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Avery Close

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May 2019: Ms. Lauri Potter and Ms. Maria were of no help to us. They try to make money in unreasonable ways. This apartment is not recommended for Indians or Asians since they don't respect anyone other than whites. Review from Google
May 2019: Ms. Lauri Potter and Ms. Maria were of no help to us. They try to make money in unreasonable ways. This apartment is not recommended for Indians or Asians since they don't respect anyone other than whites. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It's a grant apartment complex and I really enjoyed living there Review from Google
Apr 2017: Disaster these people how treat other, no respect at all, I do not like them ever. Review from Google
Feb 2017: I have been incredibly disappointed with my experience. A friend recommended WPM to me based on her friend's success. My property has sat empty for the past six months using WPM. Prior to that, I listed and rented the property myself and never had it empty for more than 2 months. On top of that, my "property manager" is completely incompetent. She does not send updates or guidance on getting the property rented, instead I have to reach out every three weeks to a month asking for some sort of status update, and then wait days for a response. After months of "still looking for somebody" (and conveniently a month before the annual fee they charge) my PM announced she thinks I should offer a leasing bonus- a cut of the monthly rent to realtors- in order to encourage them to actually show my house. On top of that, they're suggesting I reduce the Review from Google
Apr 2016: Good homes to live for student of NCSU centennial campus. two big bedroom with big hall to play cricket. Lol. washer dryer included in some apt if u need. external washer-dryer just outside the apt near pool. individual washroom and two cupboards in each bedroom. bigger backyard space. utilities extra such as internet, water and power. good space in kitchen so two person can simultaneously at same time.
Apr 2016: Great location Great neighbors. Good for four. one year lease, less noise and dirt! On Wolf line and CAT bus routes sheltered bus stops (Free transportation – its like free gas!) Can walk, skateboard or bike to NCSU's two campuses, With pool Full kitchen – dishwasher, disposal, ice maker, ... . 2 baths 5 total cabinets, 2 bedroom Two parking spaces huge heated and air conditioned space additional space: 1. front deck 2. rear deck and 3. secured rear deck Full sized front load washer dryer - (includes the units not just hook ups) (Front load washers take 1⁄2 the water and power) CFL lighted ceiling fans in both BRs and LR reduces A/C bill,Rent does not include utilities (Water and power)
Jul 2013: Overall, my condo was ok. Probably better deals down Avent Ferry though... PROS: - plenty of parking, landscaping well-maintained, and a pool outside - location is very convenient for getting to NC State or downtown - the amount of space for relatively cheap rent along with a decent kitchen CONS: - the laundry room is filthy and the dryers don't work! I reported that a dryer didn't work once - management doesn't care. - the bathrooms were old and slightly disgusting. Sink handles would break and weird stains in spots. - the 3rd floor of the two-story units where you get to sleep is SO HOT in the summer. No matter how much you turn up the A/C it is consistently stuffy every night. Anonymous review from 7/18/2013 on Apartment Ratings
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Is Avery Close the cheapest apartment to live near NCSU? Avery Close is very competitive as a 2 bedroom 2 bath (some 2.5 bath) apartment. If you couple in the location, it is probably the cheapest 2/2 within walking distance to NCSUs Centennial Campus. Since it is possible to live 2 more

Do I get a parking spot at Avery Close? Yes, each apartment at Avery Close is assigned two parking spots. These are marked with your apartments more

Apr 2010: In living here, my only problem has really been my potluck roommate who I found online-- so that problem is not the management's fault, lol. I had a second story, and the problems with the roaches were kept at bay by the regular spraying that the complex did. My landlord was a great guy and very nice and really went out of his way. I would rent from him again in a heartbeat. I could understand how a first story apartment would have a never ending battle with roaches, though, b/c at about 2 am the ground outside the apartments is covered in them and they are huge. However, I rarely run into them inside the apartment (maybe one roach every couple of months). Much better, actually, than the dorms and other complexes I've lived in. All the cosmetics are in good shape in my apartment. Anonymous review from 4/26/2010 on Apartment Ratings.
Jan 2009: Avery Close are condomimiums that are individually owned. Some of them are managed by the office. Some of them are managed by their owners. There are could be 70 different landlords in this complex. Do not let the bad experience of a few people with the management company or one landlord represent the experience of the hundred of people who live there. Anonymous review from 1/23/2009 on Apartment Ratings

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