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The Zone at College Station

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May 2019: Jesica Thetford was the greatest host we had today. We came into town and visited 7 different apartments. She was the most courteous and knowledgeable agent. We chose these apartments not just for her but she was the majority of the reason we signed the lease today. She is a major asset for this company. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Love The Zone and the staff, always very friendly and ready to help. The Zone is always clean and pleasant. Review from Google
Apr 2019: If I could give The Zone more then 5 stars I would. This community is honestly amazing! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Great apartments! Presley was so helpful really made my experience easier than I ever could’ve imagined! definitely recommend!!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I moved in last year with my little sister. I knew these were student apartments, rent by the room. But I wanted my sister to be around the right crowd, with students. The Zone has a lot of things for her. The apartments are pretty. They email and text us if something is wrong, or something is going to happen, they keep us updated. I had to find an apartment by the 31st, to start work the 1st. Every other place was saying it wasn’t possible... but Sommer and Kenzie made it possible! I even got to lease the whole apartment instead of just 1 room. I saw the reviews, but I gave it a chance anyway. I can’t picture any other place being my home for 2 years. Sommer and Kenzie are very understanding. They help with literally everything. My dryer was being weird, so I put in a request and just a 2 hours later they were here fixing it. I lost my debit card and I had a bank only located in my home town so I had them freeze my account and was late with rent payment but they waived the fee Review from Google
Jan 2019: The zone is my home and I love it! They are so nice to me! Especially Christine, she's always willing to help and never complains! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have really enjoyed living here at the Zone. The office staff is easy to work with and I love that over the course of my year and half here I have developed a friendship with two of the agents (shout out to Christine and Amanda!). The apartments are nice. I have lived in both a 2x2 and a 4x4. Both apartments were in fairly good condition, although the previous residents had done a bit of a number on the 4x4. Maintenance was responsive to requests and any big concerns were quickly resolved. I was an early move-in so the staff had not had time to do a full "reset" before I came in. Be aware the complex is very social, as are many of the complexes near A&M, so there will be parties but you can request an apartment further removed from the pool area and be just fine. The 4x4 has an extra-large balcony and we love spending evenings out there Review from Google
Nov 2018: WORST apartment ever. My car got broken into and they did nothing. There are constantly bugs around our apartment including multiple cockroaches that we have killed already. The complex if extremely loud and people especially if you have a ground level apartment (like me).i constantly get woken up at 2 or 3 am by people who sit in their cars and blast music so loud it wakes my roommates and I up. Also our dryer doesn’t dry and our fridge is leaking water. Both of which we have put in multiple maintaince requests for and never gotten fixed. Review from Google
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Am I allowed to sublease my apartment? It depends. In many general apartments, being allowed to sublease is common. In student housing, the opposite is true. Since student housing involves renting by the room, who lives in an apartment has a large effect on the others sharing common more

What is the benefit of a relet over a sublease? A relet is a much cleaner agreement. The original leasee is no longer liable for any unpaid rent, or damages. This means there is a clean cut-over and has much less risk to the original leasee. While there is usually a little cost involved with more

Oct 2018: The first day moving in they towed my car. The towing company wanted 300$. We asked the office to pay because it was an unprovoked towing. They said they would let us know the next day, but never got back to us. While we were waiting for them to help us, we were charged another 150$ for towing fees by the company that they hired. Review from Google
Jul 2018: It's a nice property. The apartment, pool and the extra facility's (like the clubhouse) are nice. There are some things however that they can improve, regarding to payments and service. First of all, the $300 moving fee or the $400 subleasing fee is absurd. It's too much. Why bill someone $300 dollar if the apartment is already cleaned by the resident. And why bill someone a $100 dollar more if they have to screen someone for your room? Second, I suddenly got an electricity and water/sewer bill.. No one told me about. Third, the people at the Zone never respond trough e-mail. And lastly, they told me that they found a subletter for my apartment and a few weeks later they tell me they didn't!! Really dissapointed! Review from Google
May 2018: The Zone is AMAZING! The front staff is incredible. Sommer is the best manager ever. There’s tons of parking and any maintenance problems were fixed within the week. The price of the place is awesome and it’s easily been one of my favorite places to live! Review from Google
May 2018: Girl friend lives here, I visit often. ALOT of noise. If you wanna study don't expect that to happen here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: very unprofessional...when we first moved in, my roommates and I realized that we were not being charged for utilities. After 3 months of this mistake, we went to the office and the property manager randomly told us that the Zone switched utility companies and we would be billed for those utilities 3 months after we moved out. They didn't send out any message or anything about this until we asked, but still blow up our phones for free food Fridays and send us emails to renew our leases. Maintenance is terrible. They fixed our hot water heater, after we went a week and a half with no hot water in our entire unit after winter break, left their maintenance materials in our apartment for 2 days, and left our washer disconnected as well. don't order a lot of packages at one time, because they may lose that too in that office. Bottom line..there are Review from Google
Apr 2018: Very good place to live for the price the only thing is that I would like the gym to be a little bit better, but that doesn't change the quality of the apartment. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Btw they tow everyone that parks in the complex especially where there are plentiful amounts of parking. There are only four visitor parking spaces in the complex so if you live here don’t plan on ever having visitors over. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is a great place to live!. The staff is wonderful! The parking is close and the pool!!! you wouldn't believe the pool!. can't beat it Review from Google
Jan 2018: Living at the Zone has been a great experience! Any problems that have come up have been quickly solved and all of the work staff has been especially kind to me whenever I ask any questions. Typically, this lady named Sommer helps me with any of my problems and she does a great job at getting problems resolved efficiently. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I just renewed my lease for the second year at The Zone. It is well constructed and well-maintained complex with a stunning swimming pull. The staff is cool and friendly especially Sommer who is really dedicated and responsive. Review from Google
Dec 2017: When I moved in there were things not working like our water heater, our sink was leaking, there were bugs everywhere, and the AC was not working. Maintenance would come and say things were fixed when they definitely weren't. On top that you don't receive your utility bill until like 3 months later and the expected you to pay it within 10 days. You might as well live somewhere else like Park West which has everything included and its way nicer. Review from Google
Dec 2017: We’ve been here for 2 years and haven’t had any issues. Any maintenance issues are handled quickly and efficiently. The office staff is always amazing at anaswering questions or working with us when issues arise. The recent update to the amenities makes them that much more enjoyable. During the summer the pool parties have been fun and enjoyable as well, really enjoyed the foam party and winning that yeti! As I said been here for 2 years with no issues and I have no plans on leaving anytime soon! Review from Google
Jun 2017: I have lived at the zone for 2 years now and have had a wonderful experience. I've gotten to know some of the staff and they are always kind and professional. Maintenance has always been very timely even at 11pm for an emergency. All of the amenities are well kept and the facility is very clean. Overall great place to live. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
May 2017: Great place to live! The staff is very nice and cooperative. Also the amenities are awesome. The free food Fridays are pretty awesome too. In all would definitely recommend someone to live here! Review from 5/18/17 on Google
May 2017: I lived at the zone this past year and had no complaints. The unit was nice and I had no problems with it. The staff was extremely friendly and frequently planned fun events for the residents. I would recommend this apartment complex to anyone interested in living in the college station area. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
May 2017: I lived at the zone last year and highly recommend it! The staff is super friendly and helpful. The complex is very well maintained and maintenance is very responsive. Rent is not bad either, it's a perfect place for student living. Review from 5/12/17 on Google
May 2017: I just finished my lease here, and did not renew. Maintenance is pretty bad, with several work orders being fraudulently closed after problems were not resolved. AC unit above the bathroom leaked sporadically throughout the last few months of the lease, resulting in pooling water in the bathroom. Washer and dryer were not fixed in similar fashion several times. Hot tub is so murky that you can barely see you own feet at the bottom. Review from 5/12/17 on Google

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