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The Retreat at Brightside

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Feb 2019: I went in for a tour a few weeks ago with my girlfriend and the staff was incredibly rude. The person we were dealing with actually rolled their eyes at me when I was just asking some basic questions. I have heard that they have a ton of maintenance issues and that it takes forever to get stuff fixed so I am not really sure why we thought about leasing there in the first place. I do not recommend!!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT LIVE HERE. The staff office is horrible. They act as if they dont know anything or cant do anything about any problems you have. They dont care about their residents. The bathrooms have a naturally smelly odor. The apartments always have little bugs inside them. There are holes in the wall in the bathroom closet. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The gate has been decorative thing since two years ago. NEVER WORK!!!!! The complex is unsafe Review from Google
Dec 2018: I parked a rental car in front of my apartment. After only a few minutes the car got booted. I paid $200 to remove the clamp on the wheel. When I talked to the manager, she said that's for the safety.. But that is not true .. If they want to enhance the safety in the property, they should have fixed the gate .. The gate has been broken since I moved (May 2017) .. Every time I asked them about the gate, they are still working on that! Hey... a gate is not a sophisticated system ! If you cannot get a gate fixed in 2 years, close your business Review from Google
Sep 2018: I think the Retreat at Brightside is a great community and the new management is really making a lot of positive changes. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I enjoy staying at the retreat. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is nice and safe. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Imagine living at the DMV. Thanks for proving my point. "We will treat you with the minimum amount of decency as required by the law thanks!" Review from Google
Apr 2018: Moved out of my lease early due to constant break ins. These apartments are for student living yet there’s family and section 8 occupants who live here. This is no longer student housing. The whole year that I lived there, security gate has not worked once. I’ve had my apartment broken into 2 different occasions AFTER my locks were changed. Flooding is so terrible people park on the side walks. If I could upload pictures I would!! Terrible communication with staff/ no resolvement for my issues here. Due to feeling unsafe I’ve moved out and my lease isn’t even up. If you have kids, this is definitely not the place. And if you think this is student housing, definitely not the place. They’ve let about anyhow in this place and I feared for my life every night sleeping here. Hate it and so glad I’m out!! Review from Google
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Jan 2018: I've lived here for about three months and I've really enjoyed it. I can honestly say the only issue I've had is that people don't pick up after their dogs, which makes it annoying to go outside, but otherwise I haven't had an issue. The staff, especially the manager, is very helpful and kind. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Let me just start by saying The Retreat is a prime example of "You Get What You Pay For" and this place is cheap. My roommates and I rented here because it was one of the few places that would offer a short term lease (the only reason they are getting 2 stars). Within the first 2 months our entire building had mice, lots of them. The leasing office did a good job at first of hearing the problems and acting on it at first, called pest control, gave us snap and sticky traps etc. This did not last though, pest control never came to our apartment again and we were constantly asking for more traps. The problem became worse and worse, the mice starting chewing through the drywall in our bathrooms and leaving feces inside and around our AC unit. These pests were doing major damage to our couches, the units drywall, carpet and AC unit but the leasing Review from Google
Aug 2017: My apartment has too many issues and I just moved to this place 2 MONTHS AGO! I currently have spiders in my dining area and spider webs are in the corners of my ceiling and I'm a very clean and tight person. The best part is when it rains , my bathroom floods with water. The Whole floor gets covered with water. Thought this would be a great place to stay but from all of these issues and I have only been here for such a short time period it SUCKS. Review from Google
Apr 2017: Great place to live. Was sceptical about living here at first because the previous place, the zone, was horrible, but this place could not be better. Its cheap, safe, and the staff, especially the manager, are super helpfully. I will stay here as long as I am in baton rouge. Review from Google
Mar 2017: I have been living at The Retreat since September. The staff, especially management, are very helpful. They always listen to your concerns whenever you call and make sure that they can offer some sort of help. I haven't had any major problems, but every time even the smallest thing occurs, they are on top of it. It is also a plus that management relays ALL correspondence in a timely fashion. Whenever anything is happening or coming up, you will NOT be the last to know. I stay towards the front of the complex and it is quiet. I don't have to worry about neighbors screaming and throwing parties all night. It is in a nice location if you are looking to stay not too far from campus. LSU students have an advantage because the bus line runs right in front of the complex. I love how some apartments come with washers and dryers. I don't have to go any Review from Google

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