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Crossing Place

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Oct 2019: I believe they got new management recently, and it shows! They do a great job of handling needs of residents with printing services, workout machines, a clean pool, and an efficient work order system. Whenever something wasn't working, they responded to a work order within a day and resolved the issue. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I enjoyed my experience here very much. It is a safe, well located and comfortable apt. complex. Review from Google
May 2019: Crossing Place is a great place to live. Location is very convenient and close to bus stops; staffs are very accommodating and helpful! The surroundings are well-maintained with gates around the complex which makes you feel safer. The maintenance team are also quick to resolve issues. It is very affordable and at the same time, the quality of their amenities and service are exceptional! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Fantastic price, friendly and helpful staff, fast and efficient maintenance, and a convenient mini-gym. Really, I couldn't ask for more and in fact had not hoped for so much. Quality establishment at a shockingly low price. Oh yeah, and there's a pool. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived at Crossing Place for 4 years. Rooms are very small, but the staff is very responsive and the maintenance is very quick. Although I had spent 4 years there, being a great resident, paying my bills right on time, the leasing agents were not willing to negotiate on letting me get out of the contract for the summer after I graduated or even help me find someone to take over my lease. Even in case if I brought someone, they would charge us hundreds of dollars just to swap. So, I wasted decently over a grand for the summer lease without living there. Also, I renewed my lease in a rush, and after that, they lowered their rent by $100, and wouldn't let me get that deal. So, a dedicated resident gets to pay more than incoming ones. Overall I would recommend this place because the price is very reasonable and is located on the shortest bus rou Review from Google
Jun 2018: Compared to other properties in College station the prices here is awesome and good value for money, they've also got additional promo prizes. The staff have been really helpful with hands-on information whether via emails or their online chat platform. I was able to complete the leasing process online and I am looking forward to having a great stay.Thumbs up Review from Google
Jun 2018: The staff at the Crossing Place have been extremely helpful in the whole leasing process from to finish. They were able to answer any and all questions I had, gave me all the documents I needed to sign, and allowed me to tour the complex and rooms when I came unannounced. The pricing of their leases is unrivaled for what they offer. For only $350 a month you can get acess to swimming pool, basketball and volleyball court, fully furnished apartments and appliances, a gym, computer lab (with UNLIMITED prints), coffee, and snacks. I would recommend any student to sign a lease with the Crossing Place because they will make the leasing process easier than you can imagine, the staff ishelpful, and it is the best bang for your buck Ina ll of College Station! Review from Google
Jun 2018: definitely recommend having a tour of the place, at the least. Very kind and considerate people that are willing to help answer questions and fix problems if needed. Will be my first year living off campus and am looking forward to the experience of a room for myself. Could be slightly better if each room has a restroom of its own, but honestly should not really matter to anyone with all the facilities and amenities at the price! Review from Google
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Jun 2018: Since im starting college soon the price of these apartments are really good they seem to be helpful for students who are attending college, and when i went for a tour, the lady was very nice and informative. She answered all the questions my mom and I had for her. She was very helpful and made me feel comfortable, I hope it stays that way during the year and my roommates and i enjoy. Review from Google
May 2018: This is the best place to ever live if your student at College Station! It’s a spectacular price and this the place that truly cares about students saving their money. Provides a fantastic room with great amenities. Review from Google
May 2018: The people here are vey nice. As soon as you walk into the office you are greeted and feel right at home. The rooms are a good size and have a very cozy feel to them. Everything looked and felt clean, safe, and fun. The young lady that gave me my tour was extremely nice, friendly, and very informative. She answered all of my questions and made it a fun experience. Review from Google
Apr 2018: i currently live here and have had multiple issues with random roommates. it all started in spring of 2017, my roommates were filthy and didn’t clean up after themselves and i was suffering from it by having to clean up after them. office did nothing and i paid to be transferred to a different unit. ended up with a psycho who was shortly evicted after 2 months of living here, not paying rent. office staff is really nice, but they aren’t as helpful as they should be in all situations. Brooke, who is now not employed here, was rude to me on multiple occasions. our dryer was broken for like 5 months and just fixed after 4 maintenance requests. i thought this place was luxurious when i first moved in, and it’s actually hell. i can’t wait to move into my new apartment next semester. office staff is nice, but you’re paying too much for wha Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have been working and speaking with Ms. Loren the past few days and she has been magnificent!! 10/10 reccommed her for any questions or concerns, she has been really sweet and helpful through all of this. I cannot wait till I get to move there this August! I’m so excited! Review from Google
Apr 2018: When I went to tour, Alyssa was very helpful and answered any questions I had. I was able to sign my lease in the comfort of my home but Jackie was just a phone call away to ensure the leasing process went smoothly! Would definetely recommend! :) Review from Google
Apr 2018: I live here and they have really great prices and just got new are managements and they are awesome!!!! Review from Google
Mar 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE! I was planning on living here next semester since the rates are low but my friends who currently live here do not like it. They charged her $25 FOR THEIR CRAPPY STUFF BREAKING. One small piece of the window blind broke a long time ago and randomly, they decided to charge her $25 one day after they went into their room during a maintenance (because their crappy toilet handle broke) without giving a notice and then charged the fee. We know that it wasn't able to be seen on the outside of the building because the binds were rolled up at the time. don't live here! She paid the fee and the binds still hasn't been replaced yet. She shouldn't even have to pay the fee in the first place. Furthermore, they will prob not fix it so they can charge another person who lives here next year and blame it on them!!! TLDR; Crossing Place has Review from Google
Feb 2018: Do not live here. The rates may be low but it is for a reason. I have lived here for three years, and every year it has gotten worse. Maintenance is horrible. For the past year we have made requests to have things fixed and the day after we submitted them, they were marked as complete, without anyone even coming to look at the problem. This happened all throughout last fall of ‘17. The outlets in my room stopped working over the summer and I had to submit about 10 work orders until it was finally fixed, five months later. We’ve been having trouble with our washer since we first moved in three years ago. We requested a new washer and multiple maintenance requests, but it took about a month for each request for someone to actually come look at the washer and no one ever fixed it and it has yet to be fixed, even with the new maintenance Review from Google
Dec 2017: I tried really hard to like this complex but sadly it just isn't worth the money. I moved in a week after the move-in date and they seemed very disorganized so I can only imagine what it was like on move-in day. Within 2 weeks I had put in several work orders including my bathtub water faucet never turning off, it was constantly dripping. I had to go to the office 4 times over a month long period before they sent someone to fix it even though I knew it was running up my water bill. My washer was broken for OVER A MONTH. The maintenance guy was incredibly rude to me during this month and told me that he knew it worked and that having a key to do laundry in the model should be enough for me. It did not work, he had no idea what he was talking about and if I wanted to walk out of my unit to do laundry I would have lived somewhere else and paid ch Review from Google
Dec 2017: The furnishings are good quality and the room layout is pretty good with quite alot of square footage for the price. The maintenance is excellent and has always worked to resolve a work order quickly. The negatives of this place are that there are no security cameras and the gates are always open which doesn't deter any thieves. There have been numerous issues with the internet here. The internet had gone down on at least four occasions since I've lived here and it occurred on a Friday nearly every time and the issue wasn't resolved until the following Monday. As a college student dependent on reliable internet to study and access my textbooks, this is a serious issue for me. Overall it's a good property for the price considering that most apartment complexes in this town unfairly raise prices because of the market demands by college students. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Every issue my roommates and i have had has been addressed throughly and quickly by the office staff. They make sure that you’re comfortable and happy with where you are. Review from Google
Oct 2017: I definitely do not recommend living here! Maintenance is horrible, aside from everything they refused to fix, it took them 6 months to replace our broken washer, and 3 months to fix our garbage disposal. I moved out early and asked for a walk through so they wouldn't charge me for things in the future. They denied the walk through and added all kinds of charges to my account even though I left my area spotless. They are rude and do not care about their residents. DO NOT SIGN HERE. Review from Google
Sep 2017: DO NOT LIVE HERE. i would give this place 0 stars if I could. my roommates and i are first time freshman and have had HELL living here!!! the apartment was DISGUSTING when we moved in. it was not cleaned all summer long. the apartment reeked, the carpets weren't cleaned, there was paint splattered all over the floor, there are different shades of white ALL over the apartment from crappy paint jobs, the fridge is broken, the stove is broken, we had broken furniture, and not a single room was cleaned. we've put in numerous work orders and are always ignored, and our apartment still sucks!!!! they only have 1 maintenance man, with over 200 work orders, which by the way SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THIS COMPLEX!!! if you want a nice apartment complex that will attend to you in a timely manner, crossing place is NOT the place! LIVE ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!! Review from Google
May 2017: I think this is a cool place to live at for students. This is just an amazing community. The staffs are so welcoming and supportive. The place is so quite and neat. The compound seems secure and beautiful. They have great amenities and more importantly offered a great deal for sometimes. They are located on a bus 🚌 route to campus, close to restaurants and convenience store. The place is pretty new, fully furnished and in a reasonable distances from campus and everything else. Southwast Park [green, clean and neat] for some outdoors (wakling 🚶 running 🏃) is nearby, It is an awesome experience living here. Review from 5/17/17 on Google
Mar 2016: I really enjoy living at Crossing Place! The rent is a great price for all they have to offer. Friendly staff who is always willing to help you. Great perks such as a computer lab with unlimited printing and also free food on Fridays! Maintenance is speedy and always fixes problems. Great place, would recommend. Review from 3/24/16 on Google
Mar 2016: Everyone here is super nice and helpful. XXXX, the maintenance guy, is hella cool and always fixes our stuff super fast. The rooms are small, but I come from a large Catholic family so they're pretty roomy for me. Pool has cute little palm trees :) Review from 3/23/16 on Google

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