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Northgate Lakes

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Apr 2019: Quiet, boring, bug infested, and the staff has no idea what they are doing. Only great thing was how close it was to campus and grocery stores. can't count how many complaints I've heard everytime I went in their office from other residents. The construction went on for the ENTIRE duration of my stay there. Waking up at 7am to an earthquake from construction and it ending at 8pm doesn't help when you want to sleep. The lounge is so small, if a resident you don't know walks in there, they immediately get out because of how awkward it is. The pool is a joke and it's rare you ever see anyone in it. The GIANT fire ants (possibly termites) crawls everywhere. The walls, the floor, the couches, EVERYWHERE! Silverfish and tiny spiders everywhere you turn. Even got in my clothes! Got even worse after construction. (Keep in mind I'm extremely clean & organized). Roommate matching is bs. Talked to multiple residents who all have the same complaints Review from Google
Oct 2018: I absolutely love this place! The staff is very welcoming and friendly and if I ever need help with anything they are there to help me with anything I need! They are super nice and I would recommend this place to everybody! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Northgate IS the best apartment complex in Orlando! The staff is so wonderful and extremely nice/caring. They help you with anything you need and host monthly events that give away free food. Everything about Northgate is perfect. The maintenance crew always knocks and makes friendly conversation when repairing issues and they are very timely at doing so. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Great community and very safe. The staff is pretty great. However, the maintenance team isn’t that good! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Our daughter has been living here for two years and we have been very happy. Chose it for the location and the shuttle to campus. Staff has always been quick, responsive and very friendly. Love the new updates and improvements. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Northgate lakes is the best apartment complex I’ve ever stayed at. The amenities are perfect and there’s never a dull moment when it comes to activities to do with the staff. They always come up with fun things to do for the residents it’s just amazing. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Northgate Lakes has the perfect location. Right across the street of the UCF stadium, Seminole State being right down the street, and off the busy roads (Alafaya Trail). Area is much safer than other student housing (on Alafaya Trail and E Colonial) and relatively quiet. There is a fire department a few blocks down as well. While this is not the most modern student housing, it is still clean and has all the amenities you would get anywhere else. If you want the full college experience, definitely come here. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I lived at Northgate for two years in a 4/4, then a 3/3; the rooms are very spacious! The events are fun and there is always food. While I lived there I met an amazing group of friends that were the cherry on top of my stay. Northgate has a great staff and maintenance team who are always working on any issues. Review from 12/9/17 on Google
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LUXURY APARTMENT AMENITIES NEAR THE UCF CAMPUS Northgate Lakes provides upscale furnished apartments near UCF that match your lifestyle. We understand that your academic life can be extremely demanding and you need study spaces and quiet to stay focused on your graduation goals. more

Dec 2017: I lived at Northgate for two years and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to have a great college experience without living on campus. There are tons of events that you can go and get free food or meet people. The maintenance team is exceptional great and makes sure that everything is always working. If i every had a problem they were able to fix it right away. The staff is also another plus. They are always willing to help and are super friendly! Review from 12/9/17 on Google
Nov 2017: My son has lived in these off campus apartments for the past few years and I think we are both happy he found them! We live out of state so he spent his first few semesters on campus. As an upperclassmen he wanted to go off campus. Now that he's found this complex, I think he has more of a sense of community. Since he's gotten to know the residents so well, he's even joined them playing sports on weekends. Between the pool and the creative/fun monthly events that are planned, I almost wish I lived there! He's so close to campus, we walked to the Homecoming game. No parking or traffic nightmares living so close to school. Review from 11/30/17 on Google
Nov 2017: I’ve lived here for about two years now and I can’t say I have that many complaints. The staff is very friendly, the events in the clubhouse are fun, and the overall area is a great place for any college kid to live in. I’ve lived in two separate apartments. My first year I was in an older 4 bedroom unit but it was still very nice. My only complaint was the appliances being kinda old, but now I’m in an upgraded 3 bedroom unit with all new appliances so that is nice. Overall a great place to live at not a terribly high price! Review from 11/17/17 on Google
Nov 2017: Northgate Lakes is wonderful! The community is fun, close to campus, and just in general a great place to live. The community assistants are friendly, helpful, and throw awesome events for the residents. The maintenance team is also incredibly helpful and are always able to fix any problems you may have in the apartment. I've lived here for over a year now and would recommend the community to anyone looking for an apartment to move in to. Review from 11/8/17 on Google
Jun 2017: Northgate Lakes is such a nice place to live! Everything here is so well taken care of and every member of the staff, that I've had the pleasure of meeting, has been so kind and helpful. Also, the proximity to campus is my absolute favorite. Review from 6/3/17 on Google
May 2017: This place is only good for the location. don't get sold on the big speech of these summer activities that they have through the month. All these amenities and and events, then you're stuck into an apartment that's falling apart, and is subpar to say the best. Our floor is coming up at the wall, our shower head was taped back together with duct tape to fix it, and the walls are all types of stained. But to make matters better, trying to get anything fixed is a pain. Our AC hasn't worked properly in the year we've lived here, even though they fixed it multiple times. Review from 5/27/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Northgate lakes is a great place to live. They are close to campus, which is super convenient, the people and staff are very friendly, yet unobtrusive, and the amenities are all put to good use by the residents, which means less wasted money and lower rent. I would like to see all of the units partially upgraded though because the stove and microwave are very bare bones. Review from 4/10/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I moved into Northgate Lakes in January 2017 for the Spring semester at UCF. I ended up moving into a filthy apartment with sub-par quality appliances. I moved in to a unit that already had 3 other roommates living in the apartment, so I can't blame Northgate Lakes 100% for the poor quality unit. When I brought the issue up with one of the staff members, nothing was done. I guess nothing could be done about that. The management will probably end up giving me a fine for the apartment being in poor condition, despite me moving into it in that way. On a positive note, Northgate Lakes is a safe and quiet community with plenty of activities/events. Review from 4/5/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Student staff are very friendly. On occasion, I have had problems with being charged the wrong rent amount or having unexplained changes to my lease. Pet rent is also unnecessarily expensive. When I moved in as a returning resident to a new apartment I was downgraded in regards to my furniture and the room looked like it had hardly been cleaned. The complex has cameras for security, but when my car was stolen from the property the footage was "probably not accessible" until two weeks later when I got a call that it was working (never heard back about what the footage did/didn't reveal). Overall it's an okay place to live, especially if you are friends with the people who work there and/or you never happen to need anything from them. Review from 12/1/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: This is a quiet neighborhood located at a very convenient location near UCF's main campus and away from traffic. Some of the appliances here are outdated, but still functional. And the maintenance staff is friendly and helpful, and can fix many of the issues right away. The pool and clubhouse amenities are nice and accessible to the residents. I have enjoyed my stay here so far. Review from 9/14/16 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2015: My floor plan was a lot more spacious than the newer apartments that are opening up around UCF. The kitchen was large with a lot of counter space and cupboards, which is great if you love cooking. The appliances are out of date, though, and the counter tops as well, with damage from previous residents. I kind of took the short end of the stick though with the bedroom I got because my window, for some reason, faces into the hallway where people walk by to get to their apartment doors.... It's really weird and I never feel comfortable opening it up or even having the blinds open because strangers can walk by and see everything in my bedroom. However, I do enjoy having a (fairly) large bedroom with my own bathroom. Review from 12/15/15 on Google
Dec 2015: Very nice location and there's a shuttle. My apartment is nice and they placed me with the roommates (my friends), that I requested. I have already renewed for next year and will be leaving after that, but only because I will be graduating and leaving. Love it here! I'm going to be calling soon to inquire about the pet policy, because I love living here and will be adding a furry friend to enjoy living here too! :) definitely recommending this place to other people! Review from 12/4/15 on Google
Nov 2015: I love the location. You don't get the traffic of Alafaya at all. You can easily tailgate at memory mall since it's so close. Very relaxing vibe to the entire complex. Going to renew here. Review form 11/28/15 on Google
Jul 2015: I lived here for two years... I have to say, the first half of my first year staying here was great. After that, it severely declined. The new manager (some lady who is very rude) is terrible. My roommate and I's dryer would run, but it wouldn't dry our clothes. We put in a maintenance request and they said they came and fixed it, but it still wasn't working. My roommate went down to the office for the second maintenance request and the lady manager literally was talking to her like a child thinking that she just couldn't use the dryer properly....when she had lived there for 8 month already. So they came and "fixed" it again. Still didn't work. We went without a dryer for 3 WEEKS. Review from 7/30/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jul 2015: It's not that bad. Staff is beyond friendly and we know each other on a first name basis. As soon as I moved in, I sprayed for roaches, spiders, etc. and all the ones I've seen have been dead (9 in 12 months). Rent is ridiculous for the next year. You can get more bang for your buck elsewhere. Pools are cleaned daily, gym is awesome, visitor lot is NOT paved (rocky). Overages are crazy sometimes ($12.50 was my highest). Our AC broke 5 times but was fixed either the day we put in a maintenance request or the day after. Microwave is tiny. Boxsprings are noisy AF. Walls are thin (but that's every student apartment complex). Cafe is cool and you Just byop to print. Lots of fun community events. Review from 7/14/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jul 2015: I just signed for my second year at Northgate Lakes... I will say that it is the only apartment complex I have lived in, but compared to friends' places I've visited, and hearsay, I believe it is the best choice for anyone who can afford it. CONS: Cheap amenities: from the color of the walls to the furniture to the appliances, you can tell someone really tried hard not to spend money on aesthetics and functionality. Smaller complex: increased likelihood of matching with bad roommates (I experienced this problem personally, so make your roommate matching forms as detailed as possible). Visitor's parking lot: located at the back of the complex, gravel (not paved). Review from 7/1/2015 on Apartment Ratings
May 2014: The internet cafe is pretty cool. I am glad that it's back up and running, because there was a period of a couple months where the after-hours key fob system didn't work. This wasn't really a major issue, but it bothered me if I wanted to grab some coffee after 8 to study for a big exam. The clubhouse is pretty cool, but I never really used it. Northgate tries to get you to have some fun with their "waffle wednesday" and other programs, which are pretty nice. Apartment Ratings

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