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Z Islander

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Sep 2019: It has been great so far, the combination of the amenities are a huge plus. the only thing i have had the slightest of issues with is service request. I would say everyone experience is different because of different things but overall its a nice place to live Review from Google
Sep 2019: not good so far. Move-in day on 8/17: A/C was broken, carpet smelled very moldy, and other parts of the apartment were not cleaned. I brought up the issue, they claimed the maintenance people were not going home until all issues are fixed. This was a lie, as A/C was still not fixed and I was forced to find a hotel to stay in for the night since the unit was so hot. about $80 extra cost that I didn't need to spend if only the management prepared the units to be in a livable condition before move-in. Keep in mind, the student employees on the premise were rude during our interaction. Of course, there are other issues as well. As of today, it's been 16 days since I moved in and I have not received my mail key or gate key yet. I've asked the leasing office multiple times, but they keep saying extra keys were ordered and will arrive soon (which should have been ready by move-in anyway). I have a lot of mail that I forwarded to my new address here and I can't receive them because the management didn't order enough mail keys for move-in Review from Google
Jul 2019: For anyone reading this, the leasing office did not contact me as they said they would in the reply to this review. I have updated the info here so that people considering living at Z Islander are aware of the inconsistent promises, unfulfilled service requests, and lack of responsiveness by the management team. Review from Google
Jul 2019: They went through change of management last year and things are gone from bad to worse. If anything breaks, then good luck with the maintenance. If they fix it, then good luck with the bill coming your way. They will surprise you with unwarranted bills during and at the end of the lease. High turnover at the front desk. Management does not care about cleaning. Dog pop everywhere. don't be fool by the nice rooms they show in the tour. Pool is broken all the time. Property Manager, Jessica, is very unprofessional and just there to collect pay checks I guess. Anybody who has been affected by this business please report it to relevant state business authorities and BBB. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Z islander is a great community. It is so near to the university. It is also on bus route 15. It has great amenities. The utilities are so low. It would be a better community if the rent would be reduced. In addition, if the staff pay more attention to the needs of the residents, it would be a great community. Review from Google
Jul 2019: This place deserves -5 stars, sadly I have to leave a star or I cant post the truth. it is the worst place in the world to live. When I first moved in the A/C was broke and stuck on 83 for a whole week. Carpet in living room turns your feet black, you have to switch the light switch on and off before the light turns on. D room is the worst of all, it is always the hottest and the coldest room in the apartment. When they did construction on my A/C and whatever else they said they were supposedly doing, it only made it worse and hotter in the apartment. Having stuff turned off in the apartment caused it to get gnats and when I finally moved back into the apartment .. it was so bad , gnats were constantly biting me and it was getting really bad. The gate is always broken, someone did a hit and run on my car and the apartments say they have cameras yet they didn't and so I ended up with a messed up car Review from Google
Jun 2019: DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE! I wish I could post the pictures on this review because words don’t do it justice. My wife has Asthma, and she has been needing her rescue inhaler every day for about a week. About the same time we noticed the A/C going out. After checking out the air filter I realized it hasn’t been changed in well over 6 months. It was literally so dirty it was suffocating the a/c unit. That was 3 days ago, and maintenance hasn’t responded yet. About 2 months ago our dishwasher went out. When maintenance came to check it out they told me they would need to order a new unit and it would be a day or two. When I got home from work I found my old dishwasher in pieces on the kitchen floor and loose screws everywhere. It was left like that for the entire day even though I had called that same day to have it taken care of. Fast forward 10 business days when I found out that they were “going to be ordering my new unit right away” Review from Google
Mar 2019: This place is really bad. My friend lives there currently and has a really hard time. The apartments are in horrible shape and the place is filthy. They've had several maintenence issues, the biggest one being their AC. It was broken for most of the summer. No one would come out and look at it. Finally in August they fixed it after they basically boiled in their own apartment for months unable to afford an outside person to fix the air. If you're not into drugs, this place isn't for you. People are constantly dealing outside and it smells like weed 80% of the time. If you DO do drugs, it still isn't for you. Cops come through constantly. The office staff are awful. We once called to complain about their neighbor abusing their dog and they said they'd check in on it. A week later, we saw the dog looking worse than before and called animal control ourselves. The tenants above my friend literally pee over the balcony onto their's Review from Google
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Feb 2019: Very unprofessional management. So, I moved in on the 22nd of the month and later found out that they are charging me for the whole month. I should have read the 100 pages lease more carefully, however, I signed it with a good faith that they are abiding by common sense, which is a mistake when dealing with Z islander management.
Dec 2018: I've been living here since August of 2018, move in started out kind of rocky they didn't have my key ready for me when I arrived so I couldn't leave my apartment for a day or two without leaving it unlocked, also the apartment was very dirty. The apartments in general are ok but it would be nice if new furniture was brought in. The staff is very nice and you can tell they do care when you talk to them, finally, the maintenance team here is really fast whenever I submit a request if they come within 2 or 3 days. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I would give them 0 stars if I could, management is not good at all, no one is on the same page so if ask a employee a question and then go ask the same question to a different employee their answers are completely different. They don't stick by their word. I regret living here. If you send them emails you are lucky if you even get a response, and if you go up to the office, they tell you that they sent one back which is a lie. Pool is always dirty, car wash is dirty or doesn't work, and the gates NEVER work, what is the point on living in a gated community if the gates are never shut?? don't LIVE HERE!!!! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I really don't know how this place has positive reviews. I have lived in multiple apartment complexes throughout college and this is by far the worst one. The only positive thing is that the apartment is really big... Staff is nice but really inefficient. When I moved here my apartment was filthy (see pics) and after a multiple email to the leasing office, maintenance staff, and Peak Campus' regional director, they came to my apartment to clean whatever my roommate and I did not clean. Maintenance is horrible and sometimes you feel you lived in an abandoned property. Laundry doors feel on a friend of mine injuring his arm. Halls and public areas are always dirty (dog poop everywhere) and the trash cans outside can be full with trash all around them for days, even weeks. The elevator feels like its going to get stuck and probably needs mainte Review from Google
Sep 2018: I've been living in the Z islander apartment complex for the past 3 years and I've enjoyed the experience. However within the past year or so they have undergone a change in management that I believe has made the place even better than before! Staff is always friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great college living experience as it is also close to campus. Review from Google
Sep 2018: My first year away from home. Staff made the move in process feel seamless. Management is very friendly and helpful. The apartment is nice, with a big pool and very close to campus. Can’t wait for the upcoming events and will definitely be signing again as long as I’m here. Review from Google
Sep 2018: This place is nothing short of amazing. It should be advertised as a well functioning community rather than an apartment complex. There are numerous events that Z hosts throughout the year, and each one brings with it a sense of friendship and home that you won't find in too many other places. And if all this isn't enough to satisfy you, they have one of the most friendly and helpful staff teams you can find in any apartment complex. Review from Google
Aug 2018: August is HORRIBLE. Poor communication at every level. Find another complex who will treat you fairly. My daughter lived here and it was ridiculous how unprofessional they are
Aug 2018: BEWARE Model is an imaginative aspiration. This place is an Entomologist’s delight Cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, centipedes, June bugs, mosquitoes, mites, wasps and bees… etc. abound. Can’t rely on the shuttles but Like Johnny Cash, you’ll hear that train a comin’ morning, noon, and night. you won’t miss one shrill whistle blow. Loved the 3, 4, and 5 am whistle blows –sleep in Saturday? Train Whistle says Oh H—No! Secure with the gates? they were out more than working. cameras don’t record. Burglarized- vandalized- lease violated-Coincidences much? Obstacle course dodging dog crap, garbage, vomit, glass shards etc. Credit for power washing twice during my tenure -starting 9 PM and ended around 2:30 AM just in time for the 3 am train. All looks no substance – filthy disgusting. continually entered my apt without consent or notice until mov
Aug 2018: 1 star is too high for this company. Property management is no-responsive. My daughter's room is unsafe, and they have plans to fix it next week. In the meantime, they want her to stay in the unsafe room. She is in a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 rooms VACANT. They refuse to let her stay in one of the empty rooms. As a parent, I'm beyond frustrated. Management has yet to return any of my calls. For them to realize the room is unsafe, yet do nothing is unacceptable. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Honestly, 3 years ago I would be praising this place because I loved it, but after living here for this long I cannot seem to get out of here fast enough. In 3 years they have been owned by 3 different companies and I really don't know if this one will do any better than the last two and that's saying a lot since one got sued. A lot of these reviews may be real, but I wouldn't trust many of the 5 star reviews because they actually offered us a gift card incentive if we reviewed them online (and unfortunately I fell for it too). They make deals with some residents that they don't make with others, and then they'll try to come back on their deal. They gave my old roommate money off and told her she didn't have to pay for her dog, but then told me they could not make any deals with me, now she is currently fighting with the new owners because the Review from Google
Jul 2018: This is one of the best places that you could live. The management is great and the prices are even better! 10/10 recommend! Review from Google
May 2018: Z Islander has been amazing the last few years. I wish I could take it to grab school with me because it's felt so much like home. The staff cares about you and my neighbors have become some of my best friends. I've enjoyed all of the events, especially all the free food. The location has allowed for me to bypass a parking permit all together since I can hop on a bus and be on campus in just a few minutes. Z has been good to me and it's going to be sad to leave once graduation rolls around. I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for an amazing housing experience. 1000/10 Review from Google
May 2018: My friends and I have lived at Z together for a year now and there was no doubt that we were renewing when that time came around. We love the events that’s the complex has for us and the gaming tournaments are really fun and I’ve won a few times. While I am able to use the theater for gaming, my girlfriend takes advantage of the massage chairs and sauna. The staff makes you feel at home and takes the time to listen if you have any issues. We love it here and plan to stay as long as possible. Review from Google
May 2018: My daughter has lived at Z for 2 years now and we could not have found a better place for her. She loves all of the events and we love the gated community. We don't have to worry about buying her an expensive parking permit because she has two different bus stops to choose from at the property that takes her straight to TAMU. We also didn't have to haul furniture like washer and dryer and move it in, Z provided all of the furniture for her! Right now, she is taking advantage of the free tutoring and computer labs. As a parent, I enjoy knowing that my child lives somewhere that she feels safe and has fun. The staff is fantastic and so friendly. She will definitely be at Z for the remainder of her time in college. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I moved here in August of 2017 and I have no complaints about the property! It is very convenient for me, since I don't have a car, and I have no trouble getting around and accomplishing my goals while living here. The staff is very welcoming and the maintenance staff is always on their toes! The residents are great and the property loves pets! They accommodate everyone and create a wonderful student and family living experience! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Living here was one of the best experiences of my college career! Unlike most places I felt like a part of a community. The staff are very professional and personable, and don’t just treat you like “another lease”. Management is decently fast on short notice situations. All around a fun environment to live in! Review from Google

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