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Orion on Orpington

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Jul 2019: I lived here for a year and had a great experience. Any maintenance issues were dealt with immediately. They host a lot of resident events with free food. The community is off a back road and right next to the Publix shopping center which is super convenient. I moved in not knowing any of my roommates, however it was a great fit. The staff is super friendly and helpful. As a student who is super busy, it was a great apartment to come home and relax. I do recommend the larger bedroom though, I had the small one and wished I paid a little more for the extra space. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Management is shady and looking to make money off of their tenants by any means necessary. For example, when Duke energy increased their costs Orion didn’t inform the tenants that the $40 included for utilities would cover less to recommend adjustments, and overage charges skyrocketed. When my roommate went home for the week since summer just started he told me that I could park in his reserved spot since he wouldn’t be there. Despite a significant decrease in the amount of cars in the complex because of school just letting out and this miscommunication with the office, Orion towed my car and failed to notify me until I noticed the next day as I was about to leave for work and left me with a $200 fine. As a current tenant I went to renew my lease but was told I was “1 day late” and because of that they increased my rent by $60 to a total of $735, even though my other roommate went just hours before me and now his overall rent is less than mine despite him having the larger room Review from Google
Jun 2019: Maintenance response can be slow, management doesn’t seem to care when there is a problem they don’t consider to be important. I’ve submitted several work orders over a month to have my microwave fixed and the problem has still not been resolved. Anytime there’s bad weather, expect something to go wrong in your apartment: wifi out, power outage, etc. Frankly, the apartment and its services aren’t worth the price. Review from Google
May 2019: In the two years and four months that I have lived here, I have: -Lost power three times, one of which lasted for a week and ruined all of our refrigerated food -Had our A/C break four times -Recieved several noise complaints despite not being too loud (my speakers were on the floor, so the bass was the culprit) -Had my rent raised $50 just for the 'privilege' of having new quartz countertops installed in my appartment, as well as a few new lighting fixtures. You would think this would be a one time fee, but my rent permanently changed as soon as the 'upgrades' were finished. The Walls are paper thin, so you will hear anything and everything around you. Kinda sucks when you are trying to sleep for class the next morning when people are yelling, screaming and running at 4:00 AM To be fair, the staff is kind and friendly, and the events are a nice touch, but for the $700 rent you will mostly likely be paying, you are better off finding somewhere else for the same amount of money Review from Google
May 2019: The staff here is amazing! Maintenance comes quickly and is effective. The community has been quiet and safe from my year here. Make sure you resign the first week it is available if you wish to do so, any later and the price will continue to arise. I have an extra large room and the space is perfect! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Really clean and quiet community. Love the upgraded apartments and fast working maintenance team! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Be aware your subleasing contract may not be honored. I can’t speak ill about the apartments for my daughter never moved in, yet management is another deal. The night before move in day, she received a call, many tales were told by the staff, the truth eventually surfaced. She was told that since additional ID was required, her move in date (Jan4, 2019) was pushed to several days after classes were exoected to start. We had signed everything and paid the required fees in November. What happened? The tenant changed her mind, was allowed to pay her rent and the management was covering for this, they had another tenant that “hopefully “ would move out that day(unless she changed her mind) and they were hoping this would rectify the situation. Eitherway, our daughter, an out of state fulltime student at UCF found her self listening to their Review from Google
Oct 2018: On the lower end of pricing in the UCF area which is great. Fully furnished with TV. Pool. Hot tub. Gym. Basketball. Volleyball. Pet friendly. Utilities included. WiFi and cable included. Very clean and quiet place. Plenty of free parking. Lots of fun events. Maintenance is fast and gets the job done right. Office people are super sweet and really care. Especially Emanuel! I love living here! 💚 Review from Google
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Sep 2018: This is my first year living at Orion on Orpington and I have to say its the best choice I've made so far. The front office staff is extremely nice and is always willing to help you with any issues you have. When I first walked into my room I was extremely surprised by how clean it was. Review from Google
Sep 2018: When I first moved in there were roaches and it took them over two months to get rid of them. Once I moved out they tried to charge me for deep cleaning in the bathroom and bedroom when it was in good condition. I would not recommend this place. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Place is alright, definitely better than some of the other places around campus and one of the more value finds. Apartments are nice, had a few troubles with the kitchen(Cabinet door was missing), but maintenance came out and fixed it pretty quick. Parking is 10 dollars for your own spot. Front Office is really nice, they remember you by name and are always really helpful. Only bad thing I can say about this place is colonial is not a very good area to be living. Definitely very seedy compared to other apartments off campus like Plaza or the Hub, but atleast you're not getting ripped off here and the tennants aren't complete animals that trash the place. So that's why I give it a 3 star. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Living here has been amazing so far; move in goes really smoothly and quickly, and then there are also events that allow you to meet the people that are living in your community! the fitness center has a squat rack which is important to me so that's also a huge plus. Review from Google
Jul 2018: TDLR: THIS REVIEW IS LENGTHY, FOR THE BOTTOM LINE SKIP TO THE END. TIPS: For students that plan on moving here, my advice would be to move in with people you know. This apartment complex is not strictly a student only facility. They do not discriminate against age. This means if you are assigned random roommates you could get someone who 1. is not a student and 2. is 40+ years old. This happened to me and although I was not initially upset about it, it did turn sour very quickly. QUALITY: (3/5) The apartments are very expensive for the quality of the space. AC units break often and the walls are thin. But this is the price you pay for individual leasing typically. Charges for electricity overages happen more often than people let on. But it usually isn't more than $15 a person in my experience. If you cant handle overages keep your AC 76+. Review from Google
Jun 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! The worst WiFi you will ever come across. I haven’t had cable in my living room for 4 months. If you call about any issue other than regular maintenance (amazing maintenance team: Lemy and Nelson are the only good thing about this place) they will simply ignore you and push you away. WAY too expensive for what you get. Air conditioning only works on 1/2 of the apartment. Assisstant manager is very poor at his job, does not answer emails, gives false information when you can finally get in contact with him (go to the office yourself), doesn’t know anything about what is going on in this development (Matt Guzman). The front of the neighborhood is constantly full of homeless people and smells like a garbage dump. They are doing renovations and tearing up the apartments (showing up on the wrong dates to do so) while residen Review from Google
Apr 2018: You don’t want your student to live here! My daughter was in two rooms,both with a roommate and her boyfriend living in the same room and Orion could never find evidence even though both had clothes and personal items in plain sight. The first room when my daughter complained and the roommate threatened her Orion told her they would make her move. When she didn’t want to move they made my daughter move. Great victim blaming orion. One other roommate forever asked the other roommates to buy her alcohol even though she was underage and would leave a friends “support dog” there while they went clubbing. When my daughter moved to the second room she was threatened to not tell that they were smoking pot. One roommate moved out a week later because she had previously reported them and when they were fined they were hostile so she moved out. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Solid place to live. Excellent maintenance team, decent appliances, cozy place. New units look very nice and modern. Some minor issues here and there but nothing major. Speed bumps are quite aggravating though. Parking is amazing though. Office staff is very friendly - lots of new renovations coming too which is nice. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Cute small little neighborhood! Closet is nice and spacious and the rooms are cosy. My only complaint would be the appliances are a little old and on need of renovation, the air condition, washer and dryer are all really loud! Besides that, no major complaints!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Definitely one of the better places for students to live around here. Staff is friendly, gym is clean, and the amenities are good. Bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closets are great. Only downside is walls are somewhat thin, but apart from that, definitely recommended. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Orion is such a great place to live. It's beautiful & the staff is super friendly. They respond to maintenance requests super quickly & are very accommodating to anything you might need. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Orion is a great place to live! The staff is so nice and fixes any type of maintenance issue right away! I’ve never had any issue living here for the past 2 years and the layout of the apartment is also very clean and nice. Review from Google
Jan 2018: At first I was skeptical on living at Orion on Orpington just because of the location, but I was proven wrong. The location is perfect. It is right next to publix and away from all the noise on Alafaya trail. The living spaces are very nice, quaint, and spacious. Surprisingly, I actually want to go to their events. They create a handful of new events every year and even ask residents for event ideas. They offer countless awards through social media as well. The creativity is bigger than most student housing apartments. I would definitely recommend living here, because now they have premium apartments that are insanely gorgeous! Helpful? Review from Google
Jan 2018: I don't currently live here but I will in Fall 2018. The community is kept really clean, the leasing process is very easy, they have very friendly staff that can help whenever it's necessary and they throw a lot of events to create a really friendly environment. I'm really excited that I will be living here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Lived here for three years. So sad to leave! I loved it here! They do really fun block parties! Very attentive staff and well designed apartments that really feel like home! Review from Google
Nov 2017: My UCF student has lived at Orion for 3 years. As a parent, I am very happy with Orion! The cleanliness of the apartment, office staff and close location to UCF are all outstanding. The apartment is in a beautiful setting and a safe area. Close to everything, and lots for my child to do!! Review from 11/29/17 on Google
Nov 2017: I love Orion on Orpington! The staff is so friendly and always quick to help me with any situation I have! Maintenance always responds quickly as well when I put in a work order. They’re also pet friendly what more could you want in an apartment complex !! The rooms are nice size and the closets are full walk ins and they saved my life because I have a lot of clothes. I have lived here for 3 years always wanting to renew because I love Orion I definitely would recommend Orion to any of my friends the price is reasonable and they throw the best events especially the foam and block party you’d be missing out not living at Orion on Orpington! Review from 11/16/17 on Google

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