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Boardwalk Apartments at Alafaya Trail

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Oct 2018: Bad experience when visiting! No visitor parking was available, so my car was towed along with others. Parking is a nightmare. People in office could care less! In the morning you come out and your car is MIA.
Mar 2017: I'll simply give a PROS and CONS about my living experience at the Boardwalk at Alafaya Trails apartments. I only lived there for a few months, sub leasing for the summer. PROS ------------ .Cheap Rent from a college student stand point .Nice pool area (that's all they try to pitch on the website) . Convenient for the campus and for businesses such as stores/gas stations/restaurants .Shuttle buses are consistent .Can help you move in and move out quickly, paperwork wise .Computer lab use with wifi CONS -------------- Where to begin .They are all such airheads in the office. They straight up lie, act friendly but have no idea who you are or remember your name. They give out random charges for electric/water with no legit explanation. Review from 3/5/17 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2017: First off, parking is terrible at night. If you live in the back you will have to park in the front if you get home after 8pm. Security is a joke, they have a gate that they said they'd start using, but don't. At one point they only had the exit gate working, which is absolutely pointless if the front isn't closed. Wifi/cable always cuts out randomly, mostly after midnight. Pool area could be approve upon, hot tub was just a luke warm puddle last time I went. Review from 2/4/17 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: I moved into Boardwalk Apartments on Alafaya 8/15/16. Since then it has been a nightmare. I lived here over the summer and was told I had to completely clean my apartment and make sure everything was move in ready or I would be charged. Moving in I expected an apartment with clean living areas and working appliances. The first thing I see is the stove pulled out of it's place, blocking the entrance to the kitchen with the door missing. I was forced to buy food for 2 days because I could not cook on the stove. The shower rod in my bathroom also broke on me while showering. I called boardwalk multiple times to handle these issues, and my roommate also went in. Review from 8/17/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: My kid moves into a filthy apartment yesterday. Puke in the toilet, room with no mattress (maybe in the next week or so). Bathroom torn apart and filthy. Beer cans everywhere, disgusting kitchen, holes in the wall, no screen in the windows, smoke detector ripped from the ceiling. Unbelievable!!! Getting him out asap.
Jan 2015: Charged 3 months after moving out because of their own mistake!!! Also charge whatever overages they feel like each month. I lived at Boardwalk for over 2 years and after graduating in December 2012 I looked to move elsewhere. I had 6 months left in my lease, however the management notified me that they had found a sublease for me and I could move out of my room by Jan 3, 2013. I came back to Orlando on Jan 1 and moved all my belongings to my new house by the 2nd. After signing all the papers I left Orlando thinking all was said and done. Only to receive a letter 3 months afterwards stating that I was being charged for a months rent because the sublease that THEY found to take my place decided that he/she did not want to live there. Review from 1/6/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2014: If management steps up enforcing their policies and keep the noise level down, it might be an okay place. Otherwise, if you are into late night parties and are the noise makers, this might work for you. If you're a serious student consider somewhere else. There is a no pet policy but there are pets every where it seems.
Jun 2014: It is right next to bank of america so if you have an account there it can easily be drained right to rent. The walls are super thin and the roommate matching is not very good. It is a tough thing to match up roommates and people who like each other even friends can have issues but sometimes I wonder if they make a bad match on purpose just to see how much people can annoy each other.
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Jun 2014: Maintenance need to give some prior warning before barging in, this seems to be an issue in many places and complexes around that I hope gets corrected, or someone come up with a better solution.

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