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Plaza on University

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Oct 2021: Hi all, I am a parent to a current resident. To say my husband and I were hesitant about signing a lease with Plaza for a 2x2 is an understatement. We read so many bad, negative reviews. But our son and his friend wanted to live at Plaza for at least a year. Plaza is on the pricier side and yes it is the amenities offered. Our son, his girlfriend, and his roommate love the pool area, the gym, and all the retail shops below. He and his roommate have been at Plaza since August 2021. We toured many complexes. Some multiple times. Plaza is one of the multiple tours. Plaza was accommodating when we asked for early an move-in date too. We, along with his roommate's parents, had the apartment cleaned by a professional upon move in. She pointed out a few things that had her concerned so we called down to the office and maintenance was sent to the apartment within 15 minut
Nov 2019: Similar to living in an office cubical with a balcony, would recommend. Review from Google
Oct 2019: Love living at plaza so far. Lost my keys the other day and one of the workers Troy assisted me immediately. He was extremely friendly and efficient. Glad to be a resident here and plan on renewing soon Review from Google
Oct 2019: Although I have only lived at Plaza for a short time, I have nothing but positive things to say about the complex. From the professionalism from our management and staff, to the respectful tenants who live around me, I have zero regrets with choosing Plaza as my place of residency! For example, recently I was having an issue with my door failing to lock properly so, naturally, I called downstairs to have this issue resolved. To my surprise, they were polite, professional, and straight to the point. Even when they were busy they made sure they had their top maintainence associate, Troy Clark, respond as soon as he could. Although Troy was booked that day, he made sure he followed up by calling me and walking me through exactly what needed to be done. He then responded in a timely manner and had my door fixed in no time! The professionalism from him was nothing short of those who I spoke with on the phone Review from Google
Aug 2019: This was our first year moving our son into Plaza. I think the move-in process was very well thought out. There was assistance available at every turn from the time we pulled in until completion. Clear instructions were provided as to where to go and what to do to ensure a smooth move-in. My only suggestion concerning the process would be to add another staff member to the cart check-in/out area. While we didn't have to wait too long for a cart, the process would move quicker with two people. Concerning the room itself, more attention is definitely needed in the cleaning and prep for new residents. There were cobwebs in the room, the floors needed sweeping, and the front-loader washer door had been closed and condensation and mold had built up. That smell took some time to eliminate, but new residents shouldn't have to clean these types of things on move-in day. Other than a couple of little bumps, the process was good overall. Review from Google
Jul 2019: This place sucks! 800+ a month for broken elevators, dirty hallways, cheap interiors, and a broken security gate. GET IT TOGETHER whoever is in charge here!! There was a raw chicken cutlet left in one of the staircases for almost a week and nobody took care of it. Only thing that makes this place worth it was the gym and pool which is always nicely mantained. Really let down by this place and overall it's not worth your money. Review from Google
May 2019: AN AWFUL CHOICE!!! During my daughter stay she was breathing in the mold that was in the walls, we noticed that because it started growing on all clothes and shoes that were in the apartment. The mold was the reason she had to go to an allergy doctor when she had never had any kind of breathing problems. When she came back home she stopped having these incidents. Be careful mold is toxic for your lungs!! When you have noisy neighbors and you can not rest the management did nothing about it. My daughter called at least 15 times to the management and never the problem was solved. All of this plus, when we want to sublease the room, the management never had a single person interested in her apartment during 8 months, when they told my daughter repeatedly that there is a 99% chance of somebody coming in to fill her space. Hard to believe that they offer her room in the same place their apartments Review from Google
May 2019: AWFUL PLACE TO LIVE. Dealt with everything while I lived here. Mold, broken elevators, broken gates, broken fobs, no access to management when you need them, unresolved noise complaints, AND most recently, they didn't notify me that my sublease fell through so I'm stuck paying $800 a month and I'm not even living there. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LIVE HERE. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Review from Google
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May 2019: WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. Advertised student college housing and my son 19 y.o. end up living with a 55 y.o. Person that is not an student. We just found out that they didn't even ran any backgrounds on this person. This is a rental from hell. Management doesn't care about students, no answers, lying about situation, miss lead us about all general situations. IF YOU WANT YOUR KID TO BE SAFE AND IF YOU WANT TO SAVE A PRETTY BAD TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DO NOT CONSIDER THIS RENTAL FOR YOUR KIDS. Moving to legal actions now. Review from Google
Apr 2019: First of all, we know dorms depend on your roommates . But when you find bad roommates with bad administration and mangers will be terrible and Plaza from this kind . It has good location and buildings but people who lead it aren’t professional! They don’t know how to handle problems and treat with their residents . I had an issue with my roommates and I reported them and the manger told me “ Actually ,you aren’t stay longer here so be patient just for a month!! “. In this way even though I thought for I while to renew I’ll not renew after your attitude ! Let’s imagine I came someday I saw my roommate thrown trash front of my room and immediately I contacted them and they told me they want him and he refused to come after that they ignored my report just because he doesn’t want to respond ! In conclusion , Worst management in the world have a perfect location and pretty good buildings.. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have lived at the Plaza on University for almost 2 years now (21 months). I really did enjoy living here. My location was great, on the first floor facing the pool. While living here for 2 years you hear all kinds of negative things about this place. The vast majority of things 'wrong' with Plaza come from the Residents. For the most part, it is people living on their own for the first time, at least without their parents. Some of them are dirty, irresponsible, and they're in College. The majority of people don't pay their own rent so they have a disconnect from responsibility. They leave trash around, and simply just don't care, yet blame the staff for not doing a great job. I'm not saying there aren't problems for one thing I think that everything can be improved. Maybe hire a few more staff members as there are 1308 people living here. Other than that I enjoyed myself at the Plaza, you cannot beat the Location, the shuttle service is great, walking distance to Bars if you like to get 'Lit Review from Google
Mar 2019: really nice apartments, love having the grills by the pools. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I’ve been living here for more than a year now and I love it! My apartment is super nice. Plaza is super close to UCF (which is really convenient) and has a bunch of restaurants in the same building and around it. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I love living here! This will be my third year living here! Review from Google
Mar 2019: don't live here, the owner has ligma and the place is dirty and stinky.
Feb 2019: If I could rate Plaza less than a one star review, I would. Like all those who have reviewed Plaza before me, there are an endless amount of issues that make paying almost $800 dollars in rent absolutely not worth it. From the roaches and silverfish crawling out of my shower drain, to the fruit flies crawling out of my kitchen sink, to the dish washer smelling like a dead carcass (we don’t even use it, the smell just spreads to your plates), to the construction occurring downstairs below me every morning at 8 a.m. til 5 p.m. (because just what Plaza needed was another restaurant to make them more money), to the mold growing in my roommate’s bedroom that forced her to move out, to the elevators never working in the building or the parking garage causing you to haul your groceries up stairs, to management never caring at all, I wouldn’t kn Review from Google
Jan 2019: The elevators are always broken and makes you late every time. If you like to have guest over a lot don’t live here. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Place is terrible to live at, constantly dirty, the elevators never work, I would never recommend anybody to live here. Only reason this place doesn't have one stars is because of when management offered giftcards to starbucks in exchange for a 5 star rating. Literally a garbage hole and the people working here are dumb Review from Google
Jan 2019: Plaza has been my favorite place to live by far. I'm not sure why so many people are writing negative reviews. Every apartment complex will have an occasional issue. Plaza is amazing. The gym is great, the pool is clean, and the location can't be beat!
Jan 2019: Do NOT live here! The entire place is FILTHY! I truly don’t think anyone even manages the building, because nothing ever gets done. Only live here if you enjoy broken elevators, pee in the hallways for WEEKS, broken appliances, and bugs :) Also be ready to clean your room on move-in day, because The Plaza does not clean them prior to new residents moving in. I would give them 0 stars if that was an option. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Please just do yourself a favor and don't live here. I wish I had taken the advice of the half dozen people who had given me the same warning. Loud, bug infested, and the elevators never work. You're paying for the new building and absolutely nothing else. It'd be nice if absolutely any of the overpriced amount I payed for rent went to keeping the building clean. Here's a list of some extra amenities they don't list on the website: piles of dog feces that stay in the hallways for months, the vile human sized garbage piles that seem to permanently exist in every corner of the parking garage, the broken elevators in the parking garage, the SHATTERED GLASS in all the parking garage stairwells (WHICH I shouldn't EVEN HAVE TO TAKE IF THE ELEVATORS EVER WORKED!), the gate to the parking garage which is totally redundant given they always have it Review from Google
Nov 2018: My roommate told one of her friends she could stay with us for months. We have had numerous overages and the girl she is letting stay here is an absolute nightmare. When management was notified they did next to nothing. They gave her 7 days to leave, which she did not. When they searched the room they said it seemed like only one person was living there (although im not sure how they could determine what was hers??) and when we told them her belongings are all over our living room they said they could not do anything. Management did not follow the rules of our lease, someone is still living here rent free, and now the GM refuses to see us in regards to this issue. I am extremely disappointed in the (LACK OF) management. Review from Google
Nov 2018: My daughter has only lived here since August and has never had any issues. When she needed maintenance they were there within 24 hrs. The staff has always helped when she needed. Yes, there are bug issues, but this is Florida. Also, if you don't clean and have food sitting out in your room or don't take the garbage out daily, you most definitely will have lots of bugs. There are lots of amenities and Plaza is so close to everything. My other daughter hopes to move in here in Fall 2019! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Terrible. Found a huge bug in my bathroom. Dead flies come in through a crack in my window or something because I am constantly finding them on my window sill, when I have never opened my window. My shower drain was broken for over 2 weeks & I went to the office multiple times, maintenance never came, no matter how many times the staff told me it was put in as "emergency". I had to fix it myself. Once I finally fixed it myself and spent my own money on something maintenance should have taken care of, they decided to come while I was at class and lock me out of my room. The office was closed and I couldn't get in until the next day. Review from Google
Oct 2018: The price you pay is merely for the location. You are directly across from the campus and centered near many food and shopping amenties. As far as the apartment complex itself, there’s nothing special to it. The staff here is below average, and does what has to be done, but does not extend further into helping residents. My apartment (along with many others in the complex) was infested with bugs one week into moving in. The staff said the pest control team only comes on Friday’s, so I would have to wait (and sleep) in my infested room. The parking garage is poorly designed, with access to the actual apartments only on the 2nd and 4th floor. While this may not seem like a major issue, keep in mind, grocery shopping becomes a real sport when forced to take 3 different elevators/stairs to just get to your room! It was also evident that no cle Review from Google

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