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Jan 2019: I have been living at Azure for almost two years now and I have never had a problem. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help you out! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Lived here about a year ago & got robbed. I couldn't wait to move out. Overpriced too. On the bright side pest control is good & the rooms are alright, they have nice windows. Location is great. Review from Google
Sep 2018: They have Fleas infestation in every apartment complex. In the process of getting the state involve because how bad it is. Do NOT MOVE HERE Review from Google
Apr 2018: Just moved in like 2 weeks ago. Meghan and Tomas were extremely helpful with everything. My apartment is amazing. When I did my walk through before my move in I noticed that the blinds were not up in the studio apartment as advertised. I told Meghan and she immediately had the maintenance guys put some in for me to be comfortable. Haven’t had a problem since I’ve moved in. I’m still settling in and getting to know the place and the complex. The laundry facilities are very nice, clean and well kept. The grounds are very well kept. The grass is always cut, no trash is on the ground, there are flowers, trees and they recently added wood chips to a lot of the areas around the complex which gives is a great look and feel. For a studio my apartment is very spacious with lots of room for storage etc. the large storage on my patio is great! The Review from Google
Apr 2018: Amazing staff, super friendly and more than helpful. Moved in recently and I feel very comfortable here! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Every time we are in town, we do a driveby, just too say hey and pick up some good loving from my wife auntie! Review from Google
Aug 2017: I have only been living here for a month and I already hate it... Staff is friendly, but don't let that fool. You may look on their website and see that this is a nice place, but don't let that fool you either. As soon as I moved in, all of the outdated appliances broke down on me. I came home one day to my apartment being 2 inches underwater when the washing broke and overflowed. Now my dishwasher won't drain, and the light switch in my room will not work. I have put in a couple of maintenance orders, but no one has come to fix it. Service here is extremely slow. Depending on where in the complex you live, you may get nice neighbors. But where I live, I have to deal with crazy kids jumping on their bed (or something else) in the middle of the night while I am trying to sleep. The rent here is so overpriced for crappy, slow service, br Review from Google
Feb 2017: Ive lived here a week now and dont see any real problems thus far the friendly staff is very reasonable and caters wonderfully to students offering reasonable pricing, and flexibility with leasing options compared to other apartments ive looked into. Review from 2/17/17 on Google
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Jan 2017: Staff is great.. tenants are Full Sail students with no respect their neighbors.. loud music... jumping around.. doors slamming..other than that.. safe and maintenance work is done immediately Review from Google
Dec 2016: This is a rip off for most college students the prices are too high and you don't even get what you expect. The maintenance here is horrible and in the master bedroom the shower floor is peeling. My washer was broken and it took literally a month to get it fixed. The office people don't really help at all they just right your info down and they said they will handle it the next day right away! well right away turned into a month later. Review from 12/9/16 on Google
Sep 2016: The trash is a real problem here. The dumpster is too small for the amount if people that live here. So trash piles up. Tried to empty my recyclables, the fence was locked. Why? So I just tossed them. We pay for trash here. True...people let their dogs crap everywhere. I have reported if to the office. Nothing
Aug 2016: I'd give 0 but I can't So I figured all of the reviews were a few months old and things had gotten better. They haven't. Within 3 months of being here Ant infestation AC broke 5 times in one week. Everyone says it's fine. won't go below 80. Shower in the master was peeling and coming apart. Had to be re done which took about a month of my own personal back and forth because not a single damn person at the office can manage to take care of anything. Had to call 5 times to get my leaking sink fixed because again, no one in the office is apparently capable of taking a message. Even when I submit a work order directly I still have to submit it about 3 times before someone actually comes to get it. One of the ONE WAY roads is closed at the back end. Which means you have to go the wrong way to leave the complex. Which means I've been almost Review from Google
May 2016: I lived here for a little over two years and I honestly couldn't wait to leave. All the apartments are outdated. The windows were so old and cracked. Same thing with the sliding doors. The AC was all moldy. I was tricked into signing a longer lease. The grass is infested with fleas. Had to be flea bombed. Ants and roaches are an issue. Review from 5/10/16 on Google
May 2016: There's a reason why the rent is so cheap. This place is a dump. So many things have gone wrong with my apartment and the staff does little to try and accommodate and get things done. They also will try to get you to sign a lease renewal agreement 6 months before your lease is up to try and lock you in for another year giving you the whole story about how rent is going up but you can pay what you are paying now. don't fall for all the lies they feed you here like I did. Review from 5/4/16 on Google
Nov 2015: I am a current resident at Azure Winter Park, In my opinion some of these people accessions are right. At Azure Winter Park, they trash will pail up in front the garage can, if you have a complaint here it will take some time for them to get to, people here do not pick up after there dogs and their lawnmower services will cut grass early in the morning when you trying to sleep. I will say this apartment complex is not good as I thought but they could be worse compared to the other apartment complex's around here. Review from 11/6/15 on Google
Nov 2015: The laundry facilities have 1 working washer and dryer and it's been that way the entire year. Broken glass in the parking lot and it's left there. Some of the office people are very condescending. You really can do a lot better. Review from 11/5/15 on Google
Nov 2015: I've been living at Azure since January and it has been nothing but awful. My neighbors are constantly loud and then calling the office saying that I'm being loud. I've requested maintenance to come out and fix my oven 4 times and it still isn't working. I requested maintenance 3 weeks ago for the light outside my door so I can see at night and a few other things but no one has come and I've talked to the office about it three times yet nothing seems to be done about it. They are nice apartments but honestly nothing gets done and everything breaks. Review from 11/2/15 on Google
Mar 2015: Do not rent here. They Sent my account to collections even though I have a signed email stating a zero balance. This is damaging my credit and preventing me from renting elsewhere. After 4 years and dozens of calls/emails I still do not get a response. Also, there was an attempt by someone to break into my apartment and my motorcycle was stolen. I told the office this and they acted as if this is normal. Please take the time and look elsewhere. Review from 3/2/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2014: I like it here! The community is clean, my neighbors are nice, and it's pretty quiet & peaceful out here. I leased a 2 bed/2 bath already furnished. My unit has fresh carpet, fresh paint, and the furniture is really nice. After reading a few reviews on here, I must admit, I was very skeptical. I decided to take a chance, and I don't regret it. Only complaint I had was about the bathroom in the master bedroom being smaller than the guest bathroom. I also read other reviews about rude staff. I disagree! I dealt with Jennifer & Ian. They were both really nice & informative. I would recommend this place to others. Review from 8/17/2014 on Google
Jun 2014: I currently living here and can't wait until I'm out. The apartments are okay, but it seems like once a month their is something either broken or falling apart. I kid you not, as I'm writing this water is leaking from my bathroom vent. Also I think the AC is leaking as well. The people that work in the leasing office has to be told at least three to five times about one thing to be done. I'm terrified of bees and there is a bee's nest growing outside my door. I told them week ago about it and they still haven't done anything. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Review from 6/10/2014 on Google
Mar 2014: Words cannot describe how horrible it is to live here. I'd be willing to live on the streets rather than here. In-between class I'm considering panhandling to help pay my way out of the lease. Review from 3/4/2014 on Apartment Ratings

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