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Avisa Lakes Apartments

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Aug 2019: Horrible place to live at! I moved in recently and my apartment wasn’t never cleaned before hand. Their was tons of hair and bugs all over the place, they paint over dirt, grime and whatever was there before cleaning. We went to management about it, was told we could get a concession after showing them photo proof and would stay in contact with them, never happened. Sent multiple email (not one response) and walked in the office and no one wants to help. They ignore their tenants when it’s a severe problem, but when it comes to selling future residents, they treat you great but once you sign the papers say goodbye to that. They’re stray cats everywhere and constant bugs that will never go away. Don’t waste your money on this place, it may look nice outside looking in but it’s not, you will not enjoy it here. Maintenance response quickly if you have a problem but depending on what it could be they half a** it Review from Google
Aug 2019: Lies. Lies. Lies. And racist manager. don't WASTE YOU'RE TIME OR MONEY. THEY LIE ABOUT COSTS IN THE BEGINNING THEN THROUGHOUT YOU'RE STAY THEY FIND FEES TO MAKE YOU'RE RENT THEY WAY THEY WANT IT. And when you go up to the office to try and see what's going on they get disrespectful, rude, and unhelpful. They don't send out notices or awareness they notify you when its dang near too late. Never again. don't do it. You'll regret it and want to leave after 1 month. The new management don't care about the residents at all only they're repairs and costs but yet the apartments are still falling apart but they stay waking everyone up just making noise. The bugs and roaches and spiders here are ridiculous they move in the apartment before you do, so don't be surprised if you have little friends greeting you the first day you move in. The old manager had her issues but she was always helpful and understanding Review from Google
Jul 2019: This is an awesome place to live. Edwin is the best. He's extremely helpful, just difficult to get a hold of. It can be annoying that no one answers the phones but they're always so busy with walk-ins. Whenever there is a maintenance issue, they come right away. They have two hammock available for anyone to use. They also have two grills that are always available. The only downfall is the pool is usually dirty with either bugs, leaves or hair. Review from Google
Jun 2019: DO NOT MOVE INTO THESE APARTMENTS! There are multiple reasons as to why I would STRONGLY suggest that you do not move into these apartments. 1) For the first 7 months of our lease, we were faced with 7 different occasions of no A/C in our apartment, totalling in nearly 20 days of 80+ degree temperatures in our apartment. The complex finally fixed our A/C after more than 7 months. We weren't a priority because "it only happened once a month," is the information that we were given. 2) Prior to moving in our apartment experienced water damage to one of the bedroom windows, we understood that we would have to deal with the construction due to wanting to move into the apartment on time. But, we had to call the front office and submit multiple different maintenence requests in order to have the window fully repaired. Multiple months later we had to submit another request just to have the area around the window painted due to the complex not completing things they started Review from Google
Jun 2019: We absolutely love this place! The pool area feels like a resort to us. The staff is great! Thanks Edwin and Angie for making this apartment life feel like a place we love to call HOME!💙 Review from Google
Jun 2019: Great community to live in been here for over eight years the community gets better year after year. Manager Angela amazing listens get things done in ample time . Community has a pool with a full kitchen with granite top Ping pong table a game room full workout gym and the gym is hugh. It’s also a gated community with nightly Security. It has events weekly such as food trucks. Run out of coffee go to the office and have some Starbucks and if you love coffee it’s priceless. Truly is a gem!! Review from Google
May 2019: The community is great, maintenance was a little lacking, but the move out experiance was horrible. They never sent an invoice electronically or on paper, but kept our security deposit and then sent us to collections for over $800. The charges were fraudulent and I didn't even hear about it until the collection agency talked to me a little over a month after my move out. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I love this place!!! I recently just moved in yesterday and I fell in love with the scenery, management, and my one bedroom apartment! I had some minor fixes while moving in that were taken care of almost instantly upon request! So needless to say maintenance knows how to get things done in a timely manner! Also very quiet area no noisy neighbors or loud music played like most places I have been and in fact very friendly and a welcoming environment. Overall I think its safe to say I think I am going to like it here! Review from Google
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Jan 2019: I just picked up the keys to move into my new apartment today and it is absolutely beautiful. The Assistant Property Manager, Blanca, has been an amazing help in my apartment search. Being that I had to move in such a short period of time, I was stressed trying to find the "perfect" place for me. I spent weeks touring multiple properties in the area and Avisa Lakes was my top pick due to the attentiveness of the staff and their willingness to accommodate any questions or concerns I may have had. I am super excited for an amazing year in my new apartment and I cannot thank Blanca enough for all of her help. She truly cares about finding the right apartment home for each prospective resident and has such a genuine heart. Thank you Blanca! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great property. Management is friendly, honest, and open about details. I would recommended to any small family looking for a decent sized apartment. Location is nice as well right off Goldenrod Rd and Lake Underhill great access to 408 Review from Google
Jan 2019: I've lived here since May 2018 and overall, the experience has been very good. The office staff is friendly and helpful (especially my man, Edwin). The pool and gym facilities are nice and grounds are well kept. Any maintenance issue I've reported was generally serviced the same day or next day. My apartment was recently renovated too, so I got new floors and appliances when I was moving in. It feels slightly pricey for not being closer to downtown, but the rent is going up overall in Orlando. But it's only 10 or 15 minutes to get there and otherwise, the location is good. It's at the end of a dead end street, and unless you knew it was there, people don't just stumble upon it. For that reason, it feels very safe too. If you want a quiet, safe, well-kept living experience with friendly office staff, this place could be your match. There has Review from Google
Jan 2019: Tbh it's been great. I do have the updated model, but no pests, gate closes at night and works and management staff has been very pleasant. Residents are quiet, biggest gripe is parking but hey, still a great gem close to everything. Review from Google
Jan 2019: TLDR: Do not move here. These people break laws and contracts, levy random fees that were never discussed nor agreed to, do not care about you as a tenant, don't ever respond to maintenance requests, completely ignore emails, allow themselves into your unit without notice or permission, and if they don't like you for some reason they'll systematically try to evict you by not accepting rent. In all of my professional career, I've never seen more ignorant, unprofessional, underhanded characters. It became so extreme that I was forced to get an attorney involved in the situation. After I thought I was rid of them, they came back to haunt me again recently! Not only that, but the apartment is beyond repair, is cockroach infested, and they'll simply get annoyed by you asking for them to fix the problem and not fix it. Also, don't be fooled by the existence of a gate. I
Dec 2018: Nice apartments in a quaint area. Love that they have an updated gym and multiple dog park areas for the residents as well as a pool, game room sports court. Only wish the rent was a little cheaper for what you're getting. Overall really like the apartments and the management is very helpful. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have been at this property for five years, the newest management has worked hard to turn certain things around for the better - but it's hard to put out fires you don't start. Still I do appreciate their constant efforts. The buildings are older. The roof on my building has some rot that you can see, but overall the quality is not terrible. There have been some plumbing problems, but they work as quickly as possible to fix. Unlike some reviews, I've found maintenance to be swift to fix important orders. Yes sometimes it takes a few days for some less urgent orders, but they are cared for. During summer there are large wasps nests, but they do remove them when they know about them. I have mentioned mold in my bathroom, but the fan isnt functioning right - apparently not something that can be fixed. I do have to regularly treat my shower Review from Google
Dec 2018: I've lived here for almost three years now, and I've had a mediocre time. The only reason I stay is because I have a 130lb dog and it's hard to find a place that rents to people with oversize dogs. 1. People will frequently walk around with their dogs off-leash; this is never resolved. 2. In the past, before the management change, I was without A/C for a month. 3. Repair jobs are usually shoddy, and the quality of the buildings are not good. They will also not give you a time-frame for when they can complete work; if you have to be home then you have to be home ALL day and wait for them. This describes me, since my dog cannot be left alone in the house with strangers and would probably break down a door trying to get to an intruder if I wasn't home. 4. The walls are paper-thin and you can hear the sounds of your neighbors all the time. Review from Google
Nov 2018: 0 stars! ZERO! Stay away... it’s cheap... cheap construction... cheap rent.... cheap neighbors... so first my AC keeps freezing up once a week they just refill it... they don’t diag it to figure out the problem...secondly walls are paper... super loud... railing on my porch has 5 nails through it... are you kidding?! If a inspector came you would fail... I have a railing with 5 nails attaching it to the building... cats... oh boy.... cats every where and they attack dogs... they don’t care...they kicked the nicest pit bull mix out of our neighborhood... it was a puppy and the owner socialized it... unlike the mean German shepherds and huskys... oh and another pit bull that have all ATTACKED other dogs...those are still here... but the 8 month old puppy pit mix that plays and loves on everyone had to leave... HYPOCRITES! they also don’ Review from Google
Oct 2018: This is by far THEE WORST apartment I have ever lived in. They are extremely expensive but everything is rigged. The bathroom mirror falls apart, the kitchen light fell out of the ceiling out of no where, the blinds leading to the balcony constantly fall down ( They had the nerve to tell us that if it keeps happening then they are going to charge us), the toilet doesn't stop filling up to the point to where it flooded my entire bathroom floor, the kitchen sink leeks, the AC doesn't get cold, and there are dents in the carpet floor. You can keep calling maintenance but they never come or when they do come they don'tactually fix the issue, they just rig it some more!. My guess it that they don't fix it so when it is time for you to leave then they can "keep" your deposit. Anybody reading these reviews please take the negative reviews seriously. Review from Google
Oct 2018: This place is terrible and they cost high. I came to visit a friend in the summer. the apartment is infested with roaches and tub rising to your feet, dish washer leaking, you must blush the toilet twice for your waste to go down properly, you can hear all the things the neighbor upstairs and downstairs doing so you barely can sleep. As much as they charges you think they would replace and fix those things. Please don’t waste your money folks, I know I won’t Review from Google
Sep 2018: Do not move here! I’ve only lived here 2 months and maintenance has been here about 20 times. My A/C hasn’t been working the past few weeks. Maintenance shows up does nothing then leaves. When I call the office the man that answers has attitude and simply says “ well I told maintenance about it”. The other times I am hung up on. My apartment has been 85 degrees and it is miserable. Maintenance has also refused to fix a giant hole that has been in the wall since I’ve moved here. Would give zero stars if I could. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Nice apartments. Pool area is clean, has grills. A small game room. A 24 hour fitness center. Office staff is friendly and very caring. Review from Google
Aug 2018: We have a toilet that only flushes urine, they come to snake it, it works for 1 flush, then back to flooding the bathroom. Our guests are always asking about that toilet, 2 years go by and no fix. The ceiling fan can't be adjusted because the string is broken, a kitchen drawer keeps falling out, one tub doesn't hold water, one bathroom sink barely drains, we smell the neighbor's smoke enough to cause asthma issues, and noise keep everyone awake. If it rains hard enough it rains indoors. The floor is peeling away from the walls and subfloor. You get what you pay for. I just really needed working bathrooms for guests. Review from Google
May 2018: Very friendly staff that cares about you and listen to your concerns. Not only do they listen, they take action to ensure you are satisfied with your living arrangements. Review from Google
May 2018: Nice area, quiet, lots of families live here. I am close to the highway, gas stations, walmart, target, grocery stores, restaurants and hospitals. Very convenient. Staff and maitainence is great. Things are taken care of in a timely manner. Nice pool, grill, gym and game room. Review from Google
May 2018: Staff are friendly and they make sure residents are happy. Overall the best complex. Review from Google

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