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Ravenna Apartments

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May 2019: I wanted to express with gratitude how much I enjoy living with Ravenna Apartments. The staff is outstanding and my family and I very much enjoy our home. We leave for family, but will miss our apt a lot. The office was our favorite. Mary the front desk was so kind to us and patient. She really was helpful to my family and is so professional. I appreciate the Manager Julia very much and take my hat off to her. With elegance she represents your company with pride and takes her role very seriously in caring for the residents and the property. She understands us which is hard to find in a manager these days. We are very lucky to have lived here. Review from Google
Jan 2019: We have been residents at the Ravenna Apartments for many many years. Would like to say how amazing the new manager Julia is to all of us. Thank you to her boss for bring her to us. She is kind and really want to help residents! Love our apartment Review from Google
Jul 2018: The management is the same as the previous company. They are rude, especially the property manager that got promoted from lease agent. Review from Google
Jul 2018: loved the apartment but when i lived there the management sucked royally. And a random shooting near my window, helllllll no thats when it was time to go!!!! to many ghetto people at that time also. And Management company at that time were thieves. Review from Google
Jun 2018: A place I call my home, in love with my apt. The management service is excellent no doubt in my mind I made the right decision in moveing here... in love!!! Review from Google
May 2018: Both of the young ladies that work in the office apartments are lost the apartment manager asked the lady in the front desk which is more lost than the manager honestly they couldn't help me at all I am not going into these apartments anymore and I don't recommend anyone to go there or rent an apartment in this place Review from Google
Apr 2018: Try to get an apartment and they have someone there in the leasing office with no customer service experience. Rude and unprofessional. Bunch of retarts. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Been here for years and finally there's an awesome leasing manager Alicia and team that has made this place a peaceful environment :) very satisfied. Great job! Review from Google
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Jul 2017: Very nice place to live. In Seminole county very quiet' Review from Google
Apr 2017: I like this place because I live there but there are kids that play alot in the road and that's what go this place a 4 star, other than than,this place is great, it's got a playground for the kids, a pool and barbeque for picnics and such, and has a gym in the main building. Review from Google
Mar 2017: Nice place they have sections lots of kids running around family oriented Review from Google
Jul 2016: Have lived here 4 1/2 years but will be moving it has gotten so bad two years ago they said the air conditioner needed to be replaced its 90 degrees at 9:45 at night they never fix anything the last week we had no water and a huge garbage container sitting in front where are cars are suppose to be there's no security the gate has been broke going on three years everything they advertise is a lie
Mar 2016: Let me start by saying that I live here for about 2 1/2 years... and it was a nice experience until I had to start dealing with the people in the office. The apartment itself was nice no roaches and cheap for a 4 bedroom apartment. The neighbors were nice as well. At least the ones around me. Only one day I say a man hitting his wife with their kid in the car. But this was toward the end of the 2 1/2 years and they were new to the complex. I mean, cheap places attracts all kind of people. The maintenance guys were extremely nice, a little slow to work through the issues but because they were nice it wasn't a problem for me. Review from 3/3/16 on Google
Dec 2015: They can change the name, but the reputation and experiences I and others have had won't go away. The people and their off-spring who rent from this place are horrible. There is always fighting, drug deals, and other questionable activity going on. Besides the roaches, the low brow people renting are the other infestation! Stay away at all costs! Review from 12/20/15 on Google
Nov 2015: Community is nice and clean and quiet . Only thing I hate is that Im living here for 6 months and they raised the rent on everyone and when I renew it'll go up again. My neighbors are loud and rude always letting there kid run around late at night. There's no security and it's supposed to be gated but isn't. Other then that the place is great to love with your family. Review from 11/13/15 on Google

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