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Mar 2019: It is super close to Texas A&M and the gym is very well maintained. The rooms are nice and the staff is lovely. The maintenance sometimes takes a bit to get to requests. But altogether a lovely place to live. 😊 Review from Google
Mar 2019: The Tradition is awesome! Everybody is super friendly and the rooms have everything a student could need to live comfortably and efficiently. Additionally, the complex’s proximity to campus means I save $400/semester on a campus parking pass. Arguably the best value in town at this good of a price range. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have lived here for two years since right after the renovation and it has been a great place to live. I moved in my freshman year and the staff was super helpful and helped me out with a lot in these two years. I renewed for my third year because the prices are great for the location and the quality of the rooms. Highly recommend
Mar 2019: Super convenient place to live and has everything you need. The staff is also really nice! However, you might have to pay for water and electricity even though they say it’s covered. Not a big deal tho, it’s like $10 a month
Mar 2019: The Tradition is a great place to live! It's only a short walk to campus, which makes it easy to get to your classes. The furniture is very modern and the amenities (pool, computer lab, gym) are fantastic!
Mar 2019: The tradition has great amenities and also great apartments though a little small. They have very helpful and kind maintenance and front desks workers. There's honestly not a lot to complain about and if I could I would give 4.5 stars just because it's better than 4 stars. If I would complain about anything it's just being able to hear water through the walls which honestly isn't that bad and you get used to it although it's definitely a little spooky in the beginning.
Feb 2019: Employees are very helpful and nice, but manager is utterly incompetent. Utility bills are based on the entire apartment's usage so you will have to pay the price for others' abuse of resources. Noise at night is substantial, but reasonable given the location in Northgate. Gym is great. Things break a lot but you get what you pay for and work orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.
Dec 2018: No hot water during holidays! Please not sign here to live and very noisy place. They never stop people who have party and screaming until 2 am in the swimming pool. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: EDIT: Management fixed this in the Fall 2018 semester! Although any sounds close to the fire alarm sound give me PTSD, I can at least sleep peacefully most of the times now. The new lease has not yet started, but I am already contrite in renewing mine. I can understand the newbies making mistakes and tripping off the fire alarm, but the new guys have not come yet and the constant fallacious alarms have already begun. This is getting out of control, and God bless us all residents when the semester starts as this is going to worsen! Review from Google
Dec 2018: UPDATE (December 2018): The management has fixed the fire alarm issue and in the past semester it has been totally under control. Constant false-fire alarms: There is no better feeling than waking up to blaring fire alarms in the middle of the night, and the adrenaline rush you get when you are forcibly woken is probably better than sky-diving!! So kudos to the management for giving us such an amazing experience. I guess the prisoners at Guantanamo bay sleep more peacefully than the residents here. The management has taken no measures to date other than sending an apartment-wide notice in late 2017. It is high time they keep this under control. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I lived here for 1 year and it was one problem after another. The staff seemed to be friendly, but it didn't end up being the case. First problem was that the fire alarms went off every day. My hot water did not work for the first couple of WEEKS so I was showering in FREEZING water. The people from "maintenance" never came to address problems. The rooms always felt like I was living in a cell, there are no windows in the living space. The amenities that they provide were never kept up to what they promised. They were advertising their Starbucks machine so much, but NEVER restocked anything. The garage was always so dark and sketchy, I never felt safe walking into the building by myself. The hallways always smelled like rotten food and trash. The stairwells always had cigarettes and dog poop in them. The trash chutes were beyond disgusting. M Review from Google
Dec 2018: What ever you do DO NOT LIVE HERE. So many better places to live for a lower price like Park west down the road or even The standard across the street. They force you to pay for parking and It sucks a**. They don’t have after hours help like a lot of other places and the rooms are super small. The purposely show you a display room that is bigger so that they trick you into just signing and then finding out later that your apartment is actually super small. DO NOT LIVE HERE ITS TERRIBLE. Plus they tell you that you have an allowance for utilities which is practically no existent so yeah good luck. Live anywhere that isn’t the Tradition please. Hope this helps someone out. P.S the hallways always smell like bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned in 19 years so yeah to each their own. Review from Google
Nov 2018: If I could leave a -1000 star I would. When I was first thinking about moving into The Traditions, they made everything seem so nice and professional, however; I got just the opposite. The tour guide said that no one(regarding the residents of the past year) ever goes past the utility limit. This year, everyone has to pay around $10-$20 dollars all of the sudden in the middle of the semester because they had a “falling out” with the company (APEX) they had previously till they scrambled to find a new company (simple bills). I signed a lease for apex, not simple bills, but the traditions will not honor that lease. I am not the only one complaining about this situation. When i first moved in, it took an hour for them to give me my key to my apartment because they “lost” my key. My carpet and wall got soaked because they needed to repla Review from Google
Aug 2018: Be very careful signing a lease with this company. They will NOT work with you if you need to back out before moving in. We signed a lease almost 4 months before move in date and tried to get out of it 3 months before we were suppose to move in. They said we were responsible for the entire 12 month lease or we have to sub lease ourselves. I understand lease contracts and the legality of them, but this company won’t work with you at ALL. I feel like I signed a deal with the devil... Review from Google
Jul 2018: "good value for money" This is just about the lease signing, I have not yet moved into Tradition. But just wanted to give a warning, these guys are hecklers. don't believe them if they're telling you there's only one apartment left, there's a lot left for sure. Be wary of pressure tactics to push you into signing a lease. I ended up signing one with these guys, but I'm still hoping the management is better than my first impression. Edit : I've stayed here for a year now and I've had good experiences with the management. They are easily approachable and responsive. Also I'm satisfied with the value for money of my unit, the basic one. The gym is great, the pool is clean and the whole place is kept tidy. would recommend for someone looking for their own room and bath. The only concern probably would be the area of the units, but that is a co Review from Google
Jun 2018: This place is THE WORST™ Every horrible comment here is totally true, I feel so sorry I lied to a girl who told me she just signed a lease here that she’d like it. Staff has a horrible attitude, horrible service, nothing gets taken care of (like work orders) The ceilings leak, the hallways smell, the garage sucks, strangers can get in here pretty easily lol. Someone was going to sell me an item and said they were already in my building. Excuse me? Lol Free food Friday’s are the only vague highlight here. The coffee machine area is only maintained when they’re showing this place off. Otherwise there’s dog piss on the carpets in the hallways and other trash. Not to mention I’ve walked down my hall to see a large pile of poop greeting me :) The theatre is almost never used. No you can’t rent movies downstairs, people at the front de Review from Google
Jun 2018: overall good experience at this apartment, what stood out to me was the service the CA’s provided, always ready to help with whatever we needed! Review from Google
May 2018: It is an amazing apartment. They have free food Friday’s as well as free candy and coffee. The employees are extremely friendly and you only have one roomate which makes my life so much easier. We have our own private bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Ever since the renovation, this complex has be wonderful! The staff is really sweet and helpful and the rooms themselves are in MUCH better condition then before. The appliances are all brand new, so everything works well. My only complaint is that the doors into your bedroom are a keypad, instead of a regular key, and mine has given me some issues before. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend living here! Review from Google
Apr 2018: The staff has yelled at me I don't know how many times, the rooms are poorly lighted, they come into my room without permission, the stairwells are full of urine and dog waste (and has been there for 5 months without clean up), the carpets are all stained and discolored, and lastly the hallways always smell terrible. Its called the "Trashy Trad" by everyone for a reason. The staff really needs to work on their attitude. It's on Northgate so it is so loud at night it's hard to sleep and construction wakes me up every morning. Maintenance takes forever and there is barely any security.
Feb 2018: I love it here! Great staff! They make you feel welcomed and at home. The residents are all interactive and nice as well. The rooms are all new and fully furnished! As a current resident i was skeptic at first because of the size, but it actually isn’t an issue. The apartments are cozy and i made my feel like home. The apartment location is convienient, probably a 3-4 minute walk to Texas A&M campus and a 8 minute drive to Blinn. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The Tradition is one of the WORST places to live off campus. Every single one of the negative reviews left here are true. When I first moved in, my hot water did not work, and my bathroom countertops were unfinished(still unfinished, I gave up on trying to get them to finish them). The fire alarm goes off constantly even after they "fixed" it. During the first month of living here, the trash chute did not work and the trash rooms became filled with trash. After a full week of management doing nothing about this, the maintenance crew cleaned it only to reveal rat poop and disgusting stains all over the floor. The hallway, the elevators, and the common areas are NEVER cleaned. The floor is cover with stains of all sorts and they have been there for months. The walls are so thin I can hear my roommate's entire conversation on the phone. After hav Review from Google
Feb 2018: Been living here for one year now and the main problem here are the fire alarms lol. Rooms are small but for 2x2 its reasonably priced with the amenities included (refrigerator, washer-dryer, tv, dishwasher, alexa ,microwave oven). Tradition beats most places because of its location and low cost. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is not a good place to live if you want to live PEACEFULLY. They have this building wide fire alarm system that seemingly goes off at random times. I cannot remember the last time I have gone to bed without worrying that a LITERALLY deafening noise will wake me in the middle of the night. Would not recommend this place to anyone anymore. If you want ensure that you can still hear by the end of the year DO NOT LIVE HERE! Review from Google
Nov 2017: I am a current resident here and I really enjoy all of the different amenities that you guys have to offer. The gym is by far the cleanest and most updated gym I've had in my time here in College Station. The staff is also very friendly everytime I pass the front desk to get to my class. Review from Google

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