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The Cottages of College Station

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Sep 2019: I am very disappointed with the level of customer service at this place. My son moved in 8/19/19 with over an hour wait to get keys. Then the furniture package that was part of the rental agreement was not in yet. Almost a week later and still no furniture! Completely unacceptable!!! I have called the office multiple times and no answer. I have also emailed with no response from management. Rent should be prorated due to their lack of fulfillment of rental agreement. We certainly paid our rent on time; therefore, this place needs to hold up their end of the bargain! The management needs to most definitely improve in many areas. Customer service should be first and foremost improved and quickly. Still no furniture and someone called me over a week ago and promised me that my son would have his furniture package the next day and still nothing!! I have contacted an attorney and made him aware that The Cottages are in breach of the contract Review from Google
Aug 2019: I've lived here for 3 years. The past two years, the leasing office stayed out of the way of things, and for the most part, things went smoothly - the place is nice, and the maintenance mostly does their job, so as long as you didn't have to interact with the leasing office and management, you were fine. This year has been a totally different story. The leasing office lost my roommate's lease twice, and I had to spend about 2 months practically begging the front office to do their job. They won't answer the phone - I've even tried sitting in the front office and calling the phone. I WATCHED the guy at the leasing desk pick up my call on the phone and drop it back down so that he wouldn't have to answer it. This wasn't when they were busy - this was just a random afternoon this summer when I was trying to make sure they didn't put me in a house with a dog because my roommate is allergic Review from Google
Aug 2019: I can't say enough how much I've enjoyed my short time living at the Cottages. The office staff are always friendly and helpful, and the management team has gone above and beyond to help me out with extenuating circumstances. I love my 1 bedroom apartment, especially with the nice view I have of the pool. The amenities are great, the gym is always clean with little to no waiting for equipment, and the pool is awesome on a hot Texas day. Overall I'm glad I decided to go with this apartment and I'm looking forward to spending my last year at A&M here. Big shout out to all the managers who helped me out, thank you guys! Review from Google
Aug 2019: The Cottages are a nice place in appearance, however I am sharing our experiences upon getting our daughter moved in yesterday 8/18/19. I have had issues with getting the phone answered when I called, I never get a returned phone call. Upon arrival our daughter had to wait 2.5 hours to get her keys(I can relate to the chaos when so many are trying to get their keys) however there needs to be a more efficient system in place. Upon getting to her place along with her 4 other roommates, there was trash at the back door, the place was extremely dirty, the stove had grease that was evident, the microwave was broken, the fridge was dented and dirty, the place smelled like total dog, furniture was missing, the carpet was very dirty, the bathrooms were not clean, there was a leak underneath the sink, the walls and baseboards were dirty and needed paint, lots of dog hair everywhere. It was not move in ready by any means Review from Google
Aug 2019: My daughter loves the cottages and I love the new management. Every time I have called, the staff is so friendly and helpful. Victoria has always helped me when I had concerns about rent and Faith and mysti went above and beyond to help my daughter get a spot last year. Thank you cottages Review from Google
Jul 2019: My son has not moved in yet and I am very disappointed on this place. I have been trying to reach some one at the office since Friday (today is Tuesday) and it has been impossible. I have called about 12 times at different times and no luck either. I find this very unprofessional because they should have enough staff to be answering phones. They are a big apartment complex and the rent is not cheap, so the least they can do for their tenants is offer a good customer service. God forbid my son having an emergency while living there, they would be no help. We signed an early lease contract for my son with the understanding he was getting roomed with his friends. He requested the people he wanted to room with when he first filled out the application, We visited the premises several times and mentioned the office personnel about rooming with his friends. Each time they would guarantee him that Review from Google
Jul 2019: Management is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I haven’t even moved in yet, and they already roomed me in what I DIDNT SIGN FOR. AND they put me with three random people, not the three I requested. They also never ever answer the phone.... You can go in and try and get something done and they’re nice BUT they will not get it done. They’ll say “okay we’ll send you an email” and NEVER DO. Review from Google
May 2019: Let me paint a picture for you. Mold, spewing from vents. Rats, running around the floor. Management that didn’t care. Hooligans driving around the property blasting music. Burritos and broken beer cans floating in the pool. I was awoken some nights to the sound of rats running around my walls and floors, and other nights from groups of college kids parked in the street blasting music from their cars. This was followed up by an unresponsive maintenance team and a lacking security department. This was a typical day at the cottages of college station. I gain nothing from exaggerating, I only want to share the truth. I counted down the days till move out. I can confidently say that this was the worst place I lived at in college station for the sole fact that I worried about my physical health and mental well being consistently. Don’t live here, not out of spite of the port complex, but for your own safety. Review from Google
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May 2019: Larry was a great help. Excellent customer service skills and product knowledge. Great asset to the company. Looking forward to moving my daughter in the fall. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Its a great place to live. Everybody is very friendly and helpful when needed. I signed on for another year great place to live Review from Google
Apr 2019: Honestly I don’t live here, cuz I don’t have a chance because of their disrespectful, arrogant leasing manager. I literally feel that I got fooled by her. Some of my friends want to do the short term and some want to do the full year. First time they said they can do this with 150 premier. However next day we came, they it’s gonna be 200!!!Fine we accepted that , but the third time we got there the manager said they’re out of short time lease and she had to report to the property to let them open more, and the premier could be 200-250!! She said they sent a wrong message that they still have short term, because she weren’t there last time. Come on it’s your job to make things right whether or not if you’re in the office. She said it’s gonna take one week that she will response to us. Now guess what, it’s Friday and she’s not in the office again!!! And she won’t reply any email we sent her Review from Google
Apr 2019: 9 of my friends were just trying to ask about short term lease there. The staff kept telling us different stories. Faith Farmer the manager told us to wait for some days yet, a whole week passed and we called the front desk only to be told that she was not at the office. I don't know what future they are looking for themselves. But I definitely will not consider this place anymore in that the way they are dealing request is taking too much time. Bad service. Review from Google
Mar 2019: The cottages are NOT pet friendly and do not under ANY circumstances do anything to keep your pets safe or in a clean environment!!!! NOBODY is happy with how the cottages management handles their property or any of their costumers. They will say or do anything you want to hear to keep you “happy”. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Mike and Colton are amazing members of the staff at the cottages! They have a huge dog park! And lots of dogs around property! All the dog park owners are friends. Great community for dog owners! My dogs are extremely happy living here! Review from Google
Mar 2019: This place is a great place to live. Neighbors are friendly, maintenance under the new management is quick and dependable, and the workers working at the club house are very helpful for your questions and issues. Trying to re-lease was stressful, but the staff, especially Caroline, helped immensely with the process. My only issue is the internet here. It can act shoddy at times, and it's very weak. Overall, however, this is a great place to live. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I used to hate the old management when I moved here my sophomore year, but this new management will not want you to leave! I love the new management! Used to never get any maintenance done but now they damn near respond an hour after you place it! BIG SHOUTOUT TO MS VICTORIA HICKS! Best person ever! If you ever have situations she is willing to work something out with you! I currently live here for two years now and already renewed for 2019-2020 year! SIGN HERE SIGN HERE SIGN HERE! Also I love the security guys here. Even tho I throw large parties at my apartment once in a blue moon, the security always work with us and don’t just be rude and rowdy like how it is with other places. As long as you’re civilized and don’t go off the wrong way. Love this damn apartments man! LIVE HERE I PROMISE YOU YOULL LOVE IT!!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Be prepared to invest in your own router because they have the worst internet. It will give out randomly and stop working. Half of their treadmills don’t work and a lot of their workout equipment is outdated. It’s also very hard to get in contact with them. I have tried to leave messages on their phone because they don’t ever answer calls and no one tries to call back.
Feb 2019: As a current resident at the cottages I can tell you that their customer service is absolutely terrible. Not only do the people working the front desk suck (bc they’re young and could care less) their higher level employees are terrible as well. I have tried to reach them countless times but I get nothing back. The first 4 weeks here they did not answer a SINGLE CALL. I’ve been trying to get better internet speeds here when absolutely no one there will help me. The manager said he would send a email to the service provider and they would email me. I will be waiting for that email in my grave. The AC in the house sucks, especially if you live upstairs. They have fixed it twice but it’s still the same. About the only thing that is good ab this place is that it is really friendly for dogs. Once more - their customer service sucks. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I had the WORST experience here from the day I picked up my keys until the day I turned them in. My ceiling leaked from rain and got black mold and the maintenance men’s solution was to PAINT over it. Our fridge broke. They gave me the wrong keys to my house and never gave me a mailbox key. We had to put in at least 4 maintenance request to get anything done and even then it took several weeks. Not to mention all the break ins and public disturbances?????? Also, one time at a pool party the cottages put on a guy got so drunk he threw up in the pool and they let people continue to swim in it. And it still wasn’t cleaned the next day. The pool was disgusting and they hardly ever cleaned it. Disgusting. If you love your kid, don’t let them live here. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I had to edit my review because personnel almost never answers or returns calls! This month I was charged two late fees and I paid the same day as I've paid for the last year and a half. I've been trying to call to find out why and had no luck. There have been other issues that my daughter had to go through with their security company. I no longer recommend this place for students. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The Cottages are beautiful! Great location Had a wonderful experience touring with Natalie! She was very helpful and answered all our questions. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I love the cottages! Victoria is a wonderful manager to work with that puts you first and will help with your issues right then. Alex handles all my issues with the utmost respect and Kaili is very detail oriented when it comes to our leases and will ensure we get the best deal. I know in the past there have been bad reviews, but with the management they have now along with the front staff that is friendly I genuinely feel welcome and appreciated. The parties are awesome and there have been a ton of cool giveaways. Bottom line, I think this is a wonderful place to be! Review from Google
Nov 2018: - 9/18 - I lived at this complex for 3 years. I graduated (and moved out of the complex in August 2017) and I am being harassed by a collection agency over $100 for carpet cleaning which The Cottages has never notified me about (they have all the necessary phone numbers and addresses to reach me). The best part about this? The Cottages told us we needed to pay for carpet cleaning (Which we did and I have proof of). After that, no balances have ever shown up on my resident portal as unpaid, or on my move out statement.... until now somehow. Be careful of these shady business practices when moving out of the complex, this can greatly affect your credit if gone unnoticed for a long period of time. don't be a victim of this. -10/31 - PS. I can't respond to the Owner's comment, but y'all have all necessary information to reach me at any time. I'm Review from Google
Oct 2018: My daughter moved in to start the school year. This property is very well kept. The complex was extremely large. All the buildings were pleasing to the eye. My only concern came at nightfall. The lighting between the buildings was insufficient. Walkways were dark, or poorly lit. I advised my daughter to be aware of her surroundings, especially at night. She has a stun gun with a light. I have her give it a test stun while walking from the parking lot. I didn't see any security on the property, but this facility appears to be safe. My daughter loves living here. I'm very pleased with her choice. Review from Google
Aug 2018: The managers are amazing, nice, and hard working! They do a lot for residents. Maintenance calls could be a little faster, but I understand that’s it’s move in time. My daughter feels safe there and that’s what matters to me! Review from Google

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