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Sep 2018: The room that they show in their show room is a lot larger than the one you're actually given. I barely have any room to step around. My room at Hercules was way bigger than the room at the Hub. Also, it took almost 2 weeks (and many complaints) before they finally fixed our washing machine. Not only that, but there is barely any information available in regards to our mailing address and such. For a place that I pay $800 a month for, I feel like it's definitely not worth it. Also, the garage is so narrow that only one car at a time can really pass through the turns without crashing into another car. Overall, not the type of apartment complex I was expecting.
Aug 2018: I understand this is a new apartment complex and things may or may not work out how you planned it but COME ON! I am paying way too much for something that didn’t seem a lot of attention was put into. I can hear the bathroom fan from upstairs and the flush from next door. I feel like I’m back at Neptune with the small room dimensions. HORRIBLE communication all around and they’re so rude about it like there’s no sympathy. I’ve been waiting for maintenance for 4 days til the 5th day and they finally came! Towed my car while in a guest parking spot and when I go ask about my car it’s “You have to call the towing company” meanwhile the said towing company does not answer the phone between said office hours. Maintenance is never to be found because trash pile up in the hallways, stairs are being trashed... granted people should cle Review from Google
Aug 2018: It's crazy the amount of bad reviews this place is getting. As much as I understand and have no idea what others have gone through during the first week, the hub JUST opened and no apartment complex is perfect. I hope people reading this can just be a little patient. Give it a month! For me, it's only the second week moved in and I'm really enjoying the Hub! Everything is working well, roommates are great, and I'm super excited for the semester. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Florida statute 83.51 requires that they maintain a habitable property which includes hot water, functioning door locks, a/c etc at all times while a unit is occupied. For those who have been without hot water for a week, I would suggest pointing out that within 7 days after they are given written notice (ie. an online work order) they are required by law to repair the issue and make the unit habitable or you are entitled to terminate your lease agreement. You may also be able to withhold rent but I would suggest researching the statute or hiring an attorney before doing so. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I expected way more from this place, considering how much they make you pay for rent. The rooms are not as big as the model and the bathrooms are big for no reason. They should have made the bathrooms smaller, and have left some more space for the rooms instead. It has been two weeks since this place has opened and not all of the amenities are up and running yet. This place is brand new and there are already marks on my bedroom wall. The hallways are disgusting and have dirt and trash scattered around them. People pile trash up in the trash room instead of throwing it down the chute. It was so bad the first week that I couldn’t even open up the door to the room. It’s filthy and I wouldn’t be surprised if this place develops a roach problem. The parking garage is tiny and I get nervous driving in it because people are careless and think i Review from Google
Aug 2018: Absolutely terrible. They advertised this complex to be luxurious and beautiful instead it is crappy and cheap. The parking garage does not have mirrors and looks like they built it in 1 day. Several accidents in the parking garage have already happened. They modeled the bedroom to be huge and spacious and instead I got a dorm sized room; if I wanted a dorm I would’ve gotten one. There is literally a hole in the middle of my living room floor and no maintenance has come to fix it. On every bathroom wall in every room there is sharpie writing for construction. On another note the floor in the shower is so crappy it makes you feel like you’re going to fall through it. The walls are paper thin and you can hear everything occurring above and below you. Yes it looks appealing and it does look nice but they used the cheapest materials they could Review from Google
Aug 2018: I was extremely disappointed by this place and wish I never signed here. The rooms are extremely tiny unlike the model they advertise. The halls are disgusting, filled with dirt and trash that has been sitting there since I moved in a week ago. There is so much trash everywhere that I’m concerned about my dog eating something in the grass and getting sick. None of the amenities are currently working yet they expect us to pay rent for stuff we can’t even use. The office is TERRIBLE at communication and letting you know what you need to complete. There is only one tiny shuttle to UCF and it runs every hour so it’s really inconvenient if your class ends after the shuttle has already left because you have to wait an hour to go home. The only good things are how beautiful the kitchen and living room is. Also, the pool and lobby area is very n Review from Google
Aug 2018: This has been awful moving experience for my son. First the bathroom lightbulb wasn’t working first day of moving in did several complaints and still not fix. Secondly hot water issues once again did several maintenance requests. AC did maintenance request still waiting. WiFi issues this should be #1 priority since it’s suppose to be student housing!! You would think that would be first priority a lot of students need WiFi for online classes and school work. The front office staff wasn’t all that friendly from day 1 students are made promises that’s not kept. Mail system awful sharing a mailbox with roommates not to me secure. For the price of rent this is the poorest representation ever. If I could get a refund and move him out I would!! The price is ridiculous they really need a much better system including cable company open network Review from Google
Aug 2018: Regret signing here and would not recommend. To begin with, the bedrooms are much smaller than depicted online and in the model room. The kitchen and living area are nice, but does not seem like great/lasting quality. The furniture is appealing, but also feels very fragile. The coffee table was already ruined when we moved in. The walls are also unpainted, only have primer which leaves dust residue on feet and floor. The interior walls and floors of the hallways are also EXTREMELY dirty. It has been a week since move-in and NO cleaning attempts have been made. By noon all the garbage cans are also over-flowing into the hallway. The management seriously needs to take cleanliness and hygiene more seriously. There has also not been solid working wifi nor cable. As a student with no car taking online classes, the Hub has not preparing me for su Review from Google
Aug 2018: It's only the first week and I really am enjoying the Hub! Everything is working well and I'm super excited for the semester. Review from Google
Aug 2018: After mulitiple attempts to contact both maintenance and management, it has officially been 7 days without hot water. Our cable still isn’t working, and no one seems to understand what’s going on. This place went up way to fast, and they seriously needed to work out all of the kinks before letting students move in. Other than the beautiful property, this place is not what I expected. It’s only the first week and I’m already regretting moving in here. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I’m just not understanding, it’s going on a WEEK and still NO hot water. We all sent in maintenance requests time and time again. He claims he fixed it twice but that’s bull! Oh and the dishwasher doesn’t dry. We’re paying all of this money for what? The rooms are A LOT smaller than the model. Maybe the rent needs to be more reasonable. Someone will be getting letters from me because it’s way too many problems in our building to be paying $800+ for a room. They’re beautiful but definitely not worth the money. OH AND I pay $15 for a parking spot that I can NEVER park in. Thought we had numbers for a reason. “Towing will be enforced” is a lie too, I guess. We still don’t have cable. The WiFi BARELY works. This stupid car alarms goes off every night for hours. It’s some BULL!!! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I am looking forward to moving here. I had a mix up with roomate placing and Alaina was more than happy to help me resolve the issue. I will update after living here for a while, I look forward to having a pleasant experience here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I saw their banner while on 408, I called them because I have some questions. Their management did not respond. Maybe they were busy with all the construction. I would say if you are signing a lease, ask if you have any guarantees or discounts if the amenities are not done by move in day. They are located right by 408 and pretty much next to Wawa and Publix which is pretty cool. My issue is it is on the back end of campus which is out of the way and no one really goes here BUT then you still have to deal with the heavy traffic of 408 and Colonial. Who knows they might give a discounted rate. Housing in general fills up fast, so make your decisions early. I guess it is good that we have additional housing options.

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