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Alafaya Woods Apartment Homes

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Mar 2019: This is a very good place with an excellent community. I would 100% recommend it. The people in the office are very kind people they always help us with our needs, and I have to thank Bonddy for her excellent personalized attention she has been our guardian angel. I would recommend you to live here. Review from Google
Mar 2019: The staff is very professional and very understanding and made my move into Alafaya very easy and very comfortable Review from Google
Mar 2019: There staff are friendly and if you have any problems in the apartment it will be taken care of in a fast orderly manner I had Jose and Abraham replace a few things that needed to be replace or updated and they did it in record time with out a mess this community is quite and friendly and a good start for a family that is new to Florida or area Review from Google
Feb 2019: I’ve live here for 3 years now and I love my apartment & my neighborhood! Review from Google
Feb 2019: It is very good and I recommend it 100%, excellent community Review from Google
Jan 2019: I budget my money very carefully and make sacrifices to be able to live in this apartment complex because of my experience and feeling of safety from living here. Any time I’ve had a maintenance issue, someone’s been there almost immediately and I really like the ease of submitting the report online. The ease of being able to access someone for any questions or concerns is a huge plus not to mention that the lighting and overall atmosphere of the complex contributes to me feeling secure here. I love having 3 pools and although the gym is a bit smaller than preferred, the convenience of a free gym is amazing. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this complex and am on my second lease purely because not only do I feel safe and feel that the complex has taken steps to help increase that but also that I can have all of my animals and h Review from Google
Jan 2019: The staff is very resourceful and always there to assist you with what ever needs to be addressed. I would recommend if you like the area and need a place Alafaya Woods is locally accessible. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Scammers! I pay $1,300+ for them to charge me to receive my life saving medications! Also I pay them an additional $35 a month for the privilege of taking my own trash 3 blocks away to the nearest dumpster. This is absolutely unacceptable, and I firmly believe a litigation is in the works. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: Definitely one of the nicer complexes in the area, which is hard to find around UCF. I love feeling completely safe here, too. Spacious apartments especially for the price. They also repainted the exterior fairly recently and it looks amazing. I saw an unjust review on here called complaining about parties and the pool...I’ve never witnessed or heard any parties and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of younger people here anyway, there is a lot of families. The pools are also very nice and well taken care of, as are all the amenities here. It truly is a wonderful complex. My previous complex had horrible, unhelpful office people but everyone here really knows what they’re doing! However, I’ve witnessed some attitude from some of the people in the office for basic questions which I don’t really appreciate. It’s happened the past few Review from Google
Jul 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. IT IS not worth IT. Why am I being charged after moving out for the screen that was cut by the painters and was supposed to be replaced- by you all? I did not authorize the screen to be cut, therefore I am not paying for this. As well I'm being charged for fitness center keys that were returned? Did you all even look at the file??? Parking here was a nightmare, trash was constantly flowing out of the dumpster- and for some reason we were paying for that. College students having parties all hours of the night. Neighbor leaving garbage on the landing for days. Windows as thick as cling wrap. The pool was basically a city pool. Save your money. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Lived here for a little over a year and loved it! There is someone always available in the office to help(Gabby is awesome!) and maintenance always comes same day or the next day. The location was safe great for going to school at UCF. My only complaint would be the pricing seemed high. Review from Google
Apr 2018: We moved in here earlier this month, everything has been great so far. We love the community!!!! It’s clean, quiet, and feels safe. Gabby was a great help and assisted us a lot during this move. She is very informative and easy to get a hold of. The maintenance guys are also very friendly and efficient. All I can say is “keep up the great work Alafaya Woods ;)” update**** moved out of here after buying a house. Moving out procedures went smoothly with Alafaya woods apartments, they were amazing and helpful to our needs as we were moving out. No surprise charges or anything, every thing went great!!!!! Review from Google
Mar 2018: ***UPDATED - MARCH 2018*** I want to update my previous review from September because I feel like there have been several improvements. Jose works very hard to keep things running smoothly and I appreciate that. We had some ongoing difficulty and he really respected our needs and took care of the situation. It wasn't instantaneous, but it was resolved. We are happy to live in this community. It's family-friendly, close to everything, safe, and quiet. It's Oviedo, so I do feel like we pay more than what the space is really worth, but we have seen a lot of improvement in the past few months and I want to make a note about that :) The review below came from September 2017 - As I can see some others have experienced as well, something has occurred over the last year with management and maintenance that is negatively impacting residents. Maintena Review from Google
Mar 2018: Couldn't be more pleased with this place. Quiet neighborhood that's well maintained. (The dog park could use some work.) Added a new parcel locker that's very convenient. Layout of the actual apartments are great. But the staff is the best part. They are exceptional with everything. I don't spend much time in there other than when I need to but they'really very personable and really take the time to get to know you. I'd recommend them 100%. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I had an easy and quick experience with the leasing office. Gabrielle T. was nice and helped me through the application process as well as the tour. I loved the layout and area so, needless to say, I am a new Alafaya Woods Apartment resident. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Gabrielle was great to work with. I was a last minute move in due to another complex not having availability and she made a very stressful situation go extremely smooth and pleasant. Within less than a week I was moved in. The apartment looked great and was super clean at move in. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Eli, The maintenance supervisor is amazing! He’s gone out of his way to make sure that any issues that we have are taken care of in a timely fashion. He is always so nice and friendly and has worked so hard to fix any of the problems that we’ve had. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Thanks Gabby, Bonddy and Jose, who have helped to make our transition from Vietnam here quite smooth and easy. My whole family enjoy our experience here during the last 6 months without any big issues. All minor concerns are dealt with in time and we appreciate the friendliness and support of the community staffs. Review from Google
Jan 2018: During these 3 months it's been great! The service is fast and efficient. The transition from NY to Florida it was nice and smooth thanks to Bondy. Great place and great location . Review from Google
Nov 2017: Its a nice place but has its flaws. Current staff is great but behind the scenes is a different story. Review from Google
Nov 2017: This is really horrible place to live for your health. They built the entire complex around 1985 and still maintaining same AC system. They didn’t fix AC during peak summer where my family end up living 85f inside home for three months. They rip you off after moving out even for normal wear and tear, and they don’t want to negotiate for settlement. You will end up paying for all their charges. I don’t want complain about community staffs. They are reasonable. Review from Google
Oct 2017: I lived in this apartment complex for almost two unfortunate years. Every appliance in the kitchen, the a/c and the drier had issues, including flooding everything. The district manager is not a nice person and won't fix anything until she has no choice. Then when you move out, they won't refund your facility key deposit, which is a separate contract from your lease, and they try to rip you off about everything. I even had to provide all of the photos and issues I reported from day 1, they said they didn't have them. And they said I didn't return my facilities keep, which was returned two months before I left. can't recommend anything here-don't move in here. Far better places for the price. If you do move on, document everything and save it because they won't and then they'll try to make you pay for it all as well. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I just recently moved to Alafaya Woods from New Mexico, and have to say the experience has been great. Gabby has been awesome in making sure our needs were taken care of, helped us get moved in quickly (as we had extremely short notice before our move that we would be moving), and did so painlessly. The place is beautiful and well maintained. If you're looking for a place, even if you're from out of town and can't even see them in person, it's well worth it. TL;DR - Call in and speak with Gabby, she's awesome and this place is great. Review from Google
May 2017: Alafaya Woods Apts has been my beloved home for 16 years, my neighbors have become family. The office and maintenance staff have been consistently top notch - attentive, friendly, and professional. I truly can't say enough good things about them. This is a great place to live and beautifully maintained. The location is awesome - safe and perfect for kids, good schools - easy traffic, walking distance close to grocery, restaurants and other handy amenities, next door to police & fire station and the best gas station around, 10 min drive to mall or UCF. We even have a new hospital 5 min away! If you don't live here, you should. Review from 5/11/17 on Google
Mar 2017: XXXX is the leasing office agent and she is AMAZING. I truly felt like she cared about my apartment search and my needs. She paid attention to me and was extremely pleasant to be around. She is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend visiting the site and speaking with her, even if you don't move there she will help you with your search. Review from 3/14/17 on Google

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