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Knights Circle

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Mar 2018: The bad: In my first week of my short 3 month stay at knights circle, the mail center "never received" two textbooks that I ordered through amazon that were definitely delivered. One of the books was returned to seller while the other disappeared completely. However, the man in the mail center stated that neither of the packages were in his system and that they still put every package in the system even if they return it to seller. A truck I was borrowing to move out of Knights Circle was towed overnight for not being in a visitors spot WHILE I WAS MOVING OUT EARLY. I would understand if the place had minimal parking, but the truck was parked in an area with an abundance of open spots (20-30). So it It turns out that knights circle allows a towing company comes nightly between 12-7am and is able to tow cars without managements consent. To me Review from Google
Mar 2018: Best UCF off-campus housing location. Shuttles run all day every 15 minutes and drop you off at the student union. It's one of the largest student housing complexes in the nation. It's gated. Apartments come furnished. Maintenance responds quickly. The gyms are okay, good clubhouse amenities. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Knights Circle is a great community. The bus there will pick you up every 5 mins. You don't have to wait too long for the bus. The maintenance is fast and productive. I would say like you just need to make a maintenance request online, then the staff will be there to fix your problems in that same day. Security here is very good. The room is spacious. You got to have a queen-sized bed, which is awesome to me. I have lived here for 2 years and never had any major problems. I would highly recommend Knights Circle. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I personally love living at Knights Circle! All my maintenance issues have been answered in a timely manner and I always encounter kind and welcoming employees. Great amenities and great activities. I renewed my lease for next year and I can’t wait! Review from Google
Feb 2018: I would like to preface by saying that Knights Circle is one of the cheapest options in the area for the best accommodations. I recommend living here to anyone! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If this is your last option its ok. This year they started charging us for everything, nickle and diming us for trash, electricity, ect. Maintenance barges into your room and they have a key, so your items and privacy do not have security. You're better off living in an off campus apartment or house, it will be cheaper and better all around. Knights circle use to be great, but it fell into the wrong management and now its just turning into an overcharged, poorly managed housing complex. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. update: they raised our rent to 700 for a 4x4. LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE Review from Google
Jan 2018: Worst management I have ever experienced, in my lifetime. My son has been a resident and has encountered many issues including serious safety concerns since he has lived there. They refused to discuss my concerns since my child is 18...even though I am the guarantor. There has been nothing but red tape. They are only interested in taking your money. I would absolutely not recommend sending your child to live here. Worst decision I have ever made!!!!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If you are going sign a lease, make sure you sign as soon as they send you the paper work with the price they quote. They will not give you any type of quote good for any length of time and will not honor any pricing regardless what "the Home Office" does. We were in the middle of signing all the paper work (within 2 days of getting the paper work and quote) and they raised the rent on what we already signed by $15 per month. They say they are sorry and ask if they can do anything else for you. Would be nice if they were like other places that provide quotes that are good for 3 to 5 days while you review the contract and have a day to tour the location. Nice that they are associated with UCF.... no need for any customer service as they have so many people wanting places to live they can do whatever they please and offer no service what so ever - either pay an
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Fall 2020 Leasing begins at Knights Circle. Fall 2019 sold out. Hey everybody Fall 2020 leasing season begins. four 4 beds four 4 baths floor plans are sold out for fall 2019 at Knights Circle. In the mean time, go with 2 or 3 bedroom or you can also sublease, be more

Knights Circle clubhouse amenities is plenty across the different phases for everyone to enjoy. Amenities at Knights Circle Community Amenities Enjoy the ease of paying your rent online and putting in maintenance requests from your home With 3 different pools, you never have to worry about not having space more

Jan 2018: It's decent, but management won't ever reply to phone calls for emails. My furniture in my room is half old half new. At least make it match. I was told before I moved in that the furniture would all be new. It was not. I called and was told I would get the furniture in October. October came and went, and I still didn't get the furniture. I called yet again, and was told to wait til January. January has arrived, yet no word of my furniture. This is extremely frustrating. As a female, I like living in a nice room that matches. MY FURNITURE doesn't MATCH. I even called today and was told the man with the info won't be in this week. To add to this, I have one roommate experiencing the same issue with half old half new furniture. The other two have 100% old furniture since they moved in 3 years ago. Knight Circle is a 2/10 for communicating correc Review from Google
Dec 2017: You get for what you pay for! I love having my own bathroom, location is close to campus, there are shuttles that take you to UCF, tennis courts, 3 clubhouses, 3 pools, and more! Love it so far! Review from Google
Dec 2017: Good student housing complex, on the pricier side bc of having you're own room and bathroom BUT it's all furnished. Review from 12/3/17 on Google
Nov 2017: I lived at Knights Circle for 3 years and there are many things I love/hate about it. The rent is pretty high, especially with the newly added utility cap. The rooms are nice but only as nice as you keep them. Don’t expect it to be like the model on move in day because you will be very disappointed. When I moved in my place was a disaster & I had to struggle with maintenance and staff for months to address certain issues. First, there were roaches all over the kitchen from past roommates. This took over 6 months and several Orkin workers before it was completely fixed. The appliances were outdated from the day I moved in. Review from 11/8/17 on Google
Sep 2017: I've really enjoyed the short time I have been at knights circle. It is minutes away from campus, gated, and you get your own bathroom. I get to park my car right outside my window and my visitors have parking in the same area. The only thing I will say is not every building gets the luxury of close visitor parking. There were wasps on the balcony the first day but five minutes after submitting a work order (on a super busy move in day) maintenance was out and killed the nest. Beds squeak a bit but I didn't get one of the bad ones. Overall a cozy place to live! Review from 9/22/17 on Google
Sep 2017: It really depends on the kinds of roommates you get, but I love being in the neighborhood and the complex has great amenities. My only complaint is if you are ever told that the apartment kitchens come fully furnished, they don't. I had to buy a lot of things I was not planning on buying with my limited budget. Review from 9/18/17 on Google
Sep 2017: It's much more expensive than living in the dorms, which (the dorms) are quite nice compared to many colleges. My son paid 5400 for 2 semesters in the dorm. At this place, he is required to stay the full year. I estimate it is at least $3000 more. There are many fees tacked on and they increase the rent the later in the year that you sign the lease. You have to commit by December of the year prior to the Fall semester to get the best price. Review from 9/10/17 on Google
Jun 2017: Good as a first time living on your own kind of place. Maintenance is great. They respond quickly and work even quicker. My first two years here were fine. We did have a bug problem when we first moved in but after a few visits from their provided exterminator (we didn't have to pay for this service) and being clean, we no longer had a bug issue. So I'd go so far as to say the bug problem is subjective. We do live in the middle of the forest after all, so if you're not clean, you'll likely have bugs. Occasional loud party or drunken argument but nothing too distracting or out of the ordinary. Review from 6/1/17 on Google
May 2017: Leasing office does not know their own rules and regulations, girl at desk told me that I could rent a room then after telling them I was not UCF student, she said it was fine. I went ahead let go my earlier apartment then it turned out that I couldn't lease it as my college does not have Florida accreditation.. All in all it costed me $200, and 3 days, after all they did not even apologised for it... so Beware of leasing office, take everything in writing. Review from 5/7/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Zero privacy whatsoever maintenance will let them selves into your apartment every other week, search and open your drawers, absolutely terrible community, who wants to live somewhere where privacy just doesn't exist, several times they have been in my apartment without any sort of warning. The barcode system to let you in doesn't work half the time, and the security guards give you an attitude if your a resident whose barcode doesn't work. Review from 4/18/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Maintenance is very good; and the staff does their best to have everyone satisfied. Improvements have been substantial. I disagree with the upcoming rent policy regarding the electricity cap. Not only was my monthly rent increased by $20, but I also will have to pay more if anyone in my apartment decides to leave their lights on, or puts the AC on too much, etc... I understand the goal is to work together and save energy, but I just think the cap a bit tough on us considering we're students and sometimes just can't coordinate all this smoothly. Review from 4/15/17 on Google
Feb 2017: This is my second semester here and honestly it has been a great experience. I got lucky with clean and quiet roommates. I love how convient the shuttle and gyms are, how fast matience answers my requests and can't forget about the extremely friendly/polite staff. I give this community two thumbs up and have already renewed my lease for next year! Review from 2/3/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I've personally had a good experience living here. Have had some issues with maintenance and a broken tile in our kitchen, but it's definitely better than living in a dorm. Review from 12/15/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2016: It's convenient because of the shuttles, but management is run by students who don't know what they're doing, and it's terrible. Review from 11/7/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: I like living on the first floor next to security. It's nice and quiet. The leasing office, pool and gym are right outside of my door. Campus and publix are basically across the street and Starbucks, CVSand Walmart are next door. Living at Knights circle is always SO convenient! Review from 5/10/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: I love Knights Circle! It is convenient and close to everything around UCF. Everyone in the leasing office is always there to help whenever you need it and I have never had any issues with getting things fixed. Review from 5/4/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: I would prefer the guards be more careful with who they let in. I wish there were more security cameras around the complex. I wish it was easier to get information from you guys. Necessary such as the change in the route of the shuttle those couple of times. Or for example, today there were free massages in phase1 one club house, and i only found out because it was on a sign when i paid my rent. Perhaps a monthly "This is what we're doing." that is emailed, or that you can pick up in one of the offices... Overall, just more information to be more involved... I live in phase 3, so I don't find out about the things in phases 1 and 2 often. Review from 5/3/16 on Apartment Ratings

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