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Dec 2018: I'd give zero stars if I could. Today they ran the fire alarms doing "maintenence" for SEVEN FREAKING Hours with the only heads up being obscured in an email over two weeks ago titled "Before you leave for the holidays" Who's going to read through that entire email if you AREN"T leaving. A whole group of us sat outside for nearly an hour before I messaged my CA to ask about it. What kind of living establishment does that with no warning what so ever? Review from Google
Dec 2018: Its a beautiful property but the experience of living here is ruined by the incompetent staff. Workers at the front desk never know answers to basic questions and anyone higher up will openly refuse to meet with any resident so getting information is extremely difficult. To get a work order done I've had to put the same request in 4 times as they just come in, look around, and leave without doing anything. They also for some reason built the property with not nearly enough parking for every resident so trucks end up on the grass and cars are left without anywhere to park. Would not recommend living here. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Find another place to live. The parking and transportation situation is abysmal. They asked each resident if they would be bringing a car to the apartments before we moved in. Despite this, they were still unprepared to accommodate the cars for residents despite being notified beforehand of how many cars to anticipate. This resulted in either having to park several hundred yards from your building or having to park in the median area which further inconveniences other moving cars in the lot. Every game day you are essentially locked into staying at your apartment since almost every road leaving the apartments is blocked off for game day traffic. Traffic in the area on George Bush is also so bad it is recommended that you don't drive on these roads from around 4 PM to 8 PM unless you want to add 25 minutes of traffic to your trip just Review from Google
Sep 2018: This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived at. There is only enough parking for 85% of the residents here, so you can’t leave after 5pm. They refuse to put any mail in the outdoor mailboxes that we have access to. So, it takes an extra 1-2 days to receive packages after they’ve been delivered to the mail room (that were small and would have been able to fit in my mailbox)!! We have a broken dryer that has not gotten fixed. Parents/other guests are not allowed to come visit you, they will get towed!!! The bus routes are terrible and five buses will drive past the stop before you can actually get on, so plan on leaving for class an hour earlier than you normally would! The location is terrible because of the traffic on George Bush Drive and the train. All the 5 star reviews left on here are obviously fake. Overall, I had a much be Review from Google
Sep 2018: Please rethink signing a lease here. I have submitted 3 work orders in 2 weeks and only one has been resolved. First, the garbage disposal broke on the second day of move-in, and now the dishwasher has had stagnant water in it for a week that management still hasn't taken care of. I also just tried to wash my clothes and now the washer won't open or turn on. Parking is ATROCIOUS. There are not enough spaces for free surface parking and garage parking costs $30 per month. I counted 22 cars parked on the grass the other night. People are having to park in fire lanes. I highly recommend you sign a lease somewhere else. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I had a great experience here last year so I resigned my lease. Now I regret it. It's a struggle to find a parking space. People park in front of fire lanes and in the grass because they can't find a spot. What's frustrating is no one seems to be doing anything. There's a parking garage, but people don't want to pay bc it's expensive. My roommate has also gotten locked in the trash room before. When moving into my new unit, I didn't have hot water for several days. Staff blew off the issue until I went to the office every day to check on the work order. It was also a handicap accessible room. My roommates and I were not informed of this prior to move in or given an option and had to purchase shelves because there was even less storage space than a normal room. Review from Google
Jun 2018: So far I am not impressed with the management. My daughter hasn’t even moved in yet. They have not lived up to their commitments to us when we signed a lease. Now they won’t return emails or calls. Very disappointed with them so far. Review from Google
May 2018: Overall a great experience and a great place to live! I have no complaints! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I will start to move in from Fall. The place is incredibly amazing and beautiful, and I cannot wait to move in. However, some of the staff are very irresponsible and difficult to talk to. I signed my lease very early last year, and I was assigned a room that time, but it seems that no one remembered this except me myself. The staff who signed the lease with me is avoiding all responsibilities and replied me some non-sense emails. Hope this will be improved to make this place more pleasant. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Out of all the places I've lived as a college student this has been my favorite and the most affordable! I was worried how move in would be but they handled everything as organized as they could. They let us come in the garage and provided dollies for us to use. My favorite part about living here is the staff. While renewing my lease, I missed the model that I wanted. Staff here gave me options of other models and guided me through the whole process. The Starbucks staff is also great! They always provide specials and always make sure that the customer is satisfied. The convenient store downstairs is also great during emergencies especially when sick. They have everything you need when you really can't go anywhere else. Another thing that I loved about living here is the multiple bus stops. This allowed me to get to my classes faster instead of Review from Google
Feb 2018: Good location but Bed and couch are as hard as a rock, always smells like weed, thin walls can hear my neighbor, sat on my island counter and it wasnt even attached to the cabinets. All in all this place is cheap and not finished appropriately. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Ehh not the worst place to live... Firstly, i would say that Park West is very average. It has a great location. It’s located within a short bike ride to west campus classrooms and the rec. Inside the Tower is pretty nice they usally keep it clean and stuff. my apartment feels very cheap tho. Cheap appliances that break often. VERY cheap and uncomfortable furniture, almost unusable. Does NOT come with a Tv either. Management is somewhat responsive. The people working the front desk are typically in a good mood and professional. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It’s alright, the shutters I guess on the outside make noise constantly when the wind picks up, not enough drawer space, and the WiFi sucks idk it never works and Idk if they’ll ever fix it Review from Google
Feb 2018: I went here to see if I wanted to get an apartment and the ladies at the front desk were very rude and snapped at me. When I asked why they were being rude they just rolled their eyes. Was not impressed especially because I was asking for help. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The amenities are insane, especially the big gym. Also not having to deal with college station utilities is really great Review from Google
Jan 2018: -I would probably spend less time waiting for packages if I had them sent to my parents house in Pflugerville, drove to Pflugerville, picked them up, and drove back to College Station. -We fondly refer to the elevator by my room as "Death Trap," guess why. I'll tell you why. Residents are being dropped numerous floors and having the door open up to half-where it should and half-the wall around it. Get this though..THE ELEVATOR IS STILL AVAILABLE FOR USE. -One thing that isn't for use..the WiFi. Oh boy. "Student living" yet 4/5 of the time no WiFi. Residents are told to call the provider. After so many times of saying that to residents does one realize the provider should be fired?? -The "3 state-of-the-art fitness centers" mentioned online is a joke. How was a squat rack not a higher priority? Half the free weights are MIA. Water machines fo Review from Google
Jan 2018: The buildings are pretty new, they have a wide variety of amenities, and the rent is cheap but the management are just terrible and the rest of the staff as a result has no idea whats going on. I lived at Park West for 3 months over the summer and during that short time, the staff gave me the wrong key two times in a row, they repeatedly lost my packages, the wifi was out daily, I heard the managers cussing loudly at the much younger employees, and the online rent balance was so messed up you had no way of telling if you had paid rent or not. Do you think that stopped the managers from applying late fees? Of course not. They keep awful records and will blame you for their mistakes. The managers and staff are totally unprofessional and you can tell the culture of terrible service starts at the top. Worst management in College Station. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Not a bad place to live, however, like most people on their reviews, the staff can be considered lackluster. I told the leasing manager that I was graduating in December, and yet, he failed to note that on my lease, and now I currently have a late rent fee, and it looks like I will still have to pay the fee, which is absurd. Also, on their lease, they tell you if you graduate early, you have to pay a cancelling fee, plus another 30% of the remaining lease. This also applied for if someone were to lose an immediate family member, which is very appalling. Loved staying here, for what it is worth, but front office staff could be much better if communication was clear and concise. Also forgot to mention, I have a friend who also graduated and lived at Park West, and was not required to pay the extra fees as mentioned above. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I'm not sure where to start. Due to low rates, there are so many sketchy people in this place smoking weed, partying every other night until dawn! The tower building echoes so bad if somebody plays loud music everybody listens to them. The furniture in the living room is really cheap and uncomfortable, and there are not enough drawers neither in the room nor in the bathroom. Moreover, they do not do anything to fix their problems. It is 2AM and I can’t sleep because of loud music yet again, even though I called the office twice. So far, everything is way below my expectations! Definitely not living here next year. The problems you may face here are in general: 1) There are not enough staff members for that many people living in this place, and some of them are so unexperienced that they don't know how to handle basic problems. They don't kn Review from Google
Oct 2017: Living at Park West is awesome! The pool and gym are great. The views are beautiful. The parking is plentiful. The only problems I have encountered are -the time blocks you're allowed to pick up packages aren't accommodating for students (this is student living) -the gate entrance and garage gate have been broken for 1+ month and haven't been fixed -the elevator walls and floors constantly have sunscreen, beer and food crumbs -the 4x4 my boyfriend is in is absolutely spacious and amazing but the 4x2 I'm in doesn't have a pantry. I have to keep my food in my closet to ensure we have enough space and had to bring in a cart so we had room for Tupperware! Park West is definitely a place I would recommend because those problems listed above really don't effect you on a day to day basis. Come take a tour and check out the place! Review from Google
Sep 2017: Really great sized rooms and bathrooms! Not to mention, fantastic amenities. I would have hoped for more counter space, but we're dealing. The maintenance people have been on it when it comes to requests, and usually get their jobs done pretty quickly. They were a bit unorganized at first, but now everything is coming together nicely! Review from Google
Sep 2017: Common areas are well taken care of. Maintenance is timely and effective. It is very nice to have a gym available in the same building as my apartment for quick workouts when I have a lot of school work. The residents are generally courteous. Review from Google

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