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Jan 2019: I lived at LR for about 3 years. I loved loved my unit I stayed at the 4Br 4.5 bath one. The reason I give it 3/5 is because the management was horrible. My a/c was broken near the hotter months and the management failed to fix it. They came a total of 5 times after me constantly asking them to come and every time it would break in the next couple hours. They even suggested that 85 degrees wasn’t that bad and that some people “were comfortable at that temperature” and that it wasn’t the end of the world. I had to sleep in the living room (each room has a separate a/c unit) for a couple nights (That’s just one of the many many examples). Every time something was broken or I needed something done it was a constant fight with management. Also sometimes management would show up to check your apartment for inventory purposes (I got mine f Review from Google
Nov 2018: This is my third year living here and they recently changed management companies. Used to be great and there was always someone at the front desk to help out. I never see anyone at the front office anymore and maintenance can be extremely slow sometimes. Parking isn't ideal for visitors. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Live here if you want random men coming into your home with no warning about scheduled maintenance and coming in without someone letting them in the front door and then proceeding to go up and down your stairs for an hour knocking on doors, yelling maintenance and asking if anyone is home. YEET Lakeridge Townhomes, you need to give proper warning to your tenants of when you have scheduled maintenance services for each unit because any man could show up at a girl’s home claiming he’s maintenance. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I love my apartment here at Lakeridge. My apartment was damaged during Harvey and they were prompt to accommodate me and my dog in one of their model houses. Location, floor plan, amenities, management are fantastic. I am only giving 4 starts because my neighbors are loud college kids. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Visited a friend that lives here. This place is nice! Review from Google
Feb 2017: My daughter is thinking of returning to College Station to get her master's and definitely wants to return to Lakeridge Townhomes. We felt safe because of the 24 hour gated community along with its key fob 24 hour clubhouse access. On the slow days she would enjoy the Theater room and the treadmill. On the busy days she would use the mini conference room to print and study. Since Lakeridge is flanked by two main streets she used the bus system that had two bus options - one for school on Holleman and one for the games on Jones Butler. Then the other main street was Harvey Mitchell to go to Walmart and the Library. She loved just walking across the street to get her frozen yogurt and subway sandwich at the mini shopping center that also has a gas station. But most of all she wants to visit her lake across the street and draw and enjoy the Review from Google
Dec 2016: The location and units are great! The issue with Lakeridge in College Station is the management team. READ THE CONTRACT. They've done everything in their power to make it a nightmare to sublease This management team is very hard to work with. Very unresponsive to helping with issues and believe that regardless of your situation they can always replace you once they've got you bounded. Theres plenty of places in college station, I'd look somewhere else. Review from Google
Nov 2016: The community has a large pool with hot tubs and a firepit. There is also a basketball court and a fitness room. The clubhouse has free coffee, study areas, and a private study area with a business center with free printing. It is also on a bus route (35) with an easy ride to campus. Each tenant has a marked parking space for free. Cable and internet are free. Water is built into the rent. (resident 11/14/2016)
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Sep 2016: Quiet little place. The gym is a little smaller but 24hr pool and clubhouse with a nice movie room good management team too. Review from Google
May 2016: Lakeridge Townhomes have been a "Heaven Sent" for us and a GREAT Investment. While our daughter attended A&M we never had a single security issue with our unit, her, or her car. The grounds and office staff are excellent with all inclusive amenities to meet your college students needs/wants. Not only did we make a little $ each year with her roommate's rent payments, but the town home appreciated some 10% during our daughter's education at A&M. Why pay $8-$10k per year in rent when you can make $ and sell for more than what you paid??? A no-brainer! Review from Google
Nov 2015: Spacious townhomes, luxurious upgrades and a variety of floor plans! If you are looking to invest, the numbers don't lie. Review from 11/13/15 on Google
Sep 2015: The place is nice and the price is fine but something needs to be done about the costumer service. Review from 9/22/15 on Google
May 2015: Not Service Member Friendly I was looking for a place to stay before my possible change of duty station so I informed the leasing office that I might have to move due to orders during my lease. I confirmed with the office that I would have to submit my orders to terminate my lease should I receive them. The leasing office handed me a printed copy of my lease all ready to go and just awaited my signature. I told the office that I wanted to take the copy home with me to read a few more times and bring it back signed the next day which they said was fine. An hour after I left the leasing office, I received a call from one of their agents saying that his manager would not let me sign the lease since it might be 'unprofitable' for the development group. Review from 5/4/15 on Google

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