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Oakbrook Apartments

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Jul 2019: Honest fair prices. The internet is solid a majority of the time, and proximity to campus at this price point is fantastic. Review from Google
Jun 2019: About to finish up my second year living at Oakbrook and I have really enjoyed it! The on-call maintenance is great to have and they are always quick to respond to my maintenance requests. I guess the only down side right now is the construction going on out front however they have told me that it isn't their construction and that it's the city of Baton Rouge expanding Nicholson so really not much they can do. I unfortunately have to move for grad school but I have loved my time here. Review from Google
Jun 2019: About to finish up my second year living at Oakbrook and I have really enjoyed it! The on-call maintenance is great to have and they are always quick to respond to my maintenance requests. I guess the only down side right now is the construction going on out front however they have told me that it isn't their construction and that it's the city of Baton Rouge expanding Nicholson so really not much they can do. I unfortunately have to move for grad school but I have loved my time here. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Lived here for a year now and never really had any issues. Roomy apartments with nice interiors for a fair price. On grounds maintenance that would come and take care of my needs whenever I put in a work order. About a 5 minute ride from LSU campus. Neighbors are all friendly. Better security couldn’t hurt as my car along with others have been broken in to. Other than that it’s a nice place to live. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Great staff and very quick maintenance.The apartment itself was excellent and the neighbors were nice and friendly. I recommend it. Review from Google
May 2019: Best complex in Baton Rouge! Great deal for all the amenities offered. Clean, great location, and wonderful staff! Review from Google
May 2019: Good place to stay. Quiet at nights. Always friendly staff eager to help. Review from Google
Mar 2019: No complaints for Oakbrook. Very spacious apartment layouts for a fair price and really close to campus! Right on the tiger trails bus route too! Review from Google
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Mar 2019: This is my 4th year living in baton rouge apartments, and Oakbrook has been by far the cleanest and safest apartments that I have stayed at. All the appliances are brand new and if there is a problem with utilities then someone will come fix it almost immediately unlike other places. Great place and it is cheap and affordable. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have been at Oakbrook for 8 months now and I have been extremely pleased with everything. The rooms are spacious and if there is ever anything wrong, maintenance is quickly there to fix it, usually with 24 hours. The one thing is that we had a small bug problem when we moved in, but the office helped us find an exterminator. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I've lived here for about 7 months, and I am very happy here. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and if there are any problems with my apartment, the issue is resolved in a timely manner. Great place to live as a college student.
Jan 2019: Love the apartment and the staff! The apartments are big and roomy, and the staff is super nice and always helpful. Also probably the most affordable and one of the safest of the student apartments around LSU! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have only been here for one semester and it has been way better than the woodlands. The appliances are great and don’t break easily. The rooms and bathrooms are spacious. The rent is cheap and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend living here to any of my friends. The only reason I give it four stars is because our A/C has been broken for a week, but they gave us a window unit until it is fixed. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Definitely my favorite apartment complex I have lived in so far. I love the staff members. They are always super helpful and easily available. This is also the only apartment complex that provides ample room space for a good price. I definitely recommend living here because of this and the convenient location; with my commute to school being only 5 minutes at most. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I love living here. It is perfect location if you ride tiger trails to school. My favorite amenity here is the computer room. In my past apartments, the printers and computers were always down. I have not had an issue here, very reliable Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have a 4 bedroom apartment and love the space. The location is also so convenient, I can be on LSU's campus in at least 5 minutes. Oakbrook has an awesome staff who is always ready to help with anything. I have never had a bad encounter with any of them. Definitely check this place out. Review from Google
Nov 2018: At first I was a little worried about moving here because of the low ratings and the negative things I have heard but honestly I love it here at Oakbrook so much. Way better than where I use to live , rents cheaper and staff is great. There are always fun activities to do that keep the residents involved. Only thing I’m not a fan of is I live right by the pool and it gets very loud sometimes. However whenever I ask neighbors to quiet down they are really good about doing that so I don’t have a huge complaint . I really love living here Review from Google
Apr 2018: Oakbrook isn’t bad you get what you paid for. *Mostly hate the animal feces everywhere. Bugs- roaches might be your first problem but got stuff for it and they never came back 2 pools - always clean Mangement is friendly and quickly work with any problems. Fun - Usually every 2-3 weeks, oakbrook does or gives something movie night or cookie sundays. DEFinitely tour the place. When Renewing a lease, there’s sometimes a reward. Still living here barely a year and I upgraded from smaller to biggest 1 bedroom. Love it for 2 people, closer to the pool, and better parking. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Oakbrook does everything as cheaply as possible. Noise, bugs, and poor building structure are all problems when living here. The buildings are old, despite having been "remodeled". There are structural and foundational issues with every building. You won't notice these problems until you move in. Because of this, bugs can enter your apartment with ease and there is nothing you can do. The walls are very thin and you can hear every apartment around you as if it were your own. Also, get used to hearing and feeling a train every night at 2am. The grass is littered with animal feces. The grounds constantly smell. I essentially lived in a construction zone because they didn't inform us until after we signed the lease that they were remodeling apartments. The inside of my apartment was never actually remodeled, instead every morning at 7am shar Review from Google
Jan 2018: My friend's apartment had black mold in it the entire time she lived there. She kept calling management and they kept telling her it wasn't black mold, even though AN ACTUAL MOLD EXPERT TOLD HER IT WAS. Huge health hazard, for those of you who don't know. So if you like poor management and getting sick, live here for sure. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I lived at Oakbrook for 2 years in a 1bedroom apartment. The apartment itself wasn't top of the line, but it was nice enough and had good features. It was disgusting when we moved in, but this was overlooked because we sublet from a girl. We experienced so many issues during our time at Oakbrook that I could go on and on. All I need to say is that even though part of the staff has somewhat improved in the last few months, the staff is and has always been this property's worst feature and biggest downfall. Corporate (RISE!!) really just barks orders at them and never gives them any information. For example, Rise would come and have them move people out for renovations with a day's notice. Even though the office staff wasn't always kept in the loop, they made their fair share of mistakes. For example, our power went out for over 24 hours for a " Review from Google
Dec 2017: no idea how anyone rated this place 5 stars. The front office staff are awesome people, but they either don't have the budget or the authority to fix any of your problems. I had a SQUIRREL that would get inside the walls every day or so via a gaping hole in my apartment's exterior. I notified the staff promptly and nothing was done. I continued notifying the staff over the course of about a month until I eventually gave up trying-the apartment was due to be renovated when we moved out so I guess they just wanted to wait. That and the squirrel and I formed a unique bond.... I miss that guy. 0/5 for the complex, 1/5 for the staff's usefulness, 5/5 for the squirrel. Review from Google
Aug 2017: My fiance mentioned when we moved this weekend that it was the first time he was sad to move out of an apartment complex because he had never experienced such awesome and understanding office staff. We will miss our little Oakbrook office family, as that is what they have become over the 2 years we lived here while I went to law school The office staff is willing to do what they can to help, even at odd hours, and their candor and honesty when they can't fix something is refreshing. Yes, there are renovations, its kind of like living in a construction site, depending on the area of the apartment complex. But I can honestly say its completely worth it. The improvements they are making are more than cosmetic and the office staff is more than willing to assist in helping make the renovation process as painless as possible for the residents. Get t Review from Google
Feb 2017: don't make the mistake I did. Living here will be one of the worst mistakes of your life. Do you like waking up to the sound of construction and jackhammers? I hope so because it'll be a recurring nightmare. If you've never been to war you'll get to experience your own battlefield from right inside your own apartment. The fluorescent lights in the kitchen never stop flickering. Imagine the screeching yell of a high pitched hyena every time you turn the shower on. Also the water heater isn't regulated properly so you'll switch between boiling hot water that will cause you nerve damage and ice cold. There are bugs EVERYWHERE. Do not skimp out on a new apartment. Spend the extra money to make sure where you live is habitable. By far this is the worst dumpster fire of an apartment I have ever lived in. Review from 2/26/17 on Google
Feb 2017: After 5 years of living at Oakbrook, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for affordable student housing without sacrificing quality living space. The residents are generally quiet and respectful and the management team is great. They are currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation and are constantly improving the property. Overall, a great college apartment complex. Review from 2/4/17 on Google

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