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Campus Crossings Highland

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Jun 2019: Very convenient place to live. Very close to campus and everything is in walking distance. Being right outside of the north gate of LSU campus make walking to class very easy. Amenities at the property are very nice and make for a relaxing environment to live. No need to worry about parking on campus. The staff at Campus Crossings on Highland is very helpful and supportive to their residents. Maintenance makes service calls in a timely manner. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Literally the worst place to live EVER! I lived here my freshman year of college and the model room they show you looks NOTHING like the actual room you get! The drawers in my bathroom are an old brown and my floor is a nasty fake brown granite and my roomate got tile floor and light pretty wood in her bathroom! Do not stay here whatever you do there are so many places in Baton Rouge that cost the same and come with the same utilities and is much SAFER! The pool was under construction the whole year too so I never even got to use it. The “tanning bed” here can only be accessed when one specific employee is there also, which she never is. I had a literal crackhead knock on my door and try to get in my apartment claiming someone was trying to kill her and we called the cops and she left. The only reason she got in was because the “locked gate” has not worked ONCE this whole year! AND YES MY PARENTS HAVE COMPLAINED and asked them to fix it and they don’t! The only good thing about this place is the maintenance staff because they always come the same day Review from Google
May 2019: I had a wonderful experience while living here! The office staff is always wonderful and helpful; I highly recommend the property as well and was very happy with the condition of my unit when moving in as well. I would have renewed if personal matters wouldn’t have brought me back home Review from Google
May 2019: I enjoy living here very much! It is a beautiful place and a very short walk to campus! The staff is great people as well. Review from Google
May 2019: I am a current resident at Campus Crossings on Highland. Been here for almost a year, I would say I have had an overall great experience. I won’t lie the reviews about maintenance being horrible had me super nervous in the beginning. After visiting for a tour, the staff reassured me that the bad reputation was far behind them. Maintenance was a huge factor for me because of past experiences. I loved the space, the low prices and amenities offered, I decided to give maintenance and the property a fair shot. They didn’t disappoint! Friendly staff, quick response from maintenance for any emergency. I will say the only disappointing factor would be the emails. The emails always come through with the same message. With this glitch I am never informed about anything. I do hope this is an area the company chooses to improve on. Overall great experience, would definitely recommend. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I love living here thus far, the office staff is very nice, maintenance is quick to respond to work orders, and it's conveniently placed right next to LSU and a plethora of restaurants. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Office staff is very friendly and always willing to help. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great place to live. Maintenance works efficiently and very friendly employees. Nice amenities and clean property!! Review from Google
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Oct 2018: If you enjoy dealing with terrible management then this is the apartment complex for you. They are great at not giving any type of notification whatsoever. Is someone entering your apartment to fix something and you have two cats? No email at all. Are they about to start towing cars if they don't have the right parking pass? I hope you weren't expecting a weeks notice because you get an email on Friday at 5pm when the office closes at 6 and the car gets towed Saturday morning. And I hope you don't expect any notice that your car was towed. Overall, the apartments are decent, there's always a problem with the gate where one side stays open, and the management only emailing you when it involves them getting money. Even if they email you less than a month after you move in saying that your rent is late and if you don't pay it then you will get ev Review from Google
Oct 2018: I was very pleased with the tour and application process, however, I was turned off completing my application by one of the ladies that answered the phone. She was very curt and not pleasant. Now truthfully, I spoke with one representative who was willing to work with me (I had trouble finding a guarantor) and when I suggested that I could complete the application on my own, the spokesperson on the phone flat out states, ¨You don´t make enough money.¨ Rude much? You could have worded it differently but oh well. I would not recommend telephone communications with this business. Try to go in and speak with someone because I was told two different things. First, during the tour, I was told that I would be able to rent an apartment in my budget (565 or 575 but we would have to rent out the whole block) but when I called (this was after I had tr Review from Google
Oct 2018: When I was first interested, I had trouble with getting approved with credit, but the leasing specialists helped me and we worked it out so I could live here. Now I've been here for over a year, and I love it! The apartments are spacious and I love the private bathrooms, as well as the walk in closets! You can really make the apartment your own and call it home. The maintenance is amazing and get the job done very fast, and the office staff is great. The location is top-notch, being only 10 minutes from where I need to be on campus, and I don't even have a parking pass for LSU. When people complain about having to park on campus, I don't worry about it. The complex is also pet friendly, which gave me the opportunity to have my dog and I love being able to walk her around the property. Overall, a really great place it live! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Bailey and kattie (office manager) were very helpful and always answered my calls no matter what and made the process super easy. I'd recommend Any one to come here with their large rooms and spacious walk in closets. Staff is helpful and friendly. Very professional every time I went. My parents agreed they're really great! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Decent size apartments that are very nice if you are a college student. It’s nice being able to walk everywhere and barely having to drive. The manager Acacia along with Jasmine and Katie are super friendly and helpful. If you need a place to live definitely talk to them. The maintenece staff is very friendly and always do a good job if there’s ever a problem. The only downfall I’ve had is don’t order a package you need on a Friday. I paid for overnight shipping and needed the package for this Saturday. Went to pick it up and the staff had it on the desk and wouldn’t give it to me due to being closed at 4 but they messaged me at 4:02 that it came in and that’s when I went to go grab it. Now that they’re closed on sundays it’s annoying I had to pay for overnight shipping and have to wait until Monday. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Staff is super nice and friendly, they help with any problems you may be having in a timely manner. Love how close it is to campus! The apartment is nice and comes furnished. would recommend to anyone trying to live close to campus! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Absolute garbage of a place to live. Current management and office staff are extremely disrespectful. Printer has been broken for over a month and they have made no effort to fix it. Greedy management will do anything to try and get every penny they can from you such as digging through your garbage. You will have a better experience living anywhere else. Water seeps through the floor every time it rained. Eventually the carpet and walls started having mold grow. Edit: I have just had another problem with this apartment complex. I drove a different car here, one that doesn't have the parking sticker, on Sunday. First thing Monday morning I spoke with the manager and asked for a temporary parking pass since I would be using this car for a month. Manager said she would ask her regional manager for permission and call me back. I never got a call Review from Google
Sep 2017: Staff are super friendly and helpful. Apartments are small but nice for a first apartment. Super close to campus. Only downside is matainence is slow. Review from Google
Sep 2017: I've lived at Campus Crossings for 5 years now and have really enjoyed my time. The staff is friendly and are always there to help. Maintenance is quick and efficient. I highly recommend! Review from Google
Jan 2017: The staff here is awesome! Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Huge walk in closets, nice bedrooms and bathrooms. The community is always kept up extremely well. The best thing is that it is practically on campus!! Review from 1/7/17 on Google
Jan 2017: Okay place to live. Close to campus, walk in closets, and not too many problems while there were some that made me take a few stars off. I only advise future residents to inspect your unit if possible. Numerous people, including myself, have had to deal with multiple issues when moving in. For me Couch was filthy, tiles moved, my shower rod was broken, and I had no window screen so bugs came in If I opened the window. It did take a while, couple of months, but all these things were fixed or replaced except the shower rod. Maintenance Team works hard and offers great customer service. I don't blame them at all for taking a while for some repairs, they have a few men trying to fix multiple AC Units on the property while completing other work orders. Review from 1/2/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Great place for LSU students! The apartments come furnished and everything is included in rent except electricity. You can walk to campus in 5 minutes and there are many places to eat and shop within walking distance. The apartments are gated and quiet. Review from 12/26/16 on Google
Dec 2016: This is such a fantastic place to live!!!! Walking distance to campus and countless restaurants! All the staff members know my name and are super nice!!! Review from 12/23/16 on Google

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