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College Station

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Mar 2019: The people here are very welcoming and friendly. I would definitely recommend this place.
Feb 2019: Great place to live! Really chill, no speed bumps in the parking lot, and the staff is friendly and attentive!
Feb 2019: I honestly hate living here. I was paired with the worst roommates possible. I have tried speaking to the manager about getting moved to another unit and no one bothers to reach out. I honestly regret living at college station for this reason. I feel uncomfortable everyday and no one cares. I pay to live here and all I have been asking for is to get moved to another unit where I can live with decent people. As long as they are getting my money, they don't care about what I have to deal with on a daily basis. How much longer do I have to live with slobs and thieves.I am very dissatisfied. Save yourself the mental headache and go live somewhere else with decent people.
Feb 2019: Ariel was a great tour guide! Very nice complex and pool area. Review from Google
Jan 2019: great place to live. The staff is friendly and nice. Ariel helped me with the printer and was fun to talk to while waiting for me papers! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve already written a review for college station before. Honestly, I love the place and would stay if the price of rent would stop increasing. My first year was $610 a month, then the next year it increased to $630 a month. Guess what? Now it’s $660 a month with the same initial electricity cap. Residents get free waffles and other good treats if they write reviews for college station. I’m assuming that’s how they keep their reviews high. People, if you are looking for somewhere affordable long-term I suggest doing further research. If you don’t mind paying extra every year then disregard me. P.S. - College station don’t bother replying saying you will contact me on this issue unless you want to stop raising my rent. Review from Google
Dec 2018: When I lived there (2015-2017), College Station was pretty average. Messy furniture and bare bones bedroom furniture. Roommate's mom complained and we got nice new leather couches. Bed was alright, but I just bought a mattress pad; basic dresser and desk. Bathroom was a little small but decent closet size. I requested three other girls to live with (friends) and there was a screw up where I was assigned random other girls. CS did help us sort it out in the end. Some of the other tenants are sketchy. I've seen drug deals in the parking lot; someone was shot (in a different building) while I lived there. Next door neighbors always threw loud parties. One couple across the hall screamed and fought so loud that the police came.The managers never seemed to care. When I first moved there, there were some cool events to go and meet people and get fre Review from Google
Nov 2018: Took a tour here and liked the facility. Staff was very nice and helpful. would recommend. Review from Google
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Oct 2018: I've lived here for two years and never had any problems. I love waffles every Wednesday at the clubhouse, it's great before school. One little thing, be careful with how much electricity is being used in the apartment because there is an electricity cap. Review from Google
Oct 2018: The staff is great and so is maintenance! The floors could be pressured cleaned so that it looks nicer. Other than that they always answer and try to work everything out. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I only have positive things to say about College Station. The staff have been really helpful through the moving time and during the first month of experience I've lived here in the apartment complex. There's always an event going on and people willing to help you. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I have lived here for a week now and so far it's been great! I have good roommates, the rooms are spacious, and management has treat me well. The only thing is that the kitchens are very small but other than that it's worth the price Review from Google
Mar 2018: Please beware they have a clause in the contract that allows someone to renew the lease repeatedly without your approval if you are the guarantor. Even if you deny renewal using your identity, they inform you once you sign the 1st contract you essentially sign away your rights. Now it makes sense that's they try to force residents into renewals as soon as November, 3 months after the initial contract. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Overall the pricing is very respectable considering you have your own private bedroom + bathroom. My main concern and reason I will be leaving is that the renewal offers (that begin in November) start at around $625 which is $15 more than the initial $610 that I pay. When we left for Winter Break the staff shut off all electricity in our apartment without our permission and we came home to disgusting fridges. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Do. NOT. Move here. Please, I beg of you. This is not about rent prices, cleanliness or anything of the sorts. I lived here for less than a year and ended up in the most dangerous situation I could have imagined. First off, they pair you with the craziest peolpe. They dont match you properly and they allow non-students to live with students. My roommate was a psycho who would hit and assault her boyfriend in the living room. When I reported her to the office, NOTHING was done. They told me they couldn't help me unless there was a series of events that occurred. I demanded they give me another room because my saftey was at stake. They would not without charging me the $200. My roommate got away with her horrible behavior and I ended up having to move out. My roommates also brought in a dog without permission, even though I signed up for no pets Review from Google
Dec 2017: It's great if you don't care about the internet never working! Also if you love random checkups and employees being able to let their selves into the apartment after knocking once! Review from Google
Nov 2017: saw some negative reviews for this place and realized how wrong they are so here is a review from someone who lives here instead. The place is pretty nice. The area around here is decent but somewhat sketch at times no real issues. Party and roommate wise its okay they tell you in the lease agreement that they will not take care of any roommate issues so you know what you are getting into and have to deal with it yourself. Maintenance is pretty good as long as you put in a work order. Have had no real issues with them. Review from 11/24/17 on Google
Oct 2017: Not to shabby livin here. I love their events and pool table :) Review from Google
Jul 2017: Lived there for half a year. The internet is pretty good, and you get pretty good cable TV. Of course you have to worry about who you get paired up with roommate wise, but overall it is a decent place for the price. Review from 7/24/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Incompetent staff. My roommates and I have lived here since August of 2016 and didn't really have complaints until February of this year. You need a credit score of 600 to live here, cannot have evictions, and cannot have a criminal record. Our new roommate lived here for 6 weeks before being evicted. Not only was she smoking weed in the apartment, she repeatedly left the door unlocked and made copies of the keys for her friends. We had multiple people coming and going at their leisure and the office did not see it as the danger it was. Review from 4/5/17 on Google
Aug 2016: THEY ARE EXPLOITING OLD RESIDENTS FOR NEW RENOVATIONS!!! **If you move here, make sure you fill out the move-in THOROUGHLY** I never had a problem with the company while living there, and when I moved out I didn't expect to experience what I did a couple hours ago... When I moved out I cleaned up the whole apartment and made sure everything was up to code before leaving. I was shocked to find, two days ago, a charge on my account for a "damaged coffee table" that the apartment apparently replaced because the table was "unrepairable". Review from 8/15/16 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2016: The only thing I like is the leasing office. Everything is else is bad. I was expecting a nice apartment to come live in. These apartments really could use some improvements. I guess I am getting what I paid for. The roommate selection is pretty bad as well. I don't mind people who smoke. When you bring the smoke inside the apartment with you. That is a big pet peeve for me. It was a mistake to move here. Review from 2/19/16 on Google
Dec 2015: Thank you God I moved out of that place! The management was really misleading about the place and it was a lot of false advertisement. The apartment was a complete dirty mess on move in day and took 2 days to fix it up. No matter what we did, even having a lot of the lights turned off, we had to pay around $30 each month for overages and there was nothing we could do. I also got my bike stolen after spring break. I had a roommates that smoked weed, which was fine, till one of them decided to disrespect the boundaries and smoked weed all in the common area. Review from 12/18/15 on Google
Dec 2015: You honestly get what you pay for, if not you're getting ripped off... I've spoken with other students and non-students (coworkers) my age about where they live and they have cheaper rates with better living circumstances. I pay more than all of my other roommates because I signed over the summer. The complex offers a lot of events to help meet people and get in touch with the community I suppose (?) but the few that I have attended were really dull, unorganized, and the people that came just took food on paper plates and left. The price isn't bad, but the parking is VERY, very tight and difficult to park. I've had a lot of almost accidents because I couldn't see behind me or because some one was going very fast while I was pulling out in the small parking lot. Review from 12/5/15 on Google
Jul 2015: very awesome plays to study, live, and play ! pool with perfect view. Great roommate matching. fun events in the office. you could win cool prizes like a electric fee waiver or gift cards. leslie, the leasing agent is phenomenal! great employees, I love it ! plan on living here all four years. Review from 7/15/2015 on Apartment Ratings

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