constantly and won’t be fixed until almost a week later. Which sucks when you live on the first floor but there is NEVER parking on the first floor. The management team is quite rude and tries to charge you for EV Review from Google
Aug 2018: Third Update: I am honestly so tired of killing about 10 roaches every couple of hours in the marquee. I discovered that I am allergic to bugs after roaches crawled on me while I was sleeping. I had to go home back to Miami because I am so scared to fall asleep in my apartment. I asked to switch apartments but I was told it was a $200 dollar fee which is crazy being that I never asked to sleep in a roach invested room. As nice as the people are in the leasing office they keep recommending me to use the offered pest control that does not work. It’s very unfair that I have to live in filth. I have cried several times and even contemplated sleeping in my car. I really just want to be in a roach free room. Nobody should live this I feel so uncomfortable in a place that I was promised to be comfortable in. I NEED A NEW ROOM ! Review from Google
Jul 2018: So far I love the marquee apartments. The staff is super nice you can always call and they will answer any questions you may have. I’m 18 doing this all on my own and they make it super easy and not very stressful. The rooms are big and very clean and I’m excited to move in in August. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I've lived here for two years because rent was cheap but now they've raised it and it's no longer worth living here. Rooms are small. Management comes into your apartment whenever they want. If they feel that your apartment is not up to par with their standard of clean, they threatened you with fines and eviction notices. If your roommate breaks some rule and they don't know who did it, they threatened everyone with fines and eviction notices. When it's moving out time, (get ready for a major headache) they expect the room the same as it was when you moved in. You have to paint the walls (gotta buy your own paint) and make sure there are no stains on the carpet, or they'll CHARGE YOU, even tho they have a cleaning company that clean all the carpets anyway. Make sure you fill out the paper they give you at the beginning about documenting all t Review from Google
Apr 2018: My daughter has lived at The Marquee for a year now and i must say initially before signing our lease we were a bit stunned by the reviews but after the tour we decided to sign. The marquee has turned around tremendously and I can’t thank them enough for providing a good college environment for my daughter. They have made a dramatic change this far, the leasing manager Gary made sure we were satisfied on move in day she went above and beyond to get us in a right room very quickly. Everyone is always helpful and provide great customer service. Right across from Ucf i highly recommend Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived here for 2 years and i'm not going anywhere! It's hands down the safest property in orlando. Security is amazing and the staff is so nice and helpful. maintenance orders are usually fixed within the day and I love the awesome events the put on for the residents !!!! MARQUEE FOR LIFE! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Great place to live - convenient great location! Clean. Safe -new management is wonderful!
Apr 2018: You get what you pay. Lived here for 2 years and moved out because they raised the rent, not worth it to pay that much money to be in an unsafe place like Marquee. This place attracts crime and horrible types of people somehow. Unhappy customers everywhere you can't please everyone but look at the amount of negative review about this place... Wow! My roommates and I cleaned up after ourselves, not to mention one of them is clean freak. We wiped the kitchen after every time we used and scrubbed it at least once every semester. And there were still cockroaches and ants. The sink in the kitchen broke every week and the water was leaking under it. There was always a light moldy smell in the apartment. People here race in the parking garage. I almost got hit by a car while trying to cross the drive way (I promise I looked to see if there was Review from Google
Apr 2018: After one year's time of living there, there are definitely some problems. After seeing many, many other housing choices, they all had problems also. The biggest problem I see: 1) safety concerns. This can be made better by not going out after dark or going with another person. 2)The other major problem is air quality. They definitely never change out their air filters. If you have breathing problems please know this and buy air filters to change out yourself. The location is probably one of the best locations and they have their own dedicated bus which is very helpful. Review from Google
Mar 2018: The staff can be rude and unprofessional and they come to your apartment unexpectedly way too often. They come banging on your door and just let themselves in anyways just to give you a piece of paper when they could just slide it under. We college students deserve and have a right to privacy as well. They don’t seem to acknowledge that what so ever. Construction has been going on for over a year and it’s really loud in the mornings. REALLY thin walls. I’ve never had a bug problem and the included utilities are nice as well as being right across campus but there’s too many cons. If you need maintenance,they just come into your room whenever they get a chance and i personally like to know when someone is coming in my personal space. Other than all that it’s not the worst and people saying it’s ghetto are lying. It’s just unorgani Review from Google
Mar 2018: The review on Google is not helpful, this place is wonderful! You get what you pay for and there's no place that offers low rent with the beautiful apartments.
Feb 2018: Awesome property to begin your college experience. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that your stay at the property is completely comfortable. The pricing of the rooms are reasonable and affordable. Really great welcome to the college life environment! Review from Google
Feb 2018: They can do better on repairs that is requested. Elevator out of use for a long period of time, toilet work order is slow they bring up a plunger and say use this till we get to your request. The apartment it self is beautiful and lots of space. Review from Google
Feb 2018: My daughter signed a least to get here the young lady have not moved out still waiting for keys. Live out of town did not have clothes had to buy more the car got towed from where they told me to park. The staff isn't helpful at all and a little rude if u have been in customer service u will see I'm out of a lot of money in 3 days dealing with this place wish she never picked here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: no privacy. Walls are thin. You hear everything. Parking is a joke. Kids speed in the garage. They towed my moms car because it wasn't parked in the correct area. Oh but it was according to the paperwork my cousins got when they moved in. Still there are no signs in the garage. So if you have any friends or family visit, make sure they park on the very top or the 2nd to last level but only in the uncovered area. If anything needs repaired good luck! It takes forever. They work on there schedule and only inform you right before they come to fix it. Save your money and don't live here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I am currently a resident at the marquee, This Is A Very Upmost Disgusting Environment To Live In I’ve Seem Roaches Everywhere Through Out The Premises Dead Or Alive. Work Order Is Very Poor 9 Times Out Of 10 They Will Never Come In To Complete The Job, Very Unsanitary, Move In Was Horrible Carpet Stained, The Smell Of My Apartment Was Unpleasant Kitchen Floor Looks Horrible LEGIT. False Advertisement At It Best The Model Isn’t Whay The Make It Seem Like; You’ll See The Full Truth On Move In Day. It’s So Bad That I Will Not Be Renewing My Lease $650 isn’t worth It At All !!!, Then The Manager Tries To Say It’s Because Of What I Am Paying $650 Is A lot For Student Housing & That Doesn’t Give It A Right To Put Us In A Unsanitary Environment. SORRY NEVER AGAIN I WILL not recommend THIS STUDENT HOUSING TO ANYONE NOT EVEN MY WORST ENE Review from Google
Nov 2017: Super friendly staff that makes it easy and accessible to everyone. I remember transferring interanally here and feeling like I had no home. The staff at the Marquee changed that instantly. Review from 11/25/17 on Google
Nov 2017: Marquee is starting to get better with the safety for the residents. They keep us update with any issues that were involved at the marquee. The maintenance are super friendly! They do need to fix the gym equipment! Some seem to be unsafe! Review from 11/20/17 on Google
Nov 2017: It’s an amazing place to spend your days as a student. There isn’t a better place to be at, its location is very convenient if you’re a Knight, because campuse is right there and they offer shuttle services. Few blocks down you can find so many great places to eat. At the Marquee you won’t have an excuse to miss leg day or have trouble in finding a quiet place to study, because there’s a gym and study rooms. The staff at the Marquee also go out of their way to make their residents feel welcomed and cared for by hosting fun events like taco Tuesday and Sundae Monday. I absolutely love my apartment. Review from 11/18/17 on Google

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