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Laurel Ridge College Station ▷ Reviews

Laurel Ridge College Station

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Feb 2019: REVIEW UPDATE: This scam hole is not worth your time. You will get fees added on to your account that you will not get notices from. Please avoid this place at all cost. There are better options out there, that are much SAFER, cleaner, and nicer for the equivalent price. You get what you pay for. It's not worth paying what you pay. The amenities are not worth it. There is no security and for what you pay here, you can get a much more decent apartment. Avoid this junkyard at all cost.
Jan 2019: Terrible place to live. My roommate and I both had our cars broken into on separate occasions. Maintenance staff is incompetent and slow. Office staff is incredibly nice and helpful, until you move in. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Update Below: don't think that after you sign a lease that any incentives they offered to move in will be provided. I signed with the promise of 1 month free rent after going to the office and talking in detail with the representative. It was even in the lease. Then, 2 weeks before I move in, they email me to say that I will not get this move in incentive. If I want to move in I have to sign a lease addendum to take the free month out of my contract. Nothing but a scam and now I am left out to dry. I either take this lease addendum or try to find a another apartment in 2 weeks. Update: They are now claiming there has been a mistake and that the free month will be honored. I will edit this review when I receive the free month. Review from Google
Dec 2018: They announce they have an offer of 459$, yet in the real world, I have to pay 186$ for utility only for one month. I am out of home for at least half of weeks, and I use cooker 2-4 times a week, each time for 3 hours. Yet, I see my bill is 186$. That is because of the old warming/cooling system, refrigerator, and ... I will never make a contract with this complex and will NOT suggest this complex to anyone until I know they have improved their systems. With best regards to the personnel who are very nice, but I am sorry the apartment is low quality. Review from Google
Dec 2018: They announce they have an offer of 459$, yet in the real world, I have to pay 186$ for utility only for one month. Do not say I have used a lot of electricity because I did not. I am out of home for at least half of weeks, and I use cooker 2-3 times a week, each time for 3 hours. Yet, I see my bill is 186$. That is because of the old warming/cooling system, refrigerator, and ... I will never make a contract with this complex. And I am happy my contract is 9 month. I will NOT suggest this complex to anyone until I know they have improved their systems. With best regards to the personnel who are very nice, but I am sorry the apartment is low quality. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Front office is always very attentive. Matinence requests are completed fast and in a professional yet caring manner. Grounds are always kept neat and tidy. I love living here, one of the best complexes I have ever been apart of. Review from Google
Oct 2018: One of the most affordable place in town! You get more than what you’re paying for. The staff is always responsive and nice. Review from Google
Oct 2018: To be honest I will start off by saying LR is not perfect. They like anywhere else have their hiccups but even with change in office staff or management they have always treated me and my family with Top service , they have always been respectful and committed to making sure we live happily and comfortable. They always try their best to take care of any issues and concerns we have in a timely matter which I appreciate.We have been here almost 4 years now and look forward to a few more years with LR. Review from Google
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Oct 2018: Laurel Ridge is one of the cheaper apartment complexes you'll find. However, you get what you pay for. We've lived there for two years. There are several issues with many of the units, particularly washing machines/dryers. The maintenance team usually does a very poor job of completing tasks when we submit a work order. For instance, our doorbell stopped working, so they literally just screwed on a new doorbell without connecting any of the wires. I have several other stories like that where what happened clearly demonstrated a lack of care. Furthermore, the complex is not in a very safe area. If safety is a major issue for you, I wouldn't recommend anywhere in this area. I've had neighbors threaten me and we've had to call the cops on a number of occasions because we've heard gunshots. On the plus side, the floor plans are nice, there is a Review from Google
Jun 2018: The staff is really nice and very helpful and are always on top of things. One staff memeber Ally gave my roommates and I the best apartment tour experience ever! She was super sweet and such a fun person! She answered any questions we had and just made us feel very at home! definitely recommending these apartments to my friends! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I know this is Texas, but the blatant racism and discrimination that goes on here is ridiculous. The management is the worst of all. I have heard them with my own ears make misogynistic and racist comments about the tenants at their complex. I am so angry I can't even write anymore. This complex needs to be shut down. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great staff, all very helpful and attentive! (: Ever since new management, it has gotten better. They do try their best to keep everyone happy and accommodate where and when they can. Super close to food row and A&M and Blinn! Apartments are kind of old but there a lot of complexes in bryan/college station in worse shape and charge more. You get your dollars worth. Love the pools, location and resident events! Review from Google
Jun 2018: There should be an option for 0 stars just for this apartment complex. Do not live here, do not let anyone you know live here. The apartments are in terrible shape, siding rotting, a/c systems old and inefficient, wifi goes out consistently throughout each day, water damage throughout, washer and dryers old and in terrible shape, old carpeting, terrible parking areas and run down throughout (including the amenities). Normally, as college students, you would deal with this because a place is less expensive, conveniently located and/or good management. The cost was way too high for the square footage. The location was good. The management is beyond subpar. They are nonexistent, never there, don't return calls or emails and are rude and condescending. They apparently changed management recently but from reading the previous reviews it appears tha Review from Google
Apr 2018: Living at Laurel Ridge has been a great experience. I feel safe here and love the convenient location. The staff at Laurel is always helpful and friendly. And just a bonus they are pet friendly. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I had no problems with Laurel Ridge! The staff was always accommodating and easy to reach. It is a pretty great location for TAMU students, the bus stops are right across the street! I always felt safe and never had nosey neighbors. Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is an awesome place to live. The staff is super nice and all incredibly helpful. Great location, great price, and super homey! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I suggest that you read the reviews before leasing these apartments. Something that I didn’t do and I regret it every single day. The office staff are very friendly and make you feel you will have a pleasant time living there. Also, some of the apartments are renewed and look nice at the first glance but, don’t fall for it. Here are some reasons why I strongly discourage you to rent these apt: 1) No matter which day of the month you move in, they will charge you for the whole month. (I moved in on 20th and paid the whole rent). 2) They will show you the model apt and avoid showing you the actual apt. When I finally saw the actual apt, it was not ready at all. They said we will clean it and fix all the issues. They stood me up for 1 week to get the apt ready but when I moved in nothing was changed. 3) I couldn’t unpack my stuff for 1 we Review from Google
Nov 2017: Renter beware! The apartment this place shows to prospective tenants is not what you get. When my son moved in his room and bathroom were filthy! The toilet was black, encrusted with old feces and who knows what else. It had obviously not been cleaned in months, certainly not between the previous renter and my son. The carpet was filthy and the walls had scuff marks. They said they would clean the bathroom but did not. My son had to do this. When I went to visit in late winter/early spring the bathroom with the shower had a leak from the apartment above, it had black mold and the ceiling had areas that were sagging/falling off from the water leak. My son reported it and was told they would fix it. They never did come fix it. When my son moved out in July, we made sure the apartment was clean. It was definitely in better condition than when he Review from Google
Nov 2017: So far we just moved in this weekend and took over someone’s lease. We love the layout of our place and how close it is to the dog park and how pretty the neighborhood is. We had a couple of issues with this place which is usual when you first move in somewhere. We had a decaying tree close to our cars and was worried about it falling down on one of them. They actually came and sawed down the tree In just a couple of days. With my experience in apartment complexes In college station it takes them forever or they don’t even complete service requests. We appreciate this so much. There was also no struggle with informing them of my service animal and they were very acomidating and easy going about it. I’ve had places be the complete opposite! Thanks laural ridge :) Review from Google
Oct 2017: Extremely disappointed. My daughter lived here for just one year. The walls are extremely thin and she could hear EVERYTHING from the upstairs neighbors. My main problem was when we moved out. We cleaned the apartment very thoroughly and even painted her bedroom. Yet, we still received a bill saying there was trash to clean up, painting and broken blinds. There were NO broken blinds!!!! The management did NOTHING to work with me in disputing my charge. However, they sure did call to say my bill would be going to collections. So, that's the bottom line....we were moving out, so all they cared about was money. Well, if my review prevents just one person from visiting this complex....I WIN! My daughter is now at a MUCH nicer place and enjoying her college years Review from Google
Oct 2017: Lived there from 2015 to 2016. Disappointed from the first day I moved in. 1. I used to live in Journey and there was no disposal and no microwave in kitchen. Everything was old and about to be broken. AC was loud and did not work well. Even without using AC at all for three months, the utility bills were never below 80 per month. 2. I lived on first floor. Every time people living above walking around, I felt the celling was about to fall down, and it felt so close, like they were walking in my own room. It was scary. I often woke up at night from the noice they just simply walked in their room. I could even hear the guy on second floor using electronic razor shaving. 3. Except extremely cold winter, I could see roaches(the giant ones) no matter how clean we kept our place or how many times we asked for pest control. In summer every day Review from Google
Aug 2017: I first moved in to Laurel Ridge hoping to save a few bucks, but I quickly realized you pay for what you get. Remember these are old apartments. Every last appliance (dishwasher, washing machine, wall outlets, fridge etc.) has broken at least once. Maintenance requests are completed in a timely manner but its frankly a headache having to put in work orders all the time and worrying when the next appliance will break. I swear, EVERY WEEK, water is shut off somewhere on the grounds for maintenance. Renters insurance is mandatory. I was not told this before signing a lease. Expect your electricity bill to be higher than normal even if you turn off all the lights. I'm not sure if this is just because the bill is split between two people or because it's an old apartment with non energy efficient appliances. Either way the money you save from l Review from Google
Aug 2017: I do not recommend this apartment complex to anyone. Since the day my roommate and I have lived here, we had problems. We constantly had to complain about things going wrong from our a/c to our showers not working. Nothing ever got fixed, people constantly came to check and did nothing about it. The place was disguising when we first got it, we put in a complaint and the management didn't do a thing about it. They claim that we never said anything. We complained about trash being left in front of our apartments and it took them weeks to do something about it. We even complaint about a neighbors dog using the restroom in front of our apartments and not a thing changed. This last month, my roommate and I didn't live in our apartment and made sure to turn off our a/c, but some how still managed to get an extremely high utility bill. At the end of Review from Google
May 2017: I don't even know where to start. 1. The apartments are dingy and smelly on move in, and I had to submit multiple maintenance orders to be able to use my appliances. 2. The roommate match is awful- my roommate and I are the worst match ever. 3. There is actually no way out of a lease here. If you want out, you have to either independently sublease, or pay the complex an exorbitant amount of money to sublease it for you. 4. There are so many hidden fees it's ridiculous. For example- if you look up the check out list, they literally charge you for anything that's out of place. Review from 5/24/17 on Google
May 2017: Dog, parks, pools, gym, parking around buildings, close to University Dr. As well as TAMU, quiet, spacious for independent living. Review from 5/13/17 on Google

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