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Cherry Street Apartments at Northgate

Grade: of 78 reviews Rated 5

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Oct 2019: UPDATE: They have deducted $115 from my $300 deposit claiming of cleaning. I have fully cleaned the apartment. They have returned an additional $40 to me after I complained. So I am giving them an additional star. REVIEW OF MY STAY: - The mattress is so tough, I did not have the best sleep during this year. - I have bought $30 shower cap installed that I bought and was nice enough to not take it with me. It is much better than the old one that was not delivering high enough pressure. They have installed it for me but I left it for them. - They have good maintenance team as well. - The apartment size compared to its location and price is good. - Walking distance to my classes and 10 mins biking to student Rec. - The staff are responsive and have good communication skills. They have parking but not all of them are shaded and I was not lucky enough to get a shaded parking. - The gym is very small with few equipment. The pool is small as well. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Out of all the places I lived in College Station (Walton dorms 1 semester, Schumacher dorms 1 semester, The Woodlands 1 year, The Cottages 1 year, and Cherry Street 1 year), Cherry Street was by far the best. However, it was not perfect, so here's my list of pros and cons. Pros: Very attentive staff Rooms are well insulated from noise from neighboring apartments Located just far enough behind Northgate to not hear Northgate noise, but close enough that walking is easy Located closer to Evans library than West Campus Garage by walking (this mattered to me because I used to park in WCG) Valet trash service picks up your trash at your door On-site printer, study room, and small gym New appliances and TV in the rooms Tons of storage space in the rooms Reserved numbered parking spots Inexpensive for the relative newness of the apartment, amenities provided, and excellent location Cons: Trash service is not provided on Fridays and Saturdays, which is when my roommate and I tended to have more trash than usual Parking spots are provided, but require $45 per month (still was cheaper than The Cottages for me) No visitor parking My fire alarm was incredibly sensitive (it went off while we were boiling water), but this was probably just a problem for my unit Very little sound insulation from outside noises, so could easily hear people walking below my window Personally, these cons were so minor that if I was still a student and had one more year at A&M, I would have renewed with Cherry Street Review from Google
Mar 2019: I've lived here for about 7 months and have had a great experience! Management is responsive with repairs and issues. The portal allows for easy communication in regards to packages, rent, and general information. The actual apartment is really nice, with big bathrooms and walk-in closets. The kitchen has nice appliances and granite countertops. There are washers/dryers in each unit, and a trash valet service. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I've lived at the Cherry Street Apartments for the past 2 years. Other than very minor things, I have loved living here. The community is generally quiet, most of the patrons are students and appreciate that everyone needs to study and be quiet after hours. They've got a beautiful pool, a brand new gym, and free coffee. The staff is wonderful, warm, and diligent. If there is ever an issue, they're very quick to find a solution. Of the places I've lived in College Station so far, this is by far the best. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I like living at Cherry street apartments. It's fairly quiet and good place for students. Maintenance requests are taken care of in a timely manner. The amenities are good. Review from Google
Aug 2018: This apartment is great - it is reasonably priced for the location on Northgate (especially for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment) and super convenient to get to campus. The apartment itself is super spacious and the amenities are great. The Valet Trash service is also an added bonus!! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Recently moved in to Cherry Street and I have been blown away with how clean and nice these apartments are. By far the easiest and most painless move-in through my 4 years in Aggieland. Management is always easy to contact and very friendly and helpful! Only apartment I would ever recommend In College Station! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I’ve really enjoyed my time at cherry st! It’s very quiet, which is something I was looking for. The staff is amazing and it seems like they get to know everyone personally. Rooms are nice and the closets are huge, and extremely close to campus/northgate. Couldn’t ask for much more! Review from Google
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Aug 2018: Just moved in and have been very satisfied so far with everything. Management has been very easy to communicate with and are very pleasant. The only issue is that there is not a single visitor parking spot on site and you can’t let someone else park in your spot, so having anyone over is very difficult. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Recently moved in and I absolutely love it already! Smaller complex that is significantly quieter than most student housing. The apartment is reasonably priced for a furnished 1 bedroom layout. Review from Google
Jun 2018: l have been living here for a year and have already renewed my lease with them. Nice management and friendly staff! Very prompt service when it comes to maintenance. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I love living here! Everyone is so nice and helpful that works here. It is so close to campus and great for walking or riding a bike to class. Inside the apartment is very nice looking as well! Only con about living here is that there is no visitor parking but majority of the time it is pretty easy to find parking around the building. I also feel safe here since everything requires a key to get into! Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a one or two bedroom! Review from Google
Apr 2018: My brother and I have lived here for over a year and just renewed for another year. It is 100% worth living here- you can't get a better location, a better front office staff, a better apartment with brand new furniture, covered parking, a gym membership, pool, and a social calendar all in one place plus such a great price. It's safe, clean, and affordable. You're getting more than your money's worth! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Normally, don't leave reviews but had to leave one for this complex, knowing that online reviews carried a lot of weight in my decision on where to live. Was hesitant to move here based off of the "noise complaints" people have about being in the bar district but it has been extremely quiet, despite what most people say about the area. All very positive things to say about the apartment complex. The leasing office always has friendly faces that get to know you on a personal level, the apartments are close to campus and food, the apartment itself is clean and well maintained with new furniture and a tv in each apartment, and it is very easy to get moved in since all utilities are covered minus electric, which they provide instructions on how to easily set that up online. Cristy is the complex manager and will address all questions or concerns y Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived at the newer of the two Cherry Street apartment buildings for over a year now and have had a great experience here. The staff is friendly and quick to respond to any issues. Rent is reasonable given the proximity to campus and the amenities available to tenants. The rooms are spacious and furniture in the furnished units is of a good quality. My only complaint would be that it can be fairly noisy at times as there is quite a bit of construction going on in the area and oftentimes people will gather around the pool and the pavillion well into the night which can be an annoyance (don't live on the same floor as the pool). Rent has also gone up since the previous year which is a little unfortunate but otherwise it is a great place to live. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I absolutely love living here. Cristy, the property manager, has treated me so wonderfully. I have never lived in such a well run apartment before. If you put in a maintenance order, they will come fix whatever it is so quickly. Someone is always in the office to help you, picking up packages is easy, and they know your name. To top it all off, my apartment is gorgeous. It is not cheaply made like most college apartments. I love leaving for my 8am class at 7:45am because the walk to campus is so short. Also, if you're worried about hearing NG noise on weekends, you won't! It's so quiet back here. If you're looking for a beautiful one or two bedroom apartment with a great staff and awesome location, this is it! Review from Google
Nov 2017: 5 star experience. To sum up what I'm about to say: quiet community, great management, and quality living environment. I have been very please with my stay here. I think living in this part of the city as a student can't be beat, but there are a lot of choices on Northgate. I would recommend this for upperclassmen solely because the reasons I think its so great might not be great for others. Its a really quiet community, the security is great and parking in this part of the city is pretty limited so you won't be seeing parties on the weekends or tons of people at the pool which makes it really enjoyable for me. Its close to the bars, so its safe to walk to ng and not have to worry about finding a ride to go out, but I have never had issues with noise or loitering spilling over. The management is honestly the best I've ever had living in Col Review from Google
Feb 2017: Amazing staff, community, and living space. The price is costly, but it has such a great location and amenities to do so. I love Cherry Street Apartments! Review from Google
Feb 2017: NOI property strives for excellent customer service, can you please call the leasing office to discuss your experience (reference to last review)
Feb 2017: Normally, don't leave reviews but had to do so for this complex, knowing that online reviews carried a lot of weight in my decision. Was hesitant to move here based off of the "noise complaints" people have about being in the bar district but it has been very quiet, despite what most people say about the area. All positive things to say about the actual apartment complex. The leasing office always has friendly faces that get to know you on a personal level, the apartments are close to campus and food, the apartment itself is clean and well maintained with new furniture and a tv in each apartment, and it is very easy to get settled in since all utilities are covered minus electric, which they give you instructions on how to easily set that up online since it isn't provided. If you by chance have concerns, they are very quick to address them or Review from Google
Feb 2017: The management company has played with the rent rate more than half a dozen times in the last few months. Before they took over the rent was $925/month; then the jacked it up to $1075/month. Two months later, they lowered it to $950/month. A week or two after that, they lowered it to $895/month. Once the school year started, they raised the rent to $995/month. A few weeks later, they raised the rent to $1045/month; and now the rent is $1149/month. They took advantage of people who signed a lease at $895/month; because if they were to renew the lease now, they would pay $1149/month. That is a difference of $254/month; a total of $3048 for the year, which is equivalent to 3.4 month's rent! These people are as crooked as they come. No wonder they BROKE THE LAW when refusing to give me information about their company headquarters when the took over. When I obtained th
Dec 2016: I recently signed here at Cherry Street Apartments for the 2016-2017 school year. The new Management, especially Cristy (Manager), is beyond helpful and makes herself available at all times should any questions, concerns, and/or issues arise. When looking for apartments, it was important that the following criteria was met: 1. Proximity to campus 2. Proximity to Northgate District 3. A quiet atmosphere 4. On site maintenance (Head maintenance supervisor is helpful as well) 5. Clean apartments w/ upgrades & renovations Having lived at other apartments around college station, I can say that the quality of service at Cherry Street Apartments exceeds that of my last location. I recommend those in search of the above criteria to consider signing here at Cherry Street for the upcoming year. Review from Google
Aug 2016: The apartments are located in a great place to walk, bike, or bus to class (Route 15). The surrounding area is very safe and well-landscaped. The facility is brand-new, and everything is resultantly sparkling-clean. It is very peaceful and quiet, and many of the other tenants I've met are more interested in a tranquil abode than partying and making noise. The management has been very helpful throughout the leading process and resolving issues after arrival. I'm honestly confused with the other review posted here..., because the manager has provided better customer service than the last three places I've lived combined! I would definitely recommend this property to a friend. Review from Google
Aug 2016: This place is run by NOI Property Management, which has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. They are a complete fraud. They threw us out because we spoke up about the increase rent. Guess what? They wanted to raise it to $1075/month and now the advertised rent is $895! $895 is actually less than what we were paying! They tried to force us to renew a lease at a higher rent than they are currently charging new tenants. They units at 404 2nd Street are in complete shambles. Just don't live here!
May 2016: My name is Cristy and I am the new property manager on-site and I began working here after this Yelp Review was posted. I am very sorry for the experience you have had as we do strive to make your home an enjoyable and comfortable place to live. I would like to invite you to come into the office to discuss any concerns you may have in further detail. Again, thank you for letting us know your concerns, and I hope to speak with you soon. Response from 5/18/16 on Yelp

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