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November 14, 2019
23 months ago


TAMU in College Station, TX, is one of the largest universities in the nation with around 60,000 students. With such a large student population, Texas A&M makes sure to offer its students quality services for their comfort and education. Texas A&M's students are the heart of the university, and the family-like community of the university provides the necessary resources to make the most out of their college experiences. The Standard, a provider of some of the best apartments in College Station,shares with you some of the many resources that TAMU has available for its students.


Clubs and organizations are an important part for students to learn and develop their interests outside of the classroom, and TAMU recognizes this. The university provides its students with more than 1,000 student organizations so you can be sure to find one that interest you, whether its focus is on academics, politics, religion, leadership or even sports. These organizations are also a great way to meet like-minded peers and include multiple fraternity and sorority opportunities.


TAMU offers many resources to keep its students healthy and safe from physical threats as well as mental and emotional pressures. Here are some of the services available to you:

  • University Police:The campus has its own police force to ensure the safety of its students, faculty and staff. The University police are there to protect your personal safety, as well as your personal property.
  • Student Health Services: Located on campus is the Texas A&M Health Center. The Health Center staff are experienced and dedicated to helping you with any health services you need, from a simple check-up and providing a prescription, to physical therapy and radiology.
  • Disability Services: The disability services offered by TAMU aim to provide students with disabilities with equal opportunity for education through services such as accommodations coordination, evaluation referral, disability-related information, assistive technology services and sign language interpreting.
  • Student Counseling:TAMU's counseling services provide students with career counseling, crisis intervention, stress management, psychiatric services and other forms of counseling for students' mental and emotional well-being.


There are multiple on campus TAMU housing options available provided by the university. These include apartments owned and ran by the university and residence halls for dorm living. On Campus housing is great for students without transportation or who simply want to be as close to campus as possible. Unfortunately, on campus housing fills up quickly due to the high volume of students. No need to worry though, because there is a wide variety of off campus apartments for rent near TAMU campusavailable for students. The apartments found around campus offer a variety of amenities and locations so that you can find one that matches your needs and lifestyle. Some of the complexes even offer luxury apartments in College Station, TX, for more refined student living. The university also provides its own bus transportation that runs through the campus and the surrounding off campus apartment complexes.


TAMU provides its students with year round activities and events to stay active, socialize and strengthen the community. These are great ways to stay in shape, have fun and make new friends. Here are some of the activities TAMU offers:

  • Intramural sports
  • Outdoor adventures such as hiking and rock climbing
  • Access to the Student Recreation Center
  • Personal training
  • Group fitness and classes
  • The Big Event
  • Texas Independent Film Festival


At The Standard College Station we care about TAMU's students as well. We understand the importance of having available resources to ensure comfortable and practical living while you are focused on your studies. That is why we strive to provide student housing Texas A&M students can trust to meet all of their needs; contact The Standard College Station today.

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