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Woodlands of Baton Rouge

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Feb 2019: I will not post my experience in this forum as I have been targeted by both staff and others because I have pointed out the lack of accountability of this property but I will say this. These people will lie to you, in front of your face and behind your back. They will place you in horribly uncomfortable and unsafe situations. They are your friends and want to hear your concerns until you actually have an issue for them to resolve and you aim to hold them accountable for a resolution. They are horrible at handling conflicts, they need conflict resolution training for sure. And they will give you the same solution for problems, even when it does not work. They will punish you for following the rules in their lease, which they will fail to enforce. They only care about money and your rent payment, (they will hold you hostage for that monthly payment), as long as they are getting that they do not care about your well being Review from Google
Nov 2018: DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE!!! - When I first moved here, they made me pay a security deposit because I was an international student, 2 weeks later they called me because ‘I hadn’t paid my security deposit’ And I was like what are you talking about? I can’t move in if I don’t pay my security deposit. Lol Then they apologized because they had made a mistake (After bringing receipts AND showing them the mistake they had made IN THEIR OWN ACCOUNTING BOOKS) And it gets worse: - I renewed my lease (Oh, no) and I was getting a new roommate. I was told that my roommate had a cat and they asked me if I was okay with that. I said, yes, I don’t mind. My roommate moves in and 3 months later.... he gets fined ($150) because, well, HE HAD A CAT! And If I didn’t sign him a paper he had to pay an extra $400! And they already knew he had a frea Review from Google
Nov 2018: So I moved into this complex in August. Yes, move-in day was a little unorganized, but the staff did their best to make it a pleasant experience. I had an issue with my dryer not running, but management and the maintenance supervisor worked diligently to rectify the situation. I also LOVE Free Food Friday. It shows that they are working toward a better experience for everyone. If I wasn't graduating I would renew my lease. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The Woodlands of Baton Rouge is a great choice if you are looking for a place to live! The property itself is beautiful and the apartments are very spacious. Everyone on the staff greets you with a smile and is extremely helpful. Any issues I’ve had, including maintenance issues, have been resolved super quickly. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The staff, the environment, and the facility are amazing. Always very informative and helpful when you need an answer to a question. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! Perfect for student living! Review from Google
Nov 2018: Overall, my experience at the Woodlands thus far has been amazing. I am a new resident transitioning from on campus housing and I love everything about my apartment. My parents were a little skeptical about me moving as well, but it’s the best idea I could have ever made! I feel like the rooms are spacious in comparison to other student living options in area and I haven’t had any maintenance issues in my unit. The only complaint would be the move in process, but after speaking to corporate officials I was assured that the they were doing everything they could to rectify the process for next year. It was also brought to my attention that the property has new management, and they are constantly working to sort out issues left by previous workers. All in all, I’m satisfied! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Overall I’d say that the Woodlands’ customer service is really awesome. Everyone is super nice when you have any questions or other issues. I did have a few problems but they’ve been fixed pretty quickly. You can tell the new management cares about the residents and wants to help us out. The Woodlands is a really nice place to live, and I’ve enjoyed it so far! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I love hanging out at the pool here with my friends! It's like staying at a resort! I will definitely be staying another year! Review from Google
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Jun 2018: What a great getaway! I had tons of fun when coming to stay with my cousin who lives here at the Woodlands of Baton Rouge. The staff treated us great and i could really see myself living here when I come to school! Review from Google
Jun 2018: So thankful for a home away from home that I am excited to come home to every day! The staff is so friendly and genuinely wants to help the community. Love the amenities and the apartments! Review from Google
May 2018: David was amazing! He gave the best tour I’ve ever had! I love the Woodlands and can’t wait to move in! Review from Google
May 2018: If I could give these apartments zero stars, I would. The managers are horrible, Jasmine has been very rude multiple times and they never reply to emails in a timely manner or at all. Things in our apartment have been broken since move in day in August and took months to get fixed. My apartment was broken into twice and nobody who worked in the office cared. When my roommate and I went to mention our apartment was broken into all they said was “oh another break in? Um write about it on this note card” and probably threw it away when we walked out. Prior to moving in, we were told don’t get the utility package to save us money but our utilities bills were ridiculously high and varied every month (by $20-$30) when we changed nothing with our routines. Office staff clearly doesn’t care about roommate matching. I requested to not have a ro Review from Google
Apr 2018: David Gilmore was just so helpful and assisted me with renewing for fall 18. Also helped me get a new shirt and woodlands glasses. Just the best Review from Google
Apr 2018: Loved it here! Very clean and quiet. David G. has been a nice and very helpful employee! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Really impressed with the improvements the new management has made. Definitely one of the best off-campus housing options in town. Its age is starting to show in some of the units, but maintenance staff is on top of it. 9/10 would recommend Review from Google
Mar 2018: If I could give this place negative stars I would! Management is TERRIBLE!!! I have been living here since August, and since then I have had constant problems with my utilities. From August until October I lived with one roommate in a three bedroom apartment. We both are extremely busy and do not spend much time at the apartment. For our first utility bill for the month of August they claimed that my roommate and I spent $115 each in utilities and we had only been there for TWO WEEKS!! In that bill we were charged $66 each for water and $50 each for electricity. Ever since then my roommate and I were being charged an average of $130 each in utilities per month until October. In October we received a new roommate and then we were being charged on average $60 each for utilities, and once again our water bill was $45 each; giving a grand total of Review from Google
Mar 2018: I am not happy with my experience here. I was excited to move here until I got to the apartment and realized all of the problems with the unit and the management. When we first moved in, we realized there were some leaks patched up on our kitchen ceiling but I didn't think it was a really big deal at the time. After receiving our first utility bill, we realized that the sewer portion of our bill was coming out to be near $120 for the entire unit monthly. At the time it was just my roommate and I living in a 3 bedroom apartment by ourselves. We both work part time and attend school full time so we both get home late during the weekdays. That price ($120) just for the sewer portion (which reflects how often you use the toilet) seemed outrageous. After that bill and the water patches on our kitchen ceiling, we knew that we had a leak.There was al Review from Google
Feb 2018: I love living here for many reasons. Some being excellent care and maintenance and great features including pool and the gym is awesome and the rock climbing wall. Review from Google
Feb 2018: don't live here. Much better options that are much more professional towards there tenants. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Really enjoyed the tour! The staff was nice and helpful. Got to meet the managers too and they were really personable. It’d be a nice property to live at. It has a lot of nice features and I like that i can bring my cat with me. Review from Google
Nov 2017: i love the pool and the sand volleyball!! i also like the room sizes. they are very spacious and more on the larger side unlike other properties. The staff is excellent and always down to help when needed! Maintenance is also very quick. I would 10/10 recommend to EVERYONE. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I'm really active so I love that they have sand volleyball courts and a half basketball court. The pool area is amazing as well. The staff is always kind and helpful! Review from Google
Oct 2017: I love relaxing by the pool after a long day of class. The rooms are spacious and comfy and the staff is the best. They are so helpful and are there any time I need them Review from Google
Oct 2017: Moving out of the woodlands was the hardest thing I have ever done! I lived in my 2 br townhome for the last 3 years of college and it was truly home to me and my cat Milo! The staff was great, the maintenance manager Josh lived right next door and you could always tell even if they are swamped with maintenance request that they do genuinely try to fix the problem and are very courteous when they are in your unit! The only issue I ever really had was with WIFI and when I let the office know they immediately got me a new router (and I'm pretty sure now they switched providers!) I totally recommend living here, it really felt like home and after late night chapter meetings with my sorority or studying late nights on campus I loved that I could park in front of my unit and see my front door from my car, they also have street lights so its always Review from Google
Feb 2017: Absolutely terrible living experience. When the trash wasn't busy overflowing out of the two trash compactors onto the sidewalk, the garbage was sitting in the middle of the road acting as a daily obstacle course for commuters. But maybe you'd find it easier to take the public transportation that swings by the front of the complex several times a day? Then you'd be confronted by a slightly different obstacle - traversing the feces infested sidewalks and grounds that you call home. Maybe you want a break from all this garbage and animal excrement for a relaxing day by the pool? Then beware the sharp as glass pieces of cement that cover the bottom of your (3ft!) pool. Hurt your foot in the pool? Maybe stick to the luxurious game room adjacent to it. Review from 2/8/17 on Google

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