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The Stack at Legacy Point

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Jun 2019: I really enjoy it here, I love how close it is to campus and Northgate. The common areas are always so clean, they take care of the community. Although I'm only here for the summer, I would totally live here if I went to TAMU, If I apply for grad school, I'll definitely be applying for lease here first. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Great place to stay. Staff are friendly and the rooms are really well kept and spacious Review from Google
May 2019: I've lived at The Stack since Fall 2015 and had a wonderful experience living here. Below are the details: Pros: 1. GREAT location. You're within a 5-10 minute walk of ETB, Zachry, Blocker, and many other buildings on campus so it's very easy to get to class. You're within walking distance of Subway, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and McDonalds. Across College Avenue, you can walk to Mo's Irish Pub, Piada, Blaze Pizza, and a bunch of other places for great food. You can also walk to Cinema Grill to watch movies. 2. The maintenance crew here is AWESOME. Anytime I had problems in the apartment, maintenance was able to come and fix it by the next day. In the years that I lived at the Stack, I had a leak above my ceiling in the shower, a problem with my shower head and toilet, and a shaky fan, all that were fixed by maintenance the next day from when I reported the issue. 3. The amenities and cleanliness are VERY good Review from Google
Dec 2018: Lived here for 3 months. The internet was very good the first two months; however, the internet the past month has been completely unacceptable. If I cannot do my online homework at night in a college apartment, you need to fix it immediately. This is not a one time occurrence which I can forgive. No, this is several times a week for a month. The rent is exorbitantly high. Internet shouldn't be an issue. Everything else is pretty good. Edit: haven't had any issues since review. Will update my review steadily overtime. Review from Google
Aug 2018: It's just not worth the money and effort. I've been to the stack many times as a visitor to friends who unfortunately chose to live here. It has the potential to be a good residency, but too many things break or dont work, such as the elevators or the wifi. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I've previously lived at the Stack for two years, it was a great two years. Recently, I decided to move back in a sign a new lease, except when I signed my lease, they had changed the leasing agreement. I signed up for a 12-month lease, but will only be allowed to live there from August 18th, 2018 - July 27th, 2019. That is ALMOST A Whole MONTH that I will not be living there, but they will still expect you to pay a whole month of rent for August. Be very careful when you sign a lease because they say one thing when it's different on paper. They are greedy and will rip you off. Because of them, I will be living in my car for the next two weeks because I'm in between leases. They do not care about residents, only your money. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The Stack has pretty terrible organizational skills. I was scheduled to move in on a Friday night after my flight got in and they didn't have my keys ready. I had called a week ahead of time to remind them of when I was coming and they acknowledged it and told me to also call 30 mins before I arrived so they could make sure the keys were ready. I did this and got placed on hold FIVE SEPERATE times before being hung up on and told that they would call back. I arrived at the Stack and since no one had returned my calls, was forced to sit outside waiting with all my luggage until another resident let me into the lobby. There I waiting for over TWO HOURS attempting to contact them about my keys and reviving no response. All this while at the front desk there was literally a note with my information and time of arrival posted in plain view. I did n Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived at The Stack for 3 years and it recently went downhill. Maintenance never fixes anything and we have been putting in multiple work orders for months now. The staff downstairs is unfriendly and they can't answer anyone's questions accurately. While the location is nice, it is not worth the cost at all. I would not suggest moving into this complex. Review from Google
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May 2018: I haven’t even moved in yet and I have had terrible interactions with the staff. I get promised one thing before signing with one staff member, then after I sign everything is still seemingly fine, but then when things get put in writing, everything is different! Make sure you get everything taken care of and in writing BEFORE you sign, otherwise they will take their time and change their mind about things! I will be more than happy to edit my review later on if my feelings change, but I am extremely unhappy with the service I have received thus far! Review from Google
Feb 2018: The noise is minimal. The location to campus is nice. The on-suite bathrooms are the best! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I haven't had the blessing of living at The Stack, but I have been able to work here for the past year. Location is AWESOME! Since I am staff, I can walk to class between shifts, or NG after hours and it's a lifesaver! Review from Google
Nov 2017: I lived here in a 1bed/1bath for a year. Could NOT wait to move out forever. Their location is next door to a concert venue that plays until 2am (My walls would shake from the bass). The performance is then accompanied by guys with jacked up trucks revving/doing donuts and drunk girls screaming until about 3:30am. Add in the thin walls/loud residents, and you'll probably never sleep again. The room was fantastic, never had a bug. good luck finding parking. Many people illegally park in the open lot and go to class, or if you leave on a Friday after office hours good luck. They don't tow outside of office hours, and everyone going to Harry's/NG park there. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Though I do not have noteworthy encounters of mistreatment by the staff, I have heard many horrific stories from other residents. From my own experience and what I have heard, there is a noticeable issue of the staff lacking professionalism with their general lackadaisical approach to their own responsibilities. Additionally, the rooms of the building are cramped and designed cheaply judging from the thinness of the walls and the lack of sound proofing. Review from Google
Sep 2017: The Stack is the perfect place to live in College Station. The location is perfect just across the University and walking distance to the bar district. The rooms are clean and spacious people are friendly and the staff is very nice. I highly recommended this residence ! Review from Google
Jul 2017: If you're considering the Stack at legacy point, it's a great location but not worth THE COST. You have to pay for an entire month you don't even live there! They explain this is because you pay the same cost for every month you live there. But you move in halfway through August and you have to move out about halfway through May! Paying the whole month each time! That means you're getting to pay for an entire month of NOT EVEN LIVING THERE- and the rent is too high to begin with. You're so much better off renting somewhere else and saving money for college books, classes, etc. Also my experience personally after living here for a year and moving out was terrible. There was mold in our toilets upon move-in. I wrote this off as being a bathroom thing, but I started getting sick with constant infections soon afterward. In addition, the mold in th Review from Google
May 2017: There is literally no reason not to live here except for the price. If you can afford it, The Stack is the best way to go. If you're living in White Creek it's time to grow up and get an actual place to live. It's cheaper than all apartments on campus and literally is right across the street. The Stack is very reliable. Absolutely have zero complaints and have been helped multiple times with various tasks. It's extremely quiet if you're one to enjoy emptiness. There are social events basically no one goes to but that's everywhere. Review from 5/18/17 on Google
Jun 2016: The Stack has provided so many opportunities for me. As a student, it gave me a place to make life long friends and have a sense of community that I truly loved. In fact, even after I graduated from Texas A&M, I came back! For me, the Stack really is home. Review from 6/15/16 on Google
May 2016: Couldn't ask for a better place to live. If you're willing to pay the higher rent, you'll get all you paid for. The front desk staff are always helpful, the maintenance staff are on top of things and keep the whole place running smoothly and cleanly. The rooms are top-notch. While I thought they may be fancy looking on the outside but still shoddy underneath before I moved in, I can say now after having lived here a whole year that the rooms are actually built very well, with many little well thought out details. In my experience the rooms are very quiet, only occasionally interrupted by loud people in the pool area (I have a pool-side facing window) since the sound echoes and the windows aren't quite thick enough to fend off the sound. Review from 5/24/16 on Google
Nov 2015: Everything is good, except the Stack does not have "quiet hour policy" like other apartments in the swimming pool area. Thus, you might easily hear people playing or talking loudly in the hot tub or swimming pool area after midnight when you go to bed......especially during weekends or holidays. Review from 11/8/15 on Google
Sep 2015: I've been living here for about a week and my only complaint is that the front desk isn't open all the time. However, everything here is sooo soo nice! Also the roommate matching is fantastic because we were fast friends :) Review from 9/20/15 on Google
May 2015: Really great place to stay. Comes with a lot of really cool features and the staff is just awesome. My car broke down three times this school year. Twice, some staff members stayed past their shift to ensure that my car was working well and wouldn't break down if I traveled. Loved having my own bathroom and bedroom. The roommate matching survey works well, because I got a wonderful roommate. The apartment complex also has little parties for different occasions every now and then. Review from 5/4/15 on Google

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