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Mar 2019: Emily and Casey and Cam and Megan are the best and made the crawfish boil so enjoyable!! I love wildwood!!!! Review from Google
Mar 2019: This place is amazing. The nicest people and best customer service. Have not had an issue yet and do not plan on it. The espresso machine in the club house is top 10. See Casey and Megan for the best tours around. Review from Google
Mar 2019: The new management recently put up cameras for "safety." Please do not be fooled by these lies. They are now attempting to catch residents doing anything wrong so that they can fine you. DO NOT LIVE HERE. It horribly managed, and it is nearly impossible to get anything fixed despite the constant fines they give. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I loved living here the amenitities are great, maintance never took any longer than a week, I had a walk in closet which was awesome and they always hold events that give free food and such. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Management does not know how to take care of their residents. The rent is ridiculously over priced for the services provided. Overall my stay here has been awful to say the least Review from Google
Feb 2019: Terrible. can't wait to move out. Nothing has been handled correctly in my 2 years of being here. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Great customer service!! Bert was my tour guide and was super nice & helped so much. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Pros: Very spacious bedroom and living room. Really nice place. Not loud, but on the weekends, they are loud sometimes. Cons: I'd say about twice times a month, I'd see a car on the way to the bus stop in the wildwood parking lot with more than one of its TIRES SLASHED . Also, there were sometimes cars that were EGGED. Never seen that before so much at a college apartment. Walls are pretty thin. Also, the people upstairs had a fight and broke the bedroom door down. lol. Idiots. Review from Google
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Jan 2019: Love this place. Only property with a gate system and courtesy officer Antonio is great. FRED'S event last night was wild!!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: A girl got robbed and car jacked gettin out if her car one night Review from Google
Dec 2018: My girlfriend lives here and pays almost twice what i pay down the road. Her appartments roof by her window is always leaking. Pieces are rotting off of the top of the window. People are in and out all the time. One day, they came in and cut a big a-- hole in the roof and left. Now theyre baisically telling her its the complexes roof by her room, yet they haven't offered her any concessions for this. She pays exactly what her roomates and nieghbors do for her moldy, rotting, room. Its outrageous. Review from Google
Sep 2018: This place is great for anyone who really doesn't like living in a nice apartment. When you first move in they'll be nice enough to drip paint all over your apartment from the lovely repainting they do when a tenant moves out. Also, they do a great job of keeping you humble by never picking up the giant dumpsters at the back of the complex which overflows everywhere. Really helps you feel like you live in a third world country! Are you studying to be an engineer or get bored easily? look no further than Wildwood, they'll leave you a broken sink in the middle of your apartment so you have something to do when you move in. If that's not enough, they'll even save you the hassle of closing your bedroom door by not giving you one at all! They also do a great job on keeping you from distractions on the internet by providing the worst possible inter Review from Google
Aug 2018: Good afternoon, PLEASEEEEE DO NOT STAY HERE! My time at this place was HELL, I stayed 2 years. During my matriculation, I did not do everything right, I left trash out, I was late on rent, thus I was not perfect; HOWEVER, this complex is not structured well. 1. I HAD MICE IN MY APARTMENT!!! Do you think I was given the opportunity to move!? No. They sent a guy into my apartment, where mice droppings were and he put out worthless traps... no one sprayed and NO offered to move me to another unit. Crazy? I know. I am no where near nasty, hence why I was surprised, I was more furious no urgency was shown to rectify the issue. 2. The building is always out of coffee, and the machine is NEVER cleaned.....EVER!!! How is that sanitary? It’s not! 3. They have ONE garbage for all residents! This created awful smells and also brought spiders! Nasty? I know.
Jul 2018: It pains me to say this but my biggest worry with Wildwood is how the office handles resident issues. Although, I have had great interactions with the manager Christopher, some of my biggest problems have not been resolved in the slightest. First, is the weed. After failed attempts of trying to work with my roommate, I have complained to the office twice about my roommate smoking weed in the apartment but was told that they "can only send out an email" ...but I wouldn't think a complex like this would openly tolerate the use of illegal drugs in their apartments. On top of this, the daily presence of smoke in my apartment is terrible for my health and I have told both the office and my roommate about my breathing issues. I feel like this is very serious and should have been handled immediately. Also, there are bugs literally EVERYWHERE. I have Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great place to live! I enjoy the office staff's customer service and feel like they really care about my best interests. I can stop by and chat with them or I can utilize the nice amenities! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’ve lived at Wildwood since last year and love the property. Especially the pool area! It’s like living on a resort. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Beautiful property and great staff! Great pool and gym. This place feels like home ! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Nothing that they advertise is as it seems. Nothing ever works! They are always "working" on fixing something such as the printer which NEVER works. Then they always say to come to the office to print but their printer doesn't work either. Maintenance requests always go unanswered. You have to call 3 and 4 times to get things done. There's always some type of disturbance. Never any type of security. Listen to the people who have lived here. It's ridiculous. don't DO IT. Cannot wait to move out!! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Place is nice looking on the outside and has a nice pool but the management is horrible. I have asked to have my WiFi fixed for over a week now and everyday it’s the same thing false promises that it’ll get fixed by the end of the day and all they do is email someone who apparently never checks their emails. Also they didn’t give me any information about the place when I moved in and I had to go back and ask for a parking sticker for my car. My roommates have told me horror stories of them getting mold in their room and all Wildwood did was paint over it so it came back and got on all her clothes. I will definitely not be signing for another year. Don’t waste your time living at this place where the only thing management does is sit on their ass. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Not safe Poor management Takes forever to fix things and multiple request WiFi goes out on the reg Nice facilities Review from Google
Apr 2018: It’s been problems since day one! From missing guarantor info, moving into dirty rooms, and now we have a rat infestation. They are everywhere. Outside, running across the balconies, in our bedrooms, closets, down stairs area. And the management refuses to make this problem a priority. We are currently trying to get out of our lease. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Love it here! The amenities are amazing- a beautiful study area and massive pool, along with a great gym. The layout of the apartments is great. Best part is all the counter space in the kitchen. They could furnish with comfier chairs and couches, but a minor thing compared to how great these apartments are. Review from Google
Oct 2017: This is my second year living here and I plan to renew again! I love the open courtyards for my dog and everyone else's dogs to play in. The maintenance guys are the best at getting stuff done and always help when I'm taking my trash out! The balconies are very spacious, great for hammocks. I love the big windows in the bedrooms and the huge closets. Parking at other apartment complexes is always a hassle but at Wildwood there is always ample parking. I would definitely live at Wildwood over any other apartment complex nearby! Review from Google
Oct 2017: I recently helped my nephew, Jordan, move in and I was completely blown away at how beautiful the Wildwood property is! The apartment was spacious, beautifully styled with new appliances and washer/dryer setup. Although sharing the living area with roommates, the individual bedrooms are also spacious, complete with large walk-in closets and private bathroom. The outdoor amenities of swimming pools, barbecue lounge area, and gym makes this not only a home away from home but a lot like a vacation home. I simply loved every feature and would recommend this quiet community to family and friends! Review from Google
Oct 2017: This is really a nice place to live. The pool is based on a resort style and made me feel like I was on island. Staff is very friendly and they seem to always be there to help. If I can remember correctly, the guy name was Jordin who helped me. He was really friendly, professional and answered all questions and made sure I understood. Overall, my experience with The Wildwood was great! I highly recommend this place to live. Review from Google

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