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Callaway Villas

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Oct 2019: My son has been there since August of 19' . The place is sub par. The a/c leaks into the bath tub on the 3rd floor. There is rust stains from it all down the wall in the bathroom. Have called maintenance and good luck trying to get maintenance to do anything. They never come at all when promised. Maintenance is full of empty promises but yet you better never be late on your rent payment. Go figure. I'm one upset parent Review from Google
Sep 2019: This place is horribly managed. Upon move in my unit was dirty. Callaway sent a cleaning service after a complaint was made, but the cleaning service barely touched anything. The dryer didn't work properly even after several maintenance requests. I contacted corporate about the dryer. The next time maintenance came out they were able to get the dryer to work marginally better, but the fix didn't last long. Upon move out I was charged for trash removal when I didn't leave anything in the apartment. I was also charged to replace some items even though they were perfectly fine upon move out. I contacted Callaway Villas to dispute move out charges, but they have not responded in over a month. You could find a better apartment for not much more or even cheaper. Review from Google
May 2019: I lived at the Callaway Villas and have enjoyed it very much. It is very close to Kyle Field, Reed Arena, and the Baseball Field which makes it very easy to walk places on game days. The amenities are nice especially the pool and hot tub area. Friendly staff. Maintenance is fast when it comes to completing work orders. I would recommend Villas to any of my friends. Review from Google
May 2019: I was very nervous about letting my daughter live off campus as a freshman coming from a small town, but I have loved every second of her being at the Villas. I do not have to worry about her being safe due to all of the security measures that they take. They have an on-call CA, a good gate system, as well as a security officer that walks around at nights. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed all of their res-life events that they hosted as well such as the easter egg dying and yoga. I would recommend the Callaway Villas to anyone who is wanting a more affordable option than on campus housing while also still having the on-campus feel. Gig Em! Review from Google
May 2019: This was my very first apartment to ever have. Best decision I have ever made was to move in here. The property is always maintained greatly and always clean. There are always events going on here. Property includes a amazing pool and a beach volleyball court and basketball court. Upstairs is the amazing game room with pool tables, shuffleboard and more. My favorite part was the THEATER ROOM. Flat screen tv with surround sound and video games already hooked up to it for you to play. Staff was all amazing and very friendly. Very welcoming group of people. They care about their residents and guests and will always do anything they can do to make you happy. BEST PLACE EVER Review from Google
Apr 2019: Great apartment. Good location. Priced competitively. Excellent management support and service. A GREAT VALUE Review from Google
Apr 2019: DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!! Ask them to show you the actual apartment, not just the “MODEL”. They lure you in with the model! The “ACTUAL” apartment is not the same!! They do not care about you once you sign the lease and won’t take care of any problems with your apartment! They don’t have enough maintenance people! My daughter’s washing machine broke and water was everywhere! They told her to go to the laundry mat!! They did not bring extra fans to dry out carpet nor did they try to fix washer on Friday before the weekend! They claimed they ordered the part to fix it. How could they have ordered it if they didn’t even look at it?!! They came and brought 1 fan. They said the next day they would bring more, but never did. They did not look to see what was broken either!!! Now it’s Saturday and we were told no maintenance people (I mean maintenance person Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am happy with the service and the accommodations at Villas. I have had amazing experience with management when my washer and dryer stopped working. It was replaced promptly! I appreciate the management being on-site and available to talk during the week. The student staff workers are caring and listen when you talk to them. I had bad experiences at the last place I lived with bad internet service but the villas replaced their system a few years ago and since i've been here i've NEVER had the service stop working or throttled speeds!!! I've really enjoyed my lease at the villas Review from Google
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Mar 2019: Great staff and clean property! Gill has been especially helpful to me and always has a wonderful attitude! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Recently we signed for the next school year. During the process there was confusion on my part as to what type of lease to choose from, either the 10 month or 12 month, with the difference in pricing being $100.00 per month. After noticing this issue, I contacted Callaway Villas and spoke with Alex who assured me that we will get to speak with the manager, Deshaun so we can see what the options are now, being that it is a legal and binding contract. I am happy to report that Deshaun contacted corporate and we got the lease at 12 months for $479.00 which now the lease is until July 30, 2020 which allows my son to take summer classes if he chooses to. Thanks to the team as this means alot that you already handled an issue that we had, promptly and p[professionally without even moving in yet.
Jan 2019: Do NOT live here. Maintenance and management are useless. There were cockroaches when we moved in. You have to submit the same work order 3+ times before you can even hope that they will do anything about it. Our heat broke, maintenance told us they would tell management and nothing ever came of it. The electricity bill was $500 while no one was there and everything was off because of management's failure to do anything with the broken heat. The A/C even froze over and started leaking into a bathroom. On top of that, the A/C vents are moldy. Washer and dryer are obviously on their last legs. Garbage disposal in the sink shakes the entire apartment and doesn't even do anything (maintenance claimed it was supposed to be like that). There's a solid 1.5-2cm gap underneath the front door. Absolutely the worst possible apartment complex. AVOID AT Review from Google
Nov 2018: I was very skeptical about signing a lease with Callaway Villas because of the mixed reviews online- but HERE'S THE TRUTH. Living at the villas many ups and downs. On one hand, the safety here is great- Villas does a wonderful job with security and the offices are open until 9:00 pm if something comes up that you need to take care of after hours. Villas is a beautiful residence- the pool is like nowhere else in College Station, the movie room and game room are awesome, and there is a full gym that is rarely used and is open 24/7. For the price they offer- this is all great! On the other hand, I will not sign a lease next year here, nor would I recommend anyone choose to live here. The location of Callaway Villas could not be worse! The traffic around this area is known for being terrible and if you want to get anywhere you have to leave at lea Review from Google
Sep 2018: If they didn’t make me renew just to get the 199 summer rate trust me I wouldn’t have. The walls are SUPER thin you can hear your neighbors every word. I work, go to school, and have a little baby and every day and night my neighbors have their music blasting to the point where I can’t sleep or even study and my baby jut cries because he can’t sleep. I’ve called multiple times to report it and they claim they go to talk to them but I don’t see how when they constantly do it no matter what time I’m the day it is and it just gets louder. It states in the lease about noise complaints but they don’t go by that. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Not bad place. Would give 3.5 stars if I could not because I had a bad experience, I didn’t have any issues for the couple of months I stayed but rather the quality of the buildings. Walls aren’t thick enough to block the noise (wasn’t a big deal for me), close proximity to the railroad tracks, but overall just okay, it’s not new so what can you expect. The people at the front were understanding and willing to work with me (it was a sudden decision to move - only 2 days), the place is great if you attend the games - you live walking distance to the rec and Kyle field which is convenient since parking can be a pain. Make sure you get a visitors spot before their gone if you are having friends over. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Very disappointed with the management and I seriously doubt that they really care about the residents living here or they are capable of solving any problems. My neighbor wakes me up at least three nights a week and I have been telling them about it for two months. But nothing happened! Yes, they are all friendly when you talk to them but there's no real work. For those who want to have a quite living environment, I would recommend you not to live here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I was walking my dog and the apartment manager came in my face screaming. Very rude, she took pictures of me and my dog and told me I needed to put my dog on a leash. I picked my dog up and I didn't mind what she said. She followed me around my apartments and was taking photos of me for my dog running out of my apartment and falsely accusing me of my dog biting her dog last weekend and I was even no where near college station. She was very hostile and disrespectful she was so close her spit touched my face as she was yelling about her dog and how the track team girls was my friends and my dog attcked hers. I don't know anyone that's an athlete at a&m. She didn't ask me where I stay or if my dog was registered here which he is. She was not doing her job at all. Just harassing other people that walked by as well. This is not the first problem I' Review from Google
Jan 2018: I extremely enjoy living at Callaway Villas! I have been here for two years now and the staff has always been amazing. The staff truly makes the community great. The amenities are also awesome to have and use. I adamantly use the study room, the theater room, and the gym. The keep all of the areas clean! I love my apartment, however, there is some updating the complex needs to go through. All in all, it’s a great place to live especially as first year college students. The prices are great and the distance from campus is also great! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love living here! When I was looking at places to live for the fall semester I came here and had a great time on the tour and loved what I saw. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. I looked online and saw pretty much nothing except negative reviews and was inclined to sign elsewhere because of that but I went in the next day with a list of the concerns I was reading about and Conner had an answer/reason for each and every one. I was then confident enough to sign and that was the best decision I could've made. Great place to live! Maintenance is quick to get your work order complete even if its not a priority problem like ac/heat. The only bad thing I have to say is that if you like to work out you better get to the gym during clubhouse hours because the scan thing you use for the gate doesn't work on the gym door. So the gym isn't Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have absolutely loved living here and the location near A&M is perfect. Customer service has been great when I needed it. The only problems I see would be the old appliances, and ultra thin walls. Other than that everything is great. Wifi is really good especially when I have lots of online classes and the room itself is fun to be in. No bugs or anything and living here has been a blast so far. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've really loved living here. The staff is super helpful, the proximity to campus is great and the apartment is awesome. Maintenance is quick to fix any issues. The gym is open 24 hours a day, which is really nice. I haven't had any issues and think this was a perfect place to spend my first year of college at. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I would say the Callaway Villas is a pretty good place to live. The pricing is great here. Usually you pay so much to be living off campus with you living so close to campus, but here you’re paying a good amount to be so close to campus. You’re about a 15 minute walk from campus. There are also different floors plans for you on this complex, just look on the website to see them or just call. Review from Google
Jan 2018: During my first semester I had a few problems with the AC and dryer but the staff was very prompt in responding and fixing them! There's frequent events in the clubhouse, the staff is always friendly, and the community isn't too loud. Very happy living here! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have been staying at Callaway villas for the past 6 months, and have found this place quite up to the standards. The building is pretty spacious, residents are very friendly, support staff very responsive and excellent amenities. The only drawback I found is the proximity of the site to the railway tracks. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Don’t live here. The location is nice but doesn’t make up for how bad everything else is. Its extremely overpriced and your appliances won’t work half the time!! We had a huge leak in our downstairs bathroom and they have yet to complete the job and it’s been more then a month. Don’t even try to get a covered spot because other residents will park there and Callaway won’t tow them, they just go and put a sticker and think there job is done. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I’ve lived here since May of 2017 and this has to be the worst apartment complex. I’ve had cockroaches since i got here (there were dead ones in the kitchen on move in day) they are still roaming around down there after numerous times of calling the office for pest control. My car has been broken into twice along with a countless number of time for other residents, they’re “security” is horrible there is two men that couldn’t scare a fly ”protecting” our cars. The train causes everything to shake if you are on that end of the complex. Overall this is not a good place to live I do not recommend living here. Review from Google

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