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$1000 - 2 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/1/23 - 7 months. My friend Emily and I are looking for a sublease in the UCF area for Spring 2023. Were looking for a 2x2 but can be inside 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6. are max budget is $1,000. Not picky where we live just all girls only please. text me (561)908-1018!...Read More

$900 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/2/23 - 4 months. Hi, my name is Angel, male graduate student of UCF looking for anyone willing to sublease for Spring 2023 with any move-in date in January 2023. The current budget is around $900. Room of any configuration. If anyone has any sublease please c...Read More

$800 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/23/23 - 3 months. Hello, my name is Jason Vargas and I'm looking for a place to live near UCF main campus for the Spring and Fall of 2023. I've got a budget of $800-1000. I'd be willing to sublease for just the Spring too. If you've got a place or know anyone, just sh...Read More

$1000 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/3/23 - 6 months. Hi everyone! My name is Katelyn and I am 20 years old, almost 21. I am looking to take over someone’s lease. I am transferring to UCF in Spring 2023 as a junior studying nursing. I am looking to sublease a shared apartment. My budget is $1000. I am...Read More

$860 - 4 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/5/23 - 3 months. Hey guys my amen is derrenz and I’m looking for a place to move in to I am a culinary major at Valencia college I plan on moving to Orlando in January so if you have anything available just shoot me a text for a free meal lol...Read More

$850 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 12/30/22 - 12 months. Hi , my name is Janie and I’m currently looking to sublease an apartment!!! Like srlsy willing to go for anything (as long as I have my own bathroom) I will not go over 850 . I’m a student At Ucf , I can move in December or in January!!!!pls loo...Read More

$1000 - 4 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/15/23 - 6 months. Looking to take over someone’s lease for the spring term. Not just one room but the whole 4 rooms....Read More

$800 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/4/23 - 3 months. Hi! My boyfriend is transferring to UCF in the spring so he's looking to takeover someones lease. He's 22 and his budget is $800. If you have anything available please text him. His name is Chris...Read More

$850 - 1 in 4 beds x 4 baths

Move in 1/1/23 - 6 months. Hello! My name is Ava and I am attending UCF in the spring as a junior. I am looking to sublease, preferably a 4x4 at the Pointe or Knights Circle. I would like to move in around January 1st. I do not have pets and I am very tidy & clean....Read More

$800 - 4 in 4 beds x 3 baths

Move in 12/20/22 - 12 months. Hi I’m Thamely Santos. I’m 20 years old. I’m transferring to ucf this spring 2023 and would like to find some place to live. I would prefer the rent to be below or around $800. Please let me know if there is anything available for me....Read More

$1143 - 1 in 4 beds x 2 baths

Move in 12/8/22 - 7 months. UnionWest Housing is Home for students who attend UCF and Valencia College. It is in Downtown Orlando and connected to the Valencia Downtown Campus and also has free shuttles that take you to all campuses if you can’t drive. It is also right next t...Read More

$1250 - 1 in 4 beds x 2 baths

Move in 12/1/22 - 8 months. The lease is for a single room in a 4x2 apartment (6 girls) sharing a bathroom with two other girls. The apartment is fully furnished and comes with amazing sunset views over the city, an outdoor sky deck, full gym, game room, study areas, first floo...Read More

$900 - 2 in 2 beds x 2 baths

Move in 1/2/23 - 5 months. My name is Patrick and my brother and I are looking for 2 bedrooms to rent for the Spring Semester 2023. We are from Australia and are incoming international students who will be attending UCF. We are easygoing people who are very excited to visit th...Read More

$950 - 1 in 3 beds x 2 baths

Move in 12/1/22 - 12 months. PRIVATE HOUSE 🏡 Welcome students & recent Grads ! 🏠 Room available 🏠 Move in Dec 1 Herons Nest Ct, Orlando, FL 32825 All roommates are Males...Read More

$1300 - 1 in 1 bed x 1 bath

Move in 12/1/22 - 7 months. Hey! My name is Lukas, looking for a room preferably a 1x1. Move in date as soon as possible. Call or text if you have anything available 9546699540...Read More

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