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The Woodlands of College Station

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Oct 2019: I love living here. Me and my roommates have had an amazing experience and we love the office staff. Sometimes there is a problem with billing but we have been helped out and had it fixed rather swiftly. Review from Google
Oct 2019: The Woodlands is definitely the place to be! It doesn't have that weird motel feel like other apartments. My apartment is so spacious, I feel like I'm living in a house! The amenities are amazing and the staff is SUPER nice! Review from Google
Oct 2019: Move in could have been better but i love living here. there was a bug issue in our apartment which took weeks to take care of but pest control came and slowly but surely we got rid of everything and are happy now! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I would only recommend living here if you plan on fixing all your own maintenance issues. As someone who does now know how to, It was poor overall. The pricing was very nice, but we were told we were to get brand new furniture at the beginning and we never did. I would call almost everyday for about two months about it and eventually gave up and realized we were not going to get it. I would not have stressed about new furniture if our couches were not already falling apart when we moved in. By the end of our lease our couch was so torn and the fabric was almost all gone. We did what we could and covered it with blankets to preserve it. In our storage closet there was leftover items from the previous renters. We asked for them to be removed but I just moved out today and they are still in the closet. I put in a work order when I first moved in about my toilet seat not being attached to the toilet and they never came Review from Google
Jul 2019: Ive lived here for a Year and haven’t had any issues or if I did they were solved within 24 hours, the office staff is great!! New pool and amenities! Manny and Jon are the best office staff and really listen! 9/10 would recommend living here. Plus, a new Chick-fil-A is being built 100 yards from my door step, cant complain. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Has absolutely the worst roommate matching , possible. Matched my daughter with 2 21 yr old men, then they fix it by putting her in an apt with 2 21 yr old ladies who constantly interact with drugs and made the complex aware and without a police report they will do nothing. this isnt student living alone, its whomever they can get aa lease signed by. PARENTS BEWARE, they do not solve problems they create more Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have loved my time here at the Woodlands! My favorite part is that the woodlands is always trying to improve the experience for the residents through new amenities, new social events, or special signing deals. Review from Google
Jun 2019: very helpful staff!! Kendra did a very good job of assisting me in every way possible. very nice place. clean and well kept as well. Review from Google
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May 2019: Love/Hate relationship with this place. Loved the apartment and amenities, but dealing with management was a pain. Lived here for 3 years. My apartment was NOT move in ready. Carpet was black and you could smell the urine from previous pets. I asked them to replace it, and it took them almost 2 weeks because they simply “forgot” when the carpet guys came that same week (mind you that all my furniture was all over the place because it couldn’t be moved into my new room yet). They still charged me that months rent, even though I didn’t have a bedroom to live in due to the nasty condition it was in, and the best they could do was give me a $100 gift card for my troubles. Walls are super thin and you can hear EVERYTHING.. (literally I could hear my neighbors have sex and they would blast their music at like 3/4 am) I cleaned my apartment while moving out and made sure that walls were cleaned, but I was still hit with the +$250 charge for painting (yet i thought there was a $90 fee for painting the unit upon move in) Review from Google
Mar 2019: As a full time student I am always trying to find somewhere to do homework. Going to campus and running the risk of not being able to find a parking spot is an easy deterrence, BUT with the club house being newly renovated I am always able to find a QUITE area to do homework & drink my coffee!
Feb 2019: Howdy i typically don't write reviews about complex's but i felt like i should for the Woodlands of College Station. I enjoyed this complex very much. It has everything you could wish to have in a college apartment. I wanted to point out how nice their staff is and very helpful. I spoke to Katherine and she was super friendly and welcoming! I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Feb 2019: This complex is really nice. While touring the complex I was greeted by their friendly staff, especially Katherine, she was very helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend living here.
Feb 2019: This place is HEAVEN! I have never been treated better. The customer service is impeccable. Katherine really made me feel at home in a foreign environment. I have never felt so ready for my stay here in College Station. Gig em Aggies!
Feb 2019: My experience at the Woodlands of College Station has been a great one! One of your employees (Ethan Plaisance) was extremely helpful with the leasing process and made it super easy for me and my roommates. I would recommend the Woodlands to anyone looking for a great living experience in College Station!
Feb 2019: PLEASE DO NOT LIVE HERE! I have NEVER written a review for ANYTHING no matter the situation but I need others to know how this apartment was (and has been) the absolute WORSE. We moved in Aug’17. It was nice at first glance, but once we got to actually looking around and the details, this place was a JUNK. There were wires sticking out where the modem was and not only that, the router was just dangling from the wires as there was no surface for the modem to stand on. The doors to the washer and dryer were broken and so was the knob to the washer. A whole chunk of carpet entering my room was torn off and I literally kept stabbing myself who knows what every time I walked into my room. One of my roommates had a hole in her bathroom which then led to roaches crawling all over her room, and my other roommates window would leak every time it rain Review from Google
Dec 2018: I’ll have a 2 page MLA format essay written about the Woodlands in due time, but to any Transfer/Incoming student looking to live at the Woodlands. PLEASE read the reviews and TRUST them. Everything you’re going to read is true. Don’t waste your money and be miserable while living in this awesome town. 0 stars if I was able to. Also, just wait for the “Hey (name)! We are disheartened that you have not been satisfied with your experience here.” copy and paste message they post under every comment pretending to be concerned about the experience of their residents, instead of their money. Again, check the reviews, believe them. Asset Campus Housing has failed with this property. Review from Google
Nov 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! I wish I could rate this place lower than one star. I lived here for two years and never had an issue, but then they got new management and for the past 3 months I’ve had nonstop issues. Our AC didn’t work for a month, they tried to tell us we didn’t need a working AC because it wasn’t “that hot” outside and that they couldn’t fix it because they didn’t know how. Not to mention, when maintenance would come (which they did basically every morning for a week) they would knock once and then just barge in. They walked in on my roommate when she was about to shower. I had bugs in my room and when I called and told the front office, they told me to go to Walmart and buy bug spray. They are always trying to overcharge me $30 for rent. Also, our fire alarms keep going off and so does our actual alarm system. This m Review from Google
Nov 2018: Great place to live but the staff is cycled through like crazy. Also, if you have an issue make sure you speak to a manager. The front desk people will legit tell you anything to get you to stop talking to them while they do their homework. Other than that its a great place to live. Awesome location and super close to food. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived here last year in a 4x4 and the amount of space we had was great. There were great amenities and the staff was typically pretty friendly. The couple of times I had issues, management were typically quick to respond. However, they do try to squeeze you out of money. They charged each of us a $90 cleaning fee at move-in yet the apartment was very dusty and smelled like fresh paint. Our dryer required at least 3 cycles before they would get remotely dry despite numerous work orders for it to be fixed. We were told to just clean the lint trap after every use (which we were already doing). Our fridge went out sometime during spring break to which we were told there was a part in the freezer that needed to be replaced. Well it never was so we endured the last 4 months with only our freezer (Luckily, we all had mini fridges anyway). The elect Review from Google
Oct 2018: I’m a super senior at A&M and have lived at the Woodlands for the last 4 years. The staff has always been good, but since Manny started working there I have felt significantly more at home. He truly has gone out of his way in countless instances to make me feel like I matter to him and the rest of the Woodlands staff. I wish i wasn’t graduating in December because I’m going to miss Manny’s hospitality. Review from Google
Oct 2018: This place is great!! There is a cool pool, volleyball courts, pet friendly, work out room, and best of all a movie room!! 😱 Really cool place. The management is really awesome and helpful. There are also always some kind of give always you can enter in which is always cool because free things. Review from Google
Jun 2018: SCAMMERS! Beware before ever signing a lease here. They did not follow the terms of our lease agreement and we are owed $600!!! Don’t believe them when they say you will receive a $50 a month utility credit. I had initial contact with Will Rogers on May 29th regarding this issue. I provided the copies of my documents on June 6th in which he replied “I’m working on a solution for this.” Sent him a follow up email last Thursday, no reply. Myself and my daughter each left a message on Friday - no return call. I left another message on Monday - no return call. Unfortunately now it looks as if I will have to escalate matters because obviously I’m getting nothing but crickets now. I should continue to post about all the issues my daughter encountered while living here but I think I’ll save those details for another day when I h Review from Google
Jun 2018: Some of the amenities are nice (like the pool) but they are overshadowed by the irresponsibility and unresponsiveness of the staff. They showed my unit to potential buyers when my roommates and I were out of town one weekend and when I came back (I was the first one back) there was a dead roach in the kitchen that they had squished and not cleaned up, my AC settings were changed, and they had left lights on. This is just one example of many that show how poorly the staff treats their residents. We also had many problems with our air conditioning unit and heater throughout the year, and some of our work orders took weeks for them to fix. Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for two years and have never been pleased with the upkeep of the amenities like the gym or pool, but this summer they say they will be starting renovations. I have a 12 month lease so I will be living here this summer. Starting May 8th the whole Clubhouse will be closed, including the gym. Towards the end of the summer they plan on closing the pool for renovations. The Woodlands is not even offering a reduced rent for those of us living here during that time. I pay too much to live at an apartment with facilities like a gym and pool for them to close them. This is ridiculous. I do not reccomend living here to anyone because of the poor management and the lack of care for their current residents. Review from Google
Apr 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Everything about this apartment complex is horrible. First off we have to pay a fee for cleaning and whenever we moved in our unit was disgusting and dirty. I did not even have a holder for my toilet paper. Also we have had various insects in our unit from roaches to lizards to spiders. I can deal with spiders and lizards but roaches are absolutely disgusting and they are huge. Also one day when it got cold the pipe above our unit bursted and completely flooded our apartment damaging a very expensive rug we bought and various other things that would not be replaced. I understand it isn’t their fault but the way they dealt with the situation was horrible. Untilities are extremely more expensive than what my parents pay in their 4K square foot house and even though we never have our a/c or heat on they somehow find a way to c Review from Google

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