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Central Place at Winter Park

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Jun 2019: Ok apartments but last time I heard from friends and classmates there was a pretty big break in problem. I would recommend getting your own security just living in the area though not necessarily just this apartment complex. Also the pools could be maintained allot better and it's pretty common for leaves to cover a larger then acceptable area. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Ok apartments but last time I heard from friends and classmates there was a pretty big break in problem. I would recommend getting your own security just living in the area though not necessarily just this apartment complex. Also the pools could be maintained allot better and it's pretty common for leaves to cover a larger then acceptable area. Review from Google
May 2019: Worst apartment I have ever lived in! Moved out a month ago and we had a horrible experience and had so many problems. Let me count the ways: 1. Roaches everywhere! The apartment was so badly infested. They got into our refrigerator, furniture, they were under the carpet, crawled all over my clean dishes in the dish rack and dishwasher. Just to clarify, it wasn't just a few and I did clean my apartment often and no it's not just because it's Florida, this was a straight infestation and management did nothing to help. They would send out pest control to the apartment and that didn't do anything. They just sprayed a few places but did nothing to rid the bugs or treat the problem. They might as well have not even had pest control. When I moved out, I had to throw away all of my furniture. 2. Valet Trash was awful. No one follows the rules of when to put trash out. People would put trash out on days that there wouldn't be any pick up and that definitely contributed to the roach problem Review from Google
Apr 2019: i Love living here. hands down one the best properties in fullsails area. its very convenient for surrounding students, also the community is a great environment for living as it quiet most of time. the office is great with residents also responding quickly to fix any problem you may have. i honestly wouldn't want to live anywhere else in this area but central place. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I lived here for two years; one year in their 1/1 and one in their 2/1. There was only a couple of times where I needed to call maintenance, but they fixed whatever problem either same day or the following day. Every employee is approachable and kind and the pools are nicely renovated. It's a great place to live if it's in your budget. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Central Place at Winter Park was recommended to my daughter and myself by Valencia College. I visited this community one months ago and no matter what other apartment communities I visit none have left the amazing experience I got from Central Place. The leasing agent John that was assisting my family took the time to show us an actual empty apartment, the pool areas, grills and etc. As we were heading back to the office we ran into some of the current residents that reside at Central Place and me as a mom took it upon myself to stop and chat with them. I was excited to get positive feedback from them. What really caught my attention was the fact that one of the ladies that worked in the office knew each of the residents by name and greeted each and everyone of them in a friendly manner. This showed me that this Community really cared for their tenants and didn't see them as a dollar sign Review from Google
Mar 2019: I recently moved my son into one of the smaller one bedroom one baths and was very satisfied with the condition the apartment. The office staff were very helpful and understanding of my wants and needs in order for him to rent here. It was super helpful being able to do the application process online as we live out of state. I am thrilled to hear that the property does resident events where my son is able to meet other students, I especially loved the fact that maintenance is available for any emergencies. I am glad to say that I feel I have made the right decision in moving my son into Central Place. Highly recommended. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I moved in on Nov and love all the new changes that have occurred. My apartment was clean and exactly what I wanted. Maintenance is AWESOME, always responding to my work orders and completing them. Extra shout out to them for taking the time to explain to me how to work the a/c and filter system. Office staff are really friendly and seem to genuinely care. They took the time to explain the lease to me, gave me a highlighted property map showing me where each feature was located on property and helped me set up the portal for myself and my mom. I would recommend Central Place to everyone I know that is looking for exceptional service. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: My son lives here in his first year of College. Excellent place to be, affordable and spacious.
Mar 2019: My daughter is currently seeking a one B/R appartment. She visit Cnt Place at Winter and seems to be pleased. However after reading all the negative reviews, I'm not sure if this maybe the right place for her. Ive also noticed that the positive reviews were posted more then five months ago. could your issue be lack of competent employees?
Feb 2019: Get ready for the best deal of your life! This is a once in a life time opportunity! All you have you do is sign now! While living here you can expect: 1) Music so loud that you won't be able to sleep! Day or night residents will play music so loud it will be like a night club where ever you go! If another resident complains about the music, don't worry management won't care! 2) Physical fitness equipment that isn't usable! Their already out dated and broken equipment will be closed off for more than 2 months. 3) Constant changes to your lease! Who doesn't love a little spontaneity? At any given time they will leave a notice on your door about new rules to follow or you'll be fined! 4) If you like face to face contact than this is the place for you. I will grantee that if you call the office in the middle of the day it will take at least o Review from Google
Feb 2019: Still waiting to have maintenance fix my bathroom. 3 months later, great service. The deposit on my old apartment is like 4 months late because they misspelled my name. Very reliable bunch Review from Google
Feb 2019: 1. The apartments are poorly maintained and the “exciting renovations” they boast about are so horribly done it’s embarrassing. I wouldn’t let the people who do maintenance here touch a single thing after seeing their shotty work. 2. Depending on the building, roaches can be a big problem. 3. The people in the office are trained to have a bad attitude. There is also a women who works in the office who is harboring a meth dealer in the building behind the office and she tries to evict tenants who call the police on the meth dealer. 4. FLOODING IS CONSTANT. If I could post pictures here, I would. Cabinets are warped, floors are damaged, walls have cracks and soft spots, etc. 5. There is no gate for security and the parking lot is so poorly designed you can only go one way. It requires you to drive into on-coming traffic in front of t Review from Google
Dec 2018: I love living here at Central Place Apartments in Winter Park. They have all kinds of celebrations/neighborhood events inviting people within the community to join them. They always manage to keep the neighborhood super clean, including the pools and gym area. Also the people in the neighborhood are very friendly and always greet me before I go to school. The people in the office are amazing and are very friendly. Special thanks to Erica, for keeping me informed on events that are coming up & being able to communicate so nice and efficiently with me. Review from Google
Nov 2018: It’s a very good place to live and the staff welcomes you in like family ! I am enjoying my time here, it is absolutely amazing!! Review from Google
Aug 2018: ***FULLSAIL STUDENTS BE AWARE*** Before you decide how you will plan to pay for the housing with your parents and/or roommates. You must pay the student application fee which is $25, but if you pay with a Visa there will be an additional $20+ fee or 2.5% fee if you paid with a MasterCard. But that's not the problem. After you pay your student application fee, then the next step is to fill up your Guarantor Application and show your parents proof of income. NO WHERE ON THE FORM or YOUR WELCOME EMAIL explains or shows that there's a Guarantor Application Fee. The Guarantor Application Fee was $65. My roommates and I paid the Student Application Fee already. None of my roommates were aware that they had to pay $65 and we were all upset that we weren't told about the Guarantor Application Fee in advanced. I made an appointment with them for a Review from Google
May 2018: I absolutely loved living here! The way deposits were set up was the best I found from any complex (I moved from Illinois and handled the entire process online). The staff was always nice, professional, and helpful. I saw more families moving in toward around December of 2017. Not everyone picks up their poop, but overall I love it. Patio is screened in with additional storage, there's a coat closet, linen closet, and two closets in my bedroom. Tile floors to easy to keep clean. Almost no bug problem, valet trash comes 5 days a week, nice neighbors, felt really safe there. I am only moving because I can't afford the new rent offer. Review from Google
May 2018: zero stars. I lived here 5 years ago and posted a lengthy negative review when I moved out. Seems the management may have changed, as the name of the complex is different. My old review isn't here anymore. I drove through the complex recently to see what changes they made. Based on the recent reviews and what I saw, nothing has changed since I lived here except a new coat of paint and raised prices. This place sucks, it's the worst place I've ever lived in. Rented 6 different apartments in Orlando over 5 years now and this one was still the worst. I felt like I lived in a slum. Cockroaches came out of the vents and drains regularly. There was black mold coming out of my vents, and nothing was done about it for the entirety of my lease. Shootings and robberies happened often when I lived there. Worst year of my life, without a doubt. Avoid this Review from Google
May 2018: If you enjoy being woken up at 8am to the sound of cheap leaf blowers echoing in your ears for 4 hours twice a week live here. If you complain about it they will listen intently and then do nothing. If you hate sleep, this place is great. Review from Google
Apr 2018: i have lived here for 6 months and i really enjoy living here the place is very clean and the staff is excellent especially erika she is amazing and very understanding Review from Google
Mar 2018: From the moment we saw the apartment until almost a year later Erica and the rest of the staff have been amazing highly recommend making it your new place Review from Google
Mar 2018: I lived here for a year (2016-2017). In the time I was there, they updated the a lot of things in the apartment including the whole kitchen and appliances. It’s in a good area just down the road from a Target and a Publix and you can get downtown in 15-20 minutes. Only issues I had were the AC going out a few times and the occasional power outage. Always had pleasant experiences with the staff! Review from Google
Feb 2018: you guys are so amazing i loved the way yall are just so welcoming . you guys are just so friendly and always good to just talk to when i am bored. you guys made moving in just amazing and super easy i loved every minute of it . thanks Erica for helping me move in. Review from Google
Dec 2017: UPDATE: PARENTS BEWARE: Do NOT house your students with these people. Sound, professionalism, mold, AC, heating, storage, trash collection-- all these things will go unchecked even if reported regularly. RECENT RENT HIKE: The actual value of these spaces are between 900-960. New management reduced the quality of life in this community while also raising rent. Do not be fooled. Property manager said I would hear noises from upstairs while they redo floors. She said it would be done by 6pm yesterday. They went into the night. This morning at 7AM I hear more scraping as I wake up TOO EARLY for my exams. This is the 3rd day in a row. Worst week hear yet. ---You have to wonder if everyone from this review section knew the address of the office staff, would we all not find joy in inconveniencing them day & night? Can I give zero stars?? DO Review from Google
Nov 2017: It’s literally a few min away from this amazing school! Also it’s very great here!!! Came here to visit the place and see if it’s a great place to live!! Also it’s now remodeled so that’s really coool!!!! Review from Google

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