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2818 Place

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Jan 2020: I have lived here for a yr and a half. The price is definitely on the cheaper end which is why I chose 2818 so I could save money. When I did have maintenance issues the services were completed promptly. The private shuttle service was also the second reason I stayed here because that meant I didn't have to buy a TAMU parking permit. I was surprised by how reliable the shuttle service was. I used it every day of the week. I loved how I could track the shuttle by the tracker app. If I had a concern I was able to email the two supervisors/managers and they were always able to assist me quickly. I bypass the student's works and just emailed the two managers. Saves a lot of time.
Oct 2019: Only reason I resigned when I did was because it was only a couple month into my freshman year and I didn’t know I had better options. I resigned for same rate but for some reason my rent is increased? Our washer has flooded twice now to my knowledge, cable is out, and things are constantly breaking. Couple weeks ago shots were fired at 3/4 in the morning right outside of my building and there are constant car break ins. You can find much better elsewhere for a couple more dollars a month. DONT MOVE HERE! Review from Google
Oct 2019: There is only 1 reason I can think of you would want to live here and that is price. But here's what you get for that price. The apartment I received was adequate, there were a few service requests I had to put in when I moved in and a quite a few more since then but otherwise, it is adequate. Kitchen is notably small (very limited cabinet space as well), not nearly big enough for 4 people. Staff is polite but hopelessly misinformed at times, often contradict information sent out on emails. Emails are mistimed and sometimes blatantly incorrect. Service requests are sometimes marked complete and ignored without visiting the apartment (notably when our heater was malfunctioning in the winter). The apartment complex is pet friendly but people rarely clean up after their dogs so watch your step. The apartment has study spaces and a gym. The study spaces are very well maintained but I have not used their gym Review from Google
Aug 2019: Love the location and parking. The clubhouse is awesome too!! It is a very nice apartment and neighborhood and it's not even that expensive. Review from Google
Aug 2019: At move in the apartment was in alright condition but dirty. I had to clean it. When I moved out I cleaned it and still got billed. This is bullish*t. This complex is lucky I don’t have the time to deal with their silly games and just gave in and paid their fee. I will spread the word far and wide to never consider leasing here. I also have video proof from move in day that the damage was there and not fixed by maintenance. This place is a racket ran by a bunch of crooks and thieves. I bet they will charge the next person who lives there for the damage that was there when I moved in. When will this cycle of taking advantage of college students from this complex end? Review from Google
Aug 2019: Not a very good place to live. When we moved in it was disgusting!! No one cleaned before we moved in, and the couch had multiple stains on it. There were cobwebs EVERYWHERE. One of the rooms in our two bed room apartment was significantly smaller than the other one. The microwave was too big for the spot it was placed in, so it would not even open. When we called about the problem they said they could not do anything about it. That we could purchase a new one. When we tried to call maintenance about multiple problems it took them forever to come, and the problem was never fixed. The only time they would fix anything was if a light burnt out. Another thing is we had someone come banging on our door screaming at 3:00 A.M. about pizza. When we went to the front the next day to ask to view the cameras they said they didn’t have any, and next time they would advise us to just call the police Review from Google
Jul 2019: One of the worse places to live in college Station by far! Everything is cheaply made. The rooms are super small and the location is almost impossible to get to once 5pm hits. The pool stays dirty and the lights were broken on the inside of the pool. The gym is not only far away but also pretty boring and finally the internet was ALWAYS slow if it even worked at all. Review from Google
Jul 2019: They have hidden things from the residents and will continue to do so. you might think its nice but its not going to be what you expect Review from Google
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Jun 2019: The apartments overall are a super good place to live. In the 4 bed apartment, the rooms are a little small! The pool is super nice! Review from Google
Jun 2019: Although the price is good, there are a lot of cons to living here. When I first moved in the staff literally look like they rolled out of bed, and wouldn't bother making eye contact and ignore you when you walk in. The maintenance use duct tape to fix everything. We had a broken dryer the whole year and put in a work order every other week, it was never fixed. It's not a safe place, many people called 911 when a group of guys were literally shooting in the parking lot, as well as people getting their cars broken into. Sometimes it's better to pay a little more and have a safe and up to date living area. Glad I moved out and living where they care about their residents. Review from Google
Mar 2019: My daughter has had the worst experience living in this place. As a parent I can't get a professional person to do anything to help us. There are additional people living in her apartment that aren't on the lease and the office just shrugs their shoulders and tells us there isn't anything they can do. My daughter wanted to live with female roommates and we can't get anyone to move the guy out. He even gets his mail at her apartment. The appliances are continuously breaking and are not being fixed. This place gets one star for the lack of assistance from the office staff. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Not very happy with how living here turned out. First off, when my roommate and I toured, we were shown an apartment with a pantry and walk in closets, and our tour guide said we would have those amenities in the floorplan we chose. We do not. We have an awkward and bulky shelf in our kitchen that we have to call a pantry. It was also VERY dirty when we moved in. The bus shuttle is terrible. The bus driver who drives me to school is constantly leaving late for no reason and just stops randomly in the middle of our route to eat and drink, he does not prioritize getting us to campus on time which is literally his only job. We have to show a pass that costs money which is dumb since they offer a free shuttle? About half of the machines in the gym are broken or unusable if not more. I was told this would be fixed a semester ago and it still hasn't. During the fall 2018 semester there was literally a shooting right outside of my window Review from Google
Feb 2019: Not loving this place, when i first moved in the apartment I was originally in was a total mess. I walked into my room and there was dog poop! So then I had to move unit. Also the shuttle busses take forever and run so slow. There is only 2 busses that run and are always full! Is not what they make it seem. 6 months later update: I have moved away from 2818 place. The place is extremely small and the staff is so unprofessional. I had an issue with subleasing and the way they handle it was so out of line. They claim and present themselves very kind but they are totally the opposite. You can definitely find a better deal else where for the same price and bigger room. Perhaps, try Zislander.
Feb 2019: It was pretty frustrating when I moved in last semester because the buses kept breaking down. However, the buses got fixed very quickly and things were running smoothly again. I have plenty of space in my apartment and I save so much money with the bus shuttles and low rent. They have so many incentives and raffles for the residents which is my favorite part. The staff at 2818 makes sure they can accommodate your living experience as best as they can and I love that. Overall, it’s a really nice place to live in.
Feb 2019: Love that it’s fully furnished, it really helped me out when I first moved to college station! Love the shuttles those are big savers on gas and miles for my car!
Jan 2019: 2818 place was my first apartment coming to college station. I could not ask for a better experience! Anytime I have questions, they are always able to answer them, when I put maintenance request in it is always taken care of very quickly. Over all my experience here has been amazing! If you're looking for an apartment complex that has good rates and nice apartments sign your lease here! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Terrible staff. They can be lazy and rude. I have multiple complaints about them. One happened today and if this was an isolated incident I would not give them such a terrible review but the following is a example of the type of service you can expect. Internet is out and I was told that they “weren’t allowed to call the internet company” and that we needed to. The internet company informed me that they got in contact and were waiting on the apartment complex to reset the switches on the internet equipment. Called the apartment complex back to see if they were tracking on that they did in fact have to contact the internet company and do something on their end. I was rudely told they know what they are doing and was hung up on before I felt that I could get across my point. That was an hour and a half before the office closed. As I drove Review from Google
Jan 2019: The management is the most apathetic and lazy group I have ever experienced. The internet went down for our entire building for over 24 hours and the management outright refused to help until we constantly bothered them to. And that’s just one story. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I just want to say that even though what I am about to say is so hateful I would not say it if I didn't think people needed to hear it. I was so amazed at this place when I first toured it. the apartment that I toured before moving in was beautiful and so clean. I was apartment shopping by myself for the first time, and I though this place was a dream, but little did I know. so when we moved in we had to pay a telecom fee and let me tell you when I bring that up to any other apartment complex they don't even know what that is. but whatever just a fee you have to pay for whatever reason. the next problem we had was the fact that they not only moved us into an apartment with cracks but also one that had foundation problems. I will say that the first week we moved in all 10 of our maintenance request were taken care of as fast as possible and the Review from Google
Oct 2018: HORRIBLE! I have had non stop problems with the management and the residents above me. I have put in so many noise complaints and had to call the cops and the management will not do anything about it besides give them a slap on the wrist. I want out of of this awful place and they will not do anything to help me out. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I would definitely not recommend living here. Just as you've probably read the words already "I would give it 0 stars if I could." The management is extremely unorganized and unprofessional. My roommate and I stayed over the summer for work only to be in UNBEARABLE conditions. We would come home from work to find that it was 80 degrees inside the apartment. By the end of the month, our electricity bill would be 70+ per person. For 2 people that were hardly ever home and a broken A/C, it's pretty ridiculous. I placed two maintenance requests for the A/C only to be marked as completed within 10 minutes and no one even coming by to check on it. Fast forward to this past weekend, my 3rd roommate moved back in & her mom noticed it was hot so we put in ANOTHER work order and the office told her mom "We don't look at work orders over the summer. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Do NOT live here, I would also give this place no stars if I could. When we first moved in the place was not clean at all, roommates and I cleaned all of it to make sure everything was good. A nest of spiders were living under the couch cushions. After getting moved in and everything, we came to find mold and what seemed like black mold in all of our vents. We then had to move OUT of the unit they originally placed us in and into another unit during the middle of the semester!!! Moving into the new unit I knew I would not be resigning at 2818 place. The new unit did not have mold, but in my room there were 2 lightbulbs that were burned out and I did not put in a maintenance request because that was something that should have been taken care of before I moved into the new unit. Fast forward into trying to be done with 2818 place and they’re Review from Google
Aug 2018: My experience is very similar to all the negative reviews on here. Just simply look elsewhere. I also find it funny how all the positive reviews are ones from people who haven’t even lived here yet. Lol. My biggest complaint is how terribly hot the apartment gets. I come home from work and it is literally 80 degrees. Yet, the electricity bill is $60+ per person???? Terrible place. ***UPDATE*** My roommates mom helped her move back in and she complained about how hot it was and decided to put in a 3rd work order (my roommate had placed 2 already). She called the office to make sure that they’d take care of it and they told her they don’t look at work orders during the summer. So there’s that. Choose to live somewhere else please. An apartment complex that cares about its residents even when school is out. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Well, I have just signed the lease for this year and have never visited the place, mostly talked over the phone regarding my leasing process and my apartment stay. I think almost everyone I talked to was super nice and defiantly helping. The staff seems to be welcoming and considerate. :) As far as any problems or difficulties with the process, staff has always been friendly and eager to help!!! :) Review from Google
May 2018: Management is awesome and super friendly! Their team will go above and beyond to make sure the residents Enjoy the experience. Maintainance team is prompt, respectful and premises are upkept. They also provide activities regularly to help residents mingle and get to know each other and get to know the management team. They also have the best cookies in town Review from Google

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