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Mercury 3100

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Aug 2020: Ever since they changed managements, everything has been amazing! Definitely one of the biggest student housings near ucf and the most affordable
Jul 2019: I lived here for 4 years and the office staff and maintenance workers have been nothing short of amazing. If your looking for housing definitely check them out. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have lived here for one year now and have renewed for another year. The place is more affordable than other communities around the area, they have a friendly staff that try to help you however they can, they try to get to know the residents by having events to allow us to connect with them and each other. My room is a great size and there have been many upgrades made around the property for the residents’ convenience and comfort. Overall I have had an amazing experience. Review from Google
Jul 2019: love living here in mercury 3100 i was looking something fast and affordable but I had high expectations and I found it living here! I love it and I don’t regret it at all. EDIT 07.16.19 After staying here for almost 6 months. The apartment WAS good. Then I found out my roommates true colors they were the worst I was always trapped in my room it felt like. The apartment had bad cockroaches Also and I never seen or heard an exterminator come for it. If I would of knew what I know now I definitely wouldn’t have stayed and signed a lease. The apartment seems be all about money and not about their residences. I’m so glad I’m out of this place if ur thinking about staying here because of the low prices don’t its not worth it I promise. This is my honest opinion and I’m titled to have one. Freedom of speech . Review from Google
Jul 2019: My family member stayed here and she had nothing but complaints about the roommates about the office. not worth having ur students stay here parents I promise take it from a mom having to see my family member stay here living in hell its not fun. It’s cheap rent yes but not a good environment you smell weed every night all the time I mean come on there was just a shooting too in the neighborhood! All on the news you can’t make up these things! I can’t wait till my family members lease is over so I can stop watching them slowly live In a physical Hell. DONT STAY HERE! A fair warning from a parent. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Overall: Mercury 3100 does not seem to care about property conditions. Their advising and photography on their website is misleading and frankly dishonest. After moving in with a beloved pup, I soon realized the property is littered with cigarette butts, and broken glass. After contacting management multiple times over a month, someone with a rake was sent out, which did about as much as you would expect. There are bugs in the units with outdated appliances and equipment. don't let them fool you with "renovated". They pulled up the carpets and put hardwoods down. didn't even bother to fix the 3 inch gap in the bottom of the doors, so you hear everything all the time. Billing: Mercury is happy to change you an additional $10 a month for "valet trash". This service picks up once or twice a week from a box large enough to hold a single bag. Any trash not in a ba
Jun 2019: My experience here is fascinating. I'm proud of where I live. the pool is beautiful.whenever I invite my friends they love my apartment. What I like most is the gym is 24 hours. that helps me plan my day. and they keep me healthy. I already convinced two friends to live here. I'm going to live here for a long time because mercury is close to everything Review from Google
Jun 2019: Overpriced student living like the rest of the college apartments around here. Lived here when they started renovations so I enjoyed the tile lifting up in my room from water damage, outdated appliances, earwigs, police constantly dealing with unruly tenants and oh being forced to pay for an extra months rent when I had to move because of military orders and the apartment was filled within that month. 🤷🏼‍♂️ but go ahead and keep robbing these kids and raising their debt to increase your margin Review from Google
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May 2019: love living here in mercury 3100 i was looking something fast and affordable but I had high expectations and I found it living here! I love it and I don’t regret it at all. Review from Google
May 2019: No words can describe how much of a horrific experience I’ve had This complex, I have moved around a lot and have never been treated with more disrespect then from the management at this complex. They are completely disorganized and rude. Nothing in this apartment complex gets fixed on time and the management is completely horrific. I would never recommend anyone living in this complex Review from Google
Mar 2019: The rooms are great sizes, and I love having my own bathroom. The walk in closets are a great plus, too. The staff is really helpful and the office offers free printing which is really convenient, and they have free coffee there, too! The only downside is sometimes bugs get in because we're so close to a nature reserve, but they're not a huge problem. It's not super common but you get the occasional creepy crawlie.
Feb 2019: My friend who's been living at Mercury 3100 since March 2018 recently went out of country for winter break and after he left he was informed that the floors will be renovated during the break. After he got back, most of his furniture was left broken, his bed covers, quilt and pillows were literally dumped inside the sink and on top of all this he found the broom that he used in his bathroom on the top of his bed. Upon talking to Marcus, the property manager, his reply to my friend was, "If I cared about my stuff as much as you seem to, I would have flown right back" followed by, "The vendors did you a favor by taking care of your stuff. If I were in your place I would have felt silly being in your position." Honestly, they don't seem to care about much other than money. Since he got back from winter break this January, he's been crashing a Review from Google
Feb 2019: I've lived at Mercury for a while and have really enjoyed my experience. The space in the living areas and closets are pretty much unmatched compared to other student housing communities. The office staff is always super helpful and make you feel like family. I have and will continue to recommend this community to others looking for good housing. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Out of three different places that I have lived at in Orlando, Mercury 3100 is the worst. To begin with, their staff is the best at not complying with residents. They treat people like they're giving out rooms for free. I recently went out of country for winter break and after I left, I got an email that the floors will be renovated while I was still out. Upon getting back, most of the furniture in the room was left broken, my bedsheets and pillows were INSIDE the sink (I know, hard to believe, right?), the broom that I left inside the bathroom was on TOP of my bed. Upon talking to the property manager, his reply was, "If I cared about my stuff as much as you seem to, I would have flown right back" followed by, "The vendors did you a favor by taking care of your stuff. If I were in your place I would have felt silly being in your position." Review from Google
Feb 2019: DO NOT STAY HERE! This place cares more about the money then the well being of their students. My sister lived here for a year and has had nothing but complaints. She found dead bees in her bathroom as well as flying in her room (horrible ventilation bees flew right in from outside) and she has a huge dip in her floor that if she stepped too hard you could fall through it to the next floor. She has called and told the office but their is response they will handle it but nothing gets solved until someone is hurt.Her pipes burst and all they could do is tell her that they will not reimburse her. Students do not stay here and parents do not let your child stay here if you care about their well being. Review from Google
Feb 2019: My Son lived here two different times. Nice update to apartments. Rental cost is average. Minimal complaints Review from Google
Jan 2019: Mercury is not the best place to live at. Yah it may be cheaper, it’s not worth it. Maintace will take for ever to fix a problem, I have an ac problem I had to wait 6 days for some one to actually fix it. It smells like sewage. You have to wait for office hours to print anything and they close pretty early. I feel like they could be lazy some times. The best part a bout the apartment is the room size, and no roaches. On the other side there are raccoons and opposum living here. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Son and lived here two different times. Nice update to apartments. Rental cost is average. Minimal complaints Review from Google
Dec 2018: Place is okay to live in. Renovations are being done at the moment. Should improve. New hardwood floors 👌. Beware though your wheels may get stolen Review from Google
Oct 2018: I gotta say, there are a quite a bunch of negative reviews. But nevertheless, everyone has their own experience. From my personal hand, I find mercury 3100 a very pleasant place to live at. Everything about it is just great in my opinion. Upon arrival to my apartment, me and my roomates sought out to clean it up, even if it was already cleaned by management, we wanted to ensure the safety of ourselves as it's a whole new thing to us. There was nothing too major about the cleaning, no dead animals, no mold, no horrendous stains, and no odors. I, for the most part stay in the most spacious room, which is room A with 3 of my close friends. I currently stay in the "standard" unit, which is the cheapest thing we could get here, and it exceeds all my expectations about it. I also live on the third floor, so I currently do not hear any walking noise Review from Google
Sep 2018: I'm not planning to leave a super angry review here, or say that this place isn't a tolerable place to live, but I will say that it is not a very good place to live. The staff and management were not helpful and were never clear about anything. Most issues I had (whether it be a maintenance issue, or one of their workers spraying me in the face with paint) were not addressed or, if they were, they were addressed poorly. They will do whatever they can to milk money out of you, that much is for sure. Months after I had lived there, they are trying to charge me for things I tried to have maintenance fix, or damage caused by their own workers. You could potentially have a good experience here, but the general consensus seems to be that this place isn't the greatest. 2 stars might seem a bit harsh, but I don't think they have earned 3 stars o Review from Google
Sep 2018: A week before I moved in I got switched roommates and apartment building, so that was a headache to deal with, move in day was pretty okay.... but my apartment was very dirty from the previous owners..... oh and you can’t put your trash out at night cause the raccoons will come and make a mess at the front door. But my actual apartment itself is very nice, and spacious. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I love living at Mercury, spacious rooms and I love having a private bathroom. They also have food days, raffles. and events for the residents from time to time which are always fun Review from Google
Jul 2018: Don’t live here. Just don’t. Management was absolutely horrid. Mercury 3100 is a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad place to live. They park trucks in front of cars, sometimes in front of the exit, leaving them there for hours, making it impossible to get out. They do NOT advertise what they give you. The room you get is awful. Spacious, sure, walk-in closets, nice. But the wood beneath the sink in the kitchen was rotting, the fridge, toilets, and showers were moldy. No matter what we said, nobody came to fix it. The fire sprinkler in my walk-in closet was broken. Their maintence is unresponsive and slowfire alarms all throughout the apartment were broken for months, even though we put in a request as soon as we noticed. The only reason they came at all was because it was a liability to them. Our washer and dryer are horrendously br Review from Google
Jun 2018: I moved in right when Priess management took over and this place got worse and worse after that. The people who work in the office are great and helpful but any issues that need to be taken up with management will not be solved and usually they’re rude about it. We’ve had issues with the trash getting picked up, issues with maintenance, problems getting our mail on time (one time a package of mine was signed for at the office and when I went to pick it up I was told the guy who signed for it didn’t even work there), and a ton of issues with remodeling. The bugs and animals are so awful and the raccoons can get into your trash even with the bin locked (and you will be responsible for cleaning up the mess). Management can act like they care on these reviews but in person they don’t even try to help you solve any issues. Review from Google

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