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The Junction at College Station

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Feb 2018: Gonna be honest here: it's not worth all the money and it's definitely not what it's cracked up to be. They deserve like 2.5 stars but that isn't an option, but they're not 3 star worthy. The clubhouse is nice and the gym is bare minimum, but the printer in the clubhouse is broke/malfunctioning 8 times out of 10, so you're better off printing on campus. Office staff: nice for the most part, one time I lost my key and wallet and they refused to just charge my account I had to come up with the $75 before I could buy a new key... even though my wallet was LOST with my key on it. Duh. Account balances are weird, it's always something new. I'm now paying for more than when I signed my lease agreement, like $50 more each month. If I knew I'd be paying what I pay now, I obvi wouldn't have signed here. Maintenance: Pretty efficient and super nice. N Review from Google
Feb 2018: This is my second year living here, and I love it!! The staff is very friendly and helpful, and always more than willing to help out! The community is very well taken care of, and has a ton of amenities. My bedroom and living room are very spacious, it feels like living in a house! Also love that water is free lol
Dec 2017: Loved living here! The clubhouse is great. They got really cool massage chairs and study rooms. They also got a pretty dope TV setup. I gotta mention a worker at the front desk, Austin Silvera, who is always helpful and courteous. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Very nice staff and plentiful facilities. Great location that is very accesible to groceries, etc. Review from Google
Nov 2017: ATTN this is NOT strictly student Housing. Now this may not be an issue for some however, there is a possibility your student could be living with people who are not students and they could even be any age. The issue I have with this is that the website and the complex it self markets its self as student housing. I am sure that students are their main target but anyone can move in. My daughters roommate decided they want to move out and they are now subletting their room to a person they found to rent it to. All the girls in the house were under 21 and in school but now they are getting a roommate that is over 30 and not in school. This is just an FYI - some may not care but I am sure some parents would like to know. The place has a pretty awesome pool though.
Sep 2017: I gave The Junction a check without opening the envelope it came in thinking it was my rent, however the check was written out to me. The Junction cashed the check that was written out to me (not to The Junction), and when I realized I handed them the wrong check, I asked for a refund. At first, they apologized for the mistake and told me they would refund me as soon as possible. Then, the accounts manager, Neil Robinson, emailed me and said that the check would take "maybe up to a month to refund it (since everyone is going through move outs)". It is one thing that the check was cashed that was written out to me, but to be too busy to fix the problem is ridiculous. When I was asked if I needed the money back soon or if I could wait until move out, I responded that I wanted the money back as soon as possible and that a month was not accept Review from Google
Jun 2017: These facilities are so nice and well taken care of. I went to play volleyball with some friends and was so impressed with how clean everything was, especially in the summer when we like to make a mess of things. They also have awesome game rooms with TVs, pool tables, and other forms of entertainment to just hangout with friends! The pool area is also HUGE, and super fun for grilling and hanging out. Love the Junction! Review from 6/8/17 on Google
May 2017: I'm an actual person, and I'm pretty sure the Junction doesn't need to write fake reviews because this place is great. The rooms are very nice and new, they provided me with a nice spring bed and mattress, and I slept very well here. The management was very helpful with a leak we had from a fire sprinkler at one point, and they fixed small things such as wooden decoration supports on the base of the bar island in the kitchen. They have a nice amount of events here, and the clubhouse is very nice. The workout equipment is great, but its quite busy in there most of the time. They even have a dry sauna, and a wet sauna! The pool was awesome too, and they have a small gameroom as well. Review from 5/23/17 on Google
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Feb 2017: I love this place! The staff is friendly and answer any questions you have (you can even text them)! The amenities are great, especially the pool and the gym. The only issue I've had is people don't pick up after their dogs sometimes so you have to watch where you walk. But it's not the Junction's fault as there's many doggie stations around the property. It's more so people are just too lazy to pick it up & the Junction has actually started to fine people after receiving complaints. This is has been the only real issue I've had and it was nothing major. Overall, the Junction is a great place to live and I would definitely recommend living here. five stars!
Jan 2017: My younger sister's apartment. Close to her school, Texas A&M. I dropped her off at here and got a chance to see this amazing place, that's by itself awesome. Really great staff, nice surroundings. Review from 1/7/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Great place to live. Very well maintained and fast service if needed. Atmosphere is great around the clubhouse and pool. Main issue is that it can look kind of dirty in the pond after a period of little rain. Other than that it was a very enjoyable place to live in. Review from 12/29/16 on Google
Nov 2016: They have a lot of great amenities. I haven't any problems personally, but my roommate has had an electrical issue in his room for quite a while and they haven't been able to fix it. Always very responsive, but they seem to be ironing out kinks as any brand new complex would. Not a bad place to live overall. Review from 11/3/16 on Google

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