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November 14, 2019
49 months ago



Because of the significant number of students and faculty living in College Station, there is a large variety of housing options. In order to simplify the selection process, begin by choosing what type of housing suits your preferences and budget best before you research and tour specific properties.


Many freshmen choose to live on campus their first year but it is important to have an accurate view of what life will be like. The most obvious advantage of living at TAMU is that your commute to campus will be extremely quick. You will be able to spend a few extra minutes sleeping and you can retire to your room in between classes if you want to do so. However, dorms tend to be smaller than other housing alternatives and you may have to share a room with a roommate that you may or may not know. While this may provide an opportunity for a new friendship, living with a stranger may cause friction if you have different lifestyle habits. When it comes to eating, you will need to either eat in the dining hall or use the community kitchen, which may limit your cooking options. Resident Assistants and dorm policies may limit your coveted freedom.


If you choose to live off campus, you will have the liberty to make your own house rules with your roommates about curfews, overnight guests and noise levels. TAMU student apartments will also allow you to have your own room, which means more privacy and storage, while still providing you an area to socialize when you want to be around people. When you sign your contract, because your housing is not affiliated with TAMU directly, you will be able to sign a year long contract so you have a place to stay during the summer and holidays. Unfortunately, you will also have a longer commute to class everyday. However, The Standard at College Station is located within walking distance of campus so you get the advantages of living on campus without any of the disadvantages.


Those who prioritize space often choose to live in a house. The extra square footage will provide you with plenty of room for privacy, entertaining and storage, but this space comes at a cost. Your utility bills will increase to compensate for the extra room and you will have more surfaces to clean. It is important to note not all landlords will perform maintenance or landscaping services for your lawn. If this is the case, you will be responsible for contracting out these services yourself, which you will need to factor into your budget. However, your front lawn will provide you with a place to invite friends over to grill and throw a football on the weekends.


Townhomes are larger than the average College Station apartments but smaller than houses. However, this additional space will need to be cleaned and maintained, which has the potential to be time consuming. It will also require more energy to regulate the temperature, increasing your average power bills. Thankfully, the homeowners association fees you are required to pay every month will ensure your landscaping is taken care of. Similar to luxury apartments, you may have access to community amenities such as a swimming pool and clubhouse.


Luxury apartments in College Station, TX, are ideal for students because they provide the best of both worlds. Students enjoy the freedom of living off campus but remain close to campus and gain access to a wide-range of different amenities, such as pools, fitness centers, computer labs, and tanning beds, which are all designed to help them attain a balanced lifestyle. Apartments tend to be cheaper than other alternatives and also frequently include some of your utilities. At The Standard, for example, high-speed Internet and cable are included in the cost of monthly installment payments.


Once you decide that luxury apartments are right for you, you will need to visit the various apartments for rent in College Station, TX. The Standard at College Station is ideal because it is a pet-friendly environment with lavish amenities, stylish furniture packages and only a short walk from campus. Schedule a tour at our student apartments near Texas A&M today!

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