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Stadium View Apartments

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Nov 2019: This apartment company is NOT military friendly. They refused to prorate my rent despite doing so in the past. They violated the Service Member’s Civil Relief Act and refused to cooperate when confronted. They claim to be "resort-style living" but in reality are just old buildings with a new coat of paint and various outdated appliances. The management office is incapable of communicating with their tenants in a timely manner and always answer any question with "let me email my manager and I'll get back to you" but never actually get back to you. Do not rent from here- they will try to financially take advantage of you! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I lived at stadium view for 3 years and was fairly unsatisfied with the management at first, but the new management really stepped it up and are so helpful and considerate. The apartments are all upgraded, the location is amazing, and the price was great. I loved living here! Review from Google
Jul 2019: The location is amazing, the apartment is spacious, and the maintenance is responsive and easy to access. I have stayed there for one year, half with the former management team and another half with the new management team. I must admit that the new management team really did a great job, and they are so friendly and helpful. They really made great effort resolving the problems left by the old team. I would definitely recommend this place for west campus students who are transportation dependent. Review from Google
Jul 2019: The staff is friendly and accommodating. I enjoyed my time staying here. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have stayed here for 2 yrs while pursuing my Masters degree, and am moving out since I am graduating. I have had a very pleasant experience staying here, and I am glad I chose this place. It is a quiet place, which allowed me to get all of my work done from home. There is a nice dog park within the apartment complex, which is a really convenient way to relax. There is also a pool, and for me, the pool deck made for a great place to read books. The apartment complex is well within walking distance of the campus, and a 10 min walk will get you to the Rec Center from here. The maintenance crew has always been prompt, and I have never really had to wait more than a day or two for them to fix stuff. The management has changed twice since I moved here, and I have interacted with three different managers, and all of them have been very accommodating. The current management team seems especially proactive and considerate Review from Google
Jun 2019: Water leaks everywhere. The place isn't maintained as it should be. Gives a home kind of vibe but prices are way too high for the condition it's in. The buildings are falling apart. Review from Google
May 2019: the community is quiet great internet maintenance is fast responding (within a day) Review from Google
Feb 2019: I wish I could give this place zero stars. The staff are friendly and eager to help UNTIL you move in. Once you’ve signed the lease, they could care less about you or any questions/comments/concerns you have. Not to mention, I wasn’t even put in the apartment I was told I was moving into. I drove 7 hours here thinking I was getting a hardwood floor apartment, only to be told once I arrived that they didn’t have one available at the time and that I would just have to accept one with carpet. They RARELY EVER answer calls or emails. If you go to speak with them in person while living here, the staff is RUDE. They act like you’re bothering them and they don’t have the time. Also, I understand being a student, but the residents and future residents should come first when you’re at work; Not homework or your phone. Yes, they’ve upgrade Review from Google
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Jan 2019: DO NOT live here. Do NOT renew. This place is the absolute worst in regards to care and knowledge of their building. It wasn’t one specific event that happened that caused this review, it’s a build up of many instances that prove my points. The internet is trash, does not work. Is extremely weak. The workers and the “manager” do not know how to help you even though they PROMISED internet, they can’t help! They’re clueless. The water bill is WAY too high and is not based on your individual water usage, it’s collective. The office could care less about the smell and their residents using marijuana. They didn’t even bother returning my calls regarding my complaints and they didn’t bother finding the source and reporting it. They are allowing basically people to smoke and not do anything about it. This is illegal in Texas. ALL th Review from Google
Nov 2018: Experience: 1 year in a two person apartment, 2 years in a solo apartment, both ground floor Decent place overall I guess but there's endless streams of bugs. My first apartment had a several month long carpet beetle infestation, my second has cockroaches galore - 3 or so a week on average now - and I'm presently having a small invasion of ants in the kitchen. I'm a highly clean person, but they just keep coming. Pros: maintenance is responsive & easy to get ahold of (and also jumped my car once; they go above and beyond and are the best thing abut this place tbh), free food Fridays usually, location is great (can walk/bike to campus, bus stop RIGHT there) Cons: Lots of bug invaders, and while pest control will come out and spray, you pretty much have to take care of the problem yourself. Some objects are falling apart (first apt had floori Review from Google
Jan 2018: When I moved in they were able to get me into the apartment a few days early. As I was moving in from out of state this was super convenient. In the first few months everything was amazing. The air conditioning was cool, maintenance was carried out promptly, and paying monthly rent via e-check was free of charge. Then the complex was sold to a different management company. After the sale the water has been turned off twice. The latter time was due to a water main break. This was not their fault, and they did an overall good job in terms of communication, and they gave out water jugs to those apartments affected. However, in the same time frame the hot water has gone out several time. It has also been 'fixed' several times, but with the last water outage it has left the complex that im in without a constant/reliable supply of hot water. In ye Review from Google
Sep 2017: DO NOT COME TO VISIT YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HERE ON A GAME DAY!!! This complex has a policy of having cars towed until MIDNIGHT on game days even when the game was at 11:00 am. They will tow you out of an empty visitor parking lot hours after a game is over and it will cost you $300 and hours of time to get your car back. In fairness to the complex, they send a notice that you must BUY a visitor pass to park in visitor parking on game day. While I do not agree with this policy of having to BUY visitor passes, I can see the logic of having to have a pass for parking during the game. Additionally, I can see the logic to towing DURING the game. I DO NOT see any valid reason to tow a visitor, hours after a game is over. How is a parent supposed to drop in for an afternoon visit, a friend come to study, etc...? A towing policy like this is a SCAM, onl Review from Google
Aug 2017: Howdy!! I began my apartment hunting back in late March knowing I was going to transfer to A&M from Dallas in the fall. From talking to people, I understood that apartments in College Station sell out really quick, so the sooner you sign a lease, the better. So, I found a list of apartment complexes that fit my budget and my personal needs/wants. I went ahead and made appointments at all 5 of the complexes I had found, and spent all day on Saturday visiting each one. From the very beginning, I loved the look of Stadium View. I loved the floor plan, the amenities, everything. However, it was slightly out of my budget, but I took a chance on it anyway. I sent email to the email address provided on the website, and within an 30 minutes I already received a call from Nick. He sounded just as excited for me as I was for myself! I knew then that the Review from Google
Jul 2017: Great location, helpful staff, and loved the fenced in dog park! I had an amazing experience living here, it definitely became my home :) Review from Google
Jun 2017: The staff were very accommodating to my situation as an international student. I wasn't able to make it to College Station prior to the start of my program to see the unit, so instead they did virtual tour with me—a great way to be introduced not only to the unit itself but also to the property in general. They gladly answered all of my questions; I was especially appreciative of the contact information for a company that will be able to furnish the interior of my unit for a fair price. Review from 6/13/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Absolute love this place! Staff are absolutely kind and amazing! They know your name, and work with you super well! Maintenance is super quick and I always love having friends over because they're always super jealous of the property! Review from 4/21/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Love living here! The staff is so nice and repairs are done in a timely manner. Yes the train is loud but that doesn't really bother me. Come check it out!! Review from Google
Dec 2016: Wish I knew about this place when I was a freshman and it would've saved me so much moving around to find the perfect place for me right by campus! The apartments are HUGE with lots of storage space and I had a screened in porch with an enormous walk-in closet. The office was very professional (even knew me by name!) and helpful since this is a smaller apartment community and the grounds are always up-kept very well. I also loved that it was pet friendly and have a dog park with dog stations throughout the property. Maintenance was also very fast and I loved not having to pay for parking like I did at the other places I lived, plus I could take the bus to school quickly. Review from 12/29/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2016: The staff and maintenance are always on top of things and I have had every request completed in a days time! They are always so polite and helpful and really make you feel like you are at home! Moving 17 hours from home was a big transition but they were always ready to make anything I needed a priority! I absolutely love living here! Review from Google
Sep 2016: I've lived at Stadium View for over a year by myself while in college. The units were newly renovated right before I moved it so everything is updated nicely and basic. The complex is small compared to others in town which is nice because maintenance responds really quickly to work orders. Also, the complex is very quiet even on the weekends and the office staff is always very kind and helpful. My main concerns when apartment hunting were safety and washer/dryers in the unit so I was very glad to find Stadium View met both of those. They extra perks I love are being able to walk to Kyle Field and the hammock by the pool. Review from Google
Jun 2016: I loved my time at Stadium View. I lived in the one bedroom Jr. and it was the perfect size for me. The staff were always so friends and so helpful!! would recommend to everyone!! Review from 6/18/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2016: I really enjoyed my time at Stadium View! I subleased and it was needed at this point in my life! Friendly, professional, clean, pampered and just all the things a tired educator of 35 years needs! Close to shopping, parks, clean pool, quick help with anything! Just beautiful! I recommend Stadium View in College Station, Texas! A home for the weary and college students! Gig em! Review from 6/14/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2015: I've been here for 3 years and other than a little traffic noise at night this place has been wonderful! Especially the girls in the office, they always know me by name, and are more than willing to help with anything I need.. also the Apts are wonderful and extremely roomy (my 1 bedroom) and everything is cept in great shape and condition! A++ APT Review from 11/14/15 on Google
Nov 2015: My favorite thing about stadium view is the staff. The are extremely friendly and the maintenance team is always on top of the job. The complex offers more than just place to live, we are own little community. We have beautiful well maintained dog park, a full gym, as well as a business center. Stadium view apartments are everything you could want in an apartment. Review from 11/8/15 on Google
Nov 2015: My favorite thing about this staying here is how affordable and close it is to campus. It's so close to campus that it usually takes me about to 7 minutes to bike to class. My second favorite thing about this place the friendly staff and residents. This apartment complex is a very dog-friendly environment that makes it a fun,relaxing and has a home-like vibe. Review from 11/3/15 on Google

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