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The Exchange

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Jan 2021: My son moved in this horrible place in August. He moved out in November and refuses to go back. He was placed in an apartment with two adult males who work in fast food restaurants. Their hours are night shift so they are home all day playing video games abd shouting at the screen. They do not clean up after themselves so the house is full of trash, old containers of food, and drinks. They don’t clean their own dishes, they take his when they run out and leave his dirty and all over the house. They take his food, leave the pots and pans dirty so he has nowhere to cook or eat. They won’t listen when he tells them to keep it down because he has to study, or to take out the trash or to clean up after themselves. The managers are awful, telling him the only thing they can do is move him somewhere else with random roommates who may or may not be LSU students. BEWAR
Sep 2019: Great! Everyone is super friendly and eager to help. The Exchange has made me feel very welcome and I always look forward to participating in their events. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Moved in less than a month ago. Internet doesn’t work in my room. Was told I had to contact Cox myself to get the internet fixed, which is supposed to be included when I moved in. It’s been 4 weeks and still do not have internet. Review from Google
Aug 2019: The staff is nice but unfortunately the leasing manager, Huong, has no business managing a property. You can't pay her to respond to an inquiry, phone call, or even email. I and several others I know have either asked to speak to her or left messages for her on several occasions, and she goes out of her way to ignore them and not be found. Miraculously, she's always busy or in a meeting. And if you don't persistently bother the rest of the team, she will make sure to let the time pass so that you don't get your problem resolved. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Day 2 of continued gate issues. This apartment does not enforce its pet policy. There is dog feces everywhere. I even find it in the hallway outside my door. If you like stepping in dog feces this delightful complex is for you. Review from Google
May 2019: I signed a lease with my girlfriend for a 4 bedroom ( both of us on a separate lease) and we signed a roommate matching form for coed. They called us about an hour after signing and told us we are responsible for finding roommates even though on there form for roommate matching you have the option for coed. They said it was on us and if we can’t we have 72 hours to cancel our lease. We decided to go in and talk to them and they stated that we were supposed to be told before signing and that’s it’s not there job to find us roommates that we have to find them. Horrible management with terrible customer service. Do not sign here!!! Review from Google
May 2019: Incredibly unprofessional and unethical business practices. I would strongly encourage students and parents to consider other properties where they will be respected and treated fairly. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Do not live here. My apartment was broken into.. my book-bag, along with my laptop was stolen. The apartment manager also backed up into my car while I was parked and then tried to blame it on me. They have people outside all day and night blaring music and when asked to talk to them, it just got worse. Would not ever live here again. Review from Google
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Jan 2019: My experience at the Exchange since moving in August 2018 has been exceptional. To begin, the office staff is super nice and helpful with everything. Their units are really nice and modern. Last thing is the amenities at the exchange are great. However, the one thing that needs a little updating would be their gym. I’ve heard it’s in works for summer 2019 so that’s really exciting! All in all the exchange is a safe and cozy place to live. I highly recommend the exchange to anyone looking for a college student apartment. Review from Google
Jan 2019: amazing place to live! i 100% recommend any student coming to lsu to live here! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve lived at the exchange for 4 years now and love living there. Whenever I need help with something or need something fixed in the apartment (not that things break often, but things happen) maintenance is quick to come and replace or fix what I put a work order in for. The staff is always willing to help in anyway possible. I moved out after graduating and moved back in for grad school because you can’t beat the prices or the amenities that come with the apartment anywhere else. Kevin and Cameron have been so helpful in my move in process with staying after close to renew or start a new lease for me, offering to help move some things in my apartment, and even printing notes for class for me. I will continue to renew my lease at the Exchange until I move out of Baton Rouge for good Review from Google
Dec 2018: Out of most of the “student” apartment housing complexes around LSU, I would say the Exchange is one of the best. The Exchange is gated which helps me feel safer living in Baton Rouge. The amenities are nice and typically pretty clean and move in day was a smooth and easy process for me. For the quality of the complex, the pricing is pretty reasonable in comparison to some of the other complexes on Burbank and Ben Hur Rd. They offer good rent specials, I got my 3 bedroom apartment for $595 a month with a special they were running. What I really love is that the only utility you pay for is electricity. Water, Cable, and WiFi is all included in the rent. Safety wise, I’d say I feel pretty safe living in this complex. Baton Rouge of course is notorious for its break-ins, robberies, and crimes. Having the gates does help me feel safer. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The office staff here is great. I had a situation with my roommates, I told Jordan and Travonte, and they were able to find a new apartment for me that suited my needs in less than 2 weeks! They were very sympathetic, and Travonte gave me options to make sure that I found a living situation and roommates that I felt comfortable with. He is constantly checking to make sure that everything is still going well and that I am happy. Everyone in the office is kind, efficient, and they greet you by name. The roommate situation was my only negative experience in 3 years of living here, so thank you for handling it so efficiently! Review from Google
Sep 2018: The leasing process was a bit annoying but they are so willing to work with you and make sure you’re good. Friendliest staff especially Kayla. Every time I talk to her or any issue that comes up, she helps me/very sweet. My stay so far has been very nice and they even call to ask how everything is going. Also love all the furniture that came with it and how clean everything was when we moved in. Review from Google
Aug 2018: After touring a few student apartments near LSU, Kayla made me feel as if The Exchange was the best option for me. She was able to answer all of my questions and showed professional customer service abilities. I was impressed by her hard work and I feel as if she should be recognized for her efforts and cheerful attitude. Thank you, Kayla! Review from Google
Jul 2018: I’ve lived here for almost a year now and I have to say it’s way better than my last apartment. I would recommend anyone I know to live here. The amentities are nice and the price you pay for a good quality apartment is awesome. You get a huge walk in closet depending on which floor plan you lease, big tub, and you don’t even have to pay for water which is awesome! My vehicle or apartment have not been broken into because we religiously keep everything on lock and secured. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the hallways are horrible. It’s so dark and scary especially if you’re returning back from a late night of studying. Also, the power goes out a lot when it storms which sucks but I don’t think the apartment itself can do anything about that since the power will be out through the entire street. In conclusi Review from Google
Jul 2018: Beautiful property and the best service from our tour guide Kelsey. She was so helpful in dealing with an assignment issue for my kids. Prompt service really made me feel better about signing for a place for my kids to call home for the next year. The whole staff was very attentive and all expectations were met. Review from Google
Jun 2018: At first, I was iffy from the previous reviews. But I am so glad I took the tour! I was greeted with a friendly smile from the staff! Kelsey was the one that conducted my tour. Before we began she offered me a beverage. She was so pleasant and humorous. I felt relaxed and Enjoyed the tour. I highly recommend her! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Kelsey did such an amazing job showing me this property! She made me feel confident that I will love living here! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I recently went to have a tour and the staff was so friendly and helpful since I’ve just moved to the city. Kelsey really did a great job of showing me the apartments (which I loved) and really making me feel welcomed! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Had a wonderful experience while I visited The Exchange . Kelsey was super nice and answered all the questions I had as well as gave me additional info about the complex! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I had a very enjoyable experience with the Exchange. The staff, especially Kelsey, was always friendly, attentive and very patient with me as i had many questions for them. Would definitely recommend for any student looking for housing! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Awesome place. The reps are pretty helpful. Esspecially Kayla. Friendly faces and they do work with you. I like it so far...the only thing is that you have to stay on them about your information. Other than that they’re pretty great. Review from Google
May 2018: I just recently toured The Exchange during my search for student housing, and was very impressed. Our tour guide, Travontae, was extremely enthusiastic and very helpful. His enthusiasm made the tour very enjoyable and made me feel right at home. He was also very capable of very thoroughly answering every question that we asked. I felt extremely safe touring the grounds, as the entire community is fully gated. All of the facilities were also extremely clean and everything looked very nice. The apartments were clean and orderly on both the outside and the inside. I would definitely recommend touring and considering The Exchange for student housing. After touring the Exchange as well as a few other options, I decided to sign a lease at The Exchange. Everyone was very helpful and Travontae went above and beyond to accommodate me for an earlier Review from Google
Apr 2018: Ashley, the leasing manager. Makes the best grilled cheese. I love living at the EXCHANGE!!! Review from Google

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